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Biden Lies About Gas Prices Being ‘Over $5 When I Took Office,’ But The National Average Was $2.39

NBC Tried to Walk Back This Article Once It Was Discovered It Clashed With the White House Narrative

NBC changed published story after White House denied it.

NBC tried to get sneaky and change an article about citing a senior U.S. official, first reported that the:

“Kremlin gave the White House the choice of either Griner or Whelan — or none.”

So, we gave up an international arms dealer who supplied munitions to groups wanting to attack Americans for a basketball player who hates America instead of a veteran of the United States Marines. Griner has a criminal history in the United States for domestic violence. Evidently, someone in the White House read the story and someone contacted NBC complaining about the accurate story. NBC immediately altered the story without informing their readers of the change.

How many of you would have preferred to get Paul Whelan back? I mean, he did not smuggle drugs into Russia. Imagine being him and realizing he was passed over for a criminal in two countries. That must have been devastating for him and for his family. The White House is busy doing damage control by trotting out all of the usual suspects to say that Joe Biden was not given a choice. Now, NBC would gladly print lies that they can use to bash President Trump, but they would not harm Joe Biden no matter how truthful the charge is.

Rikki Ratliff-Fellman, director of programming at Blaze Media, noted how utterly different the two stories they posted were. If a mistake is made, the editors always make a note of the correction, but not when they are trying to exonerate the Democrats. That they would hide.

Ratliff-Fellman highlighted the changes in a Tweet, posing the question, “Why the cover-up?”:

From The Blaze

NBC News issued a report contradicting the Biden administration’s official narrative concerning the government’s prisoner swap with Russia. Apparently hoping no one would take notice, the news organization quickly changed its original report without signaling it had done so.

While ostensibly intended to buttress the Biden administration’s claims about its inability to bring home former Marine Paul Whelan, NBC News’ stealth edit has prompted some to wonder what actually went on behind the scenes.

Only after being met with criticism online and a request for comment from TheBlaze did the news organization offer a retroactive correction hours later.

However, NBC News, citing a senior U.S. official, first reported that the “Kremlin gave the White House the choice of either Griner or Whelan — or none.”

It also happens to buttress the tale told by President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, and other members of the administration and mainstream media.

Biden said, “This was not a choice of which American to bring home. … Sadly, for totally illegitimate reasons, Russia is treating Paul’s case differently than Brittney’s.”

Blinken said:

“This was not a choice of which American to bring home. The choice was one or none.”

Jean-Pierre recycled the line, saying:

“The choice was to bring Brittney home or no one. The president will never stop working to secure Paul Whelan’s release.”

Better luck next time.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 27

  1. Doug Litchfield says:

    Who would know, no one watches fake news on the alphabet channels. Very seldom watch any other trash they broadcast either.

    • B. Clinton says:

      I thought no one was more full of $hit than CNN..Then I turned on

    • Philip Seth Hammersley says:

      Unfortunately, Doug, A LOT of people (naive, mind-numbed people) DO watch the “legacy media.) That’s part of the problem. They THINK they are hearing truth, not PROPAGANDA!

  2. Ken says:

    What the heck was the original NBC-published story? Need something to compare the revised story to.

    • Philip Seth Hammersley says:

      The original story said Biden was offered a CHOICE between Griner and the Marine and chose the anti-American Griner. And, according to the idiot press secretary, it was important to release Griner because she is a Black Lesbian “role model.”

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      you mean, the communist in the media lie? WOW ! When did this start? Maybe when they saw what great things other communist do?. Other than the Russians. They don’t like “those” communist.

  3. J. R. Justice says:

    Just another SMALL example of just how LOW the Liberal SCUM will go to get their way !!!! NO SURPRISE HERE, except that they actually changed the story, most of the time these scumbags just let it ride and don’t really care if they are exposed, they know that NOTHING is EVER going to be done about it, the REPUBLICANS are too NUTLESS to act and EVERYBODY knows that !!!!

  4. Edouard d'Orange says:

    Like Doug, I avoid the biased, lying, dem-apologist alphabet networks, but I think that even the few honest ones still broadcast the admin’s members videos to be fair. The point is that we need to figure out what the lies are. And this was certainly another big one (shocker- NOT). But, of this I’m sure- we will simply be told to move along, nothing to dwell on here. Paul Whelan’s family can’t say much because they’re at Biden admin’s mercy. Saying anything offends Biden and his diplomats who will leave Whelan to rot just to spite anyone who speaks out. Whelan family has to suffer in silence.

  5. Ron C says:

    And who would be surprised by this? That is what the Democratic Party propagandists do! Lie for the democrats that is all they do.

  6. Leftshot says:

    Consider this, even the Biden Administration’s preferred narrative makes the Biden Administration look incredibly weak and toothless.

  7. Drosack says:


  8. dslady says:

    Anyone who watches Biden’s press secretary for oh say, a minute or even two, it is completely evident that she knows NOTHING beyond the enormous notebook she totes around like it holds the nuclear buttons in it. The true statement was made ON THE AIR BY THE NBC REPORTER AND THEY QUICKLY REMOVED IT, BUT——NOT BEFORE IT WAS RECORDED. SAW THE ORIGINAL STATEMENT SEVERAL TIMES LAST NIGHT. LIES, LIES, LIES BY ANYONE CONNECTED WITH THE CORRUPT, CRIME RIDDEN BIDEN WHITE HOUSE COULD NOT TELL THE TRUTH IF THEIR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. Sadly, their lies do put our lives in danger just by being in OUR WHITE HOUSE and opening their mouths. ALWAYS, ALWAYS LIES!!!!!!!!!

  9. Paul4756 says:

    This is not news. The fake United States mainstream news media scum have been lying since Donald Trump was elected President. The stupid American sheeple still watch their worthless crap.

    • Doug Litchfield says:

      It has been well before that. Walter Crankcase was front and center on fake narrative

  10. M says:

    When is all this going to stop?? Americans have enough problems, then have to deal with what demented, confused, angry, hate filled Biden throws at us. Here is another, another example of his failed, disastrous policies. Why anyone would vote for this person is unbelievable?? All the problems, inflation, illegals crossing our border, stealing the 2020 election, trying to suppress our first amendment, leaving people overseas. Why would anyone vote for this?

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      the founders of America, that gave the “people” a republic, said to separate from such evil. Jesus said to separate from them too. Are you a good Amerikan? Are you a law obeying Christian? We need to leave the evil empire. MAKE RED STATES FREE from the FEDS, AGAIN. restore the republic

  11. SO, What was HIS name before he became “Brittney” to play on the women’s team ?????

    • Arleen says:

      I agree She is supposedly 6 ft. 9 in. I never heard of a female that tall. She looks like a guy!!

  12. Ilsa says:

    That dolt posing as a Press Sec. She is so full of crap her eyes are brown. Of course they made a choice, and the Military lost. Just like the American left in Afghanistan. This dead Administration bought home the one that hit all the boxes, Black, lesbian, and hates America,She was guilty! Russia didn’t give a damn about her color, gender, or basketball prowess. She had drugs on her and she broke the law. Guess Soros doesn’t own any Prosecutors in Russia to turn her loose

  13. F-Bden, Jean-Pierre,......................... says:

    “This was not a choice for us on which American to bring home. It was a choice between bringing home one American or none,” said White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.”

    So then, why didn’t you simps bring home the AMERICAN???

  14. Dexter Wilson says:

    Our biggest problem is not the press secretary but what used to be the major medias integrity which no longer exists. I have to look at Fox (who has betrayed Trump) and News Max if I want the true world and national news. I can’t believe a word the other stations put out. But I do get the best picture of our world and national news through them. I now call ABC the American Broadcasting Communist News, CBS, the Communist Broadcasting Socialists, and NBC the Nazi Broadcasting Communists–needlessly to mention the labels that Tucker and Hannity have given CNN and MSNBC.

  15. Dexter Wilson says:

    One last thing, there is a conventionally produced Covid vaccine called Covaxin and Covishield produced by an India Pharmacy (NO MRNA’S) which means it actually is a vaccine that can prevent Corona Viruses. How can i say this? In our history a wife of I believe John Adams used Cow Pox infection on her children to prevent them from getting Small Pox. In other words, I believe this vaccine can defend against any off shoots of the Corona Virus. It is time to call your doctors and tell them you want the covaxin vaccine. You can find a description of this vaccine on line.

  16. carol says:

    I am waiting for the people that bring charges to the current administration that proves they cheated and all of them out and President Trump in where he should have been in first place.

  17. Crotte says:

    Let’s get real CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, PBS, NYT and WASH POST are just departments in the DNC.

  18. CharlieSeattle says:

    Whelan as white, a marine, straight, a patriot and loved his county. Griner was the exact opposite!

  19. NavVet67 says:

    Maybe the FCC should pull their broadcasting license for a year. That would send a message, don’t cha think?

  20. Jim says:

    How much longer are Americans going to put up with China joe and the demoncRATs ruining America?
    China joe and his cohorts are trying their very best to destroy America and there are idiots going along with all the B.S. this senile POS is doing. He and others need to be impeached.

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