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National, Arizona, and Maricopa County Election Officials Gathering For Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied US Election Summit At ‘International Spy Museum’

National, Arizona, and Maricopa County Election Officials Gathering For Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied US Election Summit At ‘International Spy Museum’

Election officials from all over the country meet t5o discuss election cheating and the best way to get it done.

Elections officials from across the nation are scheduled to gather at a secret invite-only summit from May 8-9 with partisan hack David Becker’s Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR) for “A conference on the current state of American democracy and elections.”

Scheduled speakers include  Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates, Maricopa County Elections Director Rey Valenzuela, Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, and potentially more from Arizona, as questions and lawsuits surround Kari Lake, Abe Hamadeh, and Mark Finchem’s elections. Kari Lake War Room called the meetings “a Zuckerberg-funded election fortification group.”

Laura Loomer reports:

Since the aftermath of the stolen 2020 Presidential election, Americans have become more alert to the growing threat of election fraud in the United States, a problem which both political party establishments are reluctant to address.

According to a November 2022 poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group, 56.8 percent of American voters don’t fully trust that America’s elections are fair and accurate. This is an astounding number, because it means that majority of Americans have lost trust in the integrity of our elections.

The increasing distrust in elections can largely be attributed to mail in ballot fraud, and Big Tech election interference, issues that have been downplayed by many elections officials on a national level.

And now, ahead of the 2024 Presidential election, a group of some of the nation’s most notorious election fraud deniers and election officials, including Secretaries of State, are set to have a secret Elections summit in Washington DC from May 8-May 9 called “Summit on American Democracy”. One would think that Election officials who are concerned about Democracy would be transparent with their actions, and invite members of the public to attend their summit. But, this upcoming election summit is “invite only” and not open to the public. Additionally, in their effort to openly mock election integrity advocates who they have dismissed and defamed as “conspiracy theorists”, the summit is being hosted at the “International Spy Museum” in Washington DC.

The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) is organizing and hosting the conference. CEIR was founded in 2016 by David Becker, who also founded the Election Official Legal Defense Network (EOLDN). Becker previously worked at Pew Charitable Trusts, where he organized the creation of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC). Prior to working at Pew, Becker was the Director of People for the American Way (PFAW) and also worked in the U.S. Department of Justice as a litigator. However, in 2005, a formal ethics complaint was filed against Becker when he was a trial lawyer in the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ. At the time, Brad Scholzman, was the acting head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights division, and he said Becker did one of “the most unethical things I’ve ever seen” and called Becker “a hard-core leftist and a classic case of someone who should have been disbarred.” Scholzman also added that Becker “Couldn’t stand conservatives.”

Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) is a multi-state partnership which claims to allow states to share voter registration data with each other. It is currently used by  25 states within the United States, but its critics argue that it enables election fraud and violates data privacy.

CEIR describes itself as a “nonpartisan nonprofit that conducts elections research and works with election officials from around the country and both sides of the aisle to support elections that voters should—and do—trust.

Is the purpose of the meeting to cover up the cheating from 2022 or to plan new cheating in 2024?


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