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Never-Before-Seen Leaked VIDEO of RAY EPPS Breach!: Did the FBI or DOJ Doctor These Videos to Frame the Proud Boys?

Never-Before-Seen Leaked VIDEO of RAY EPPS Breach!: Did the FBI or DOJ Doctor These Videos to Frame the Proud Boys?

Who altered this video used to falsely convict the Proud Boys?

The corrupt Biden administration has been going after the Proud Boys, claiming they were involved in a seditious conspiracy, even though their plant had already reported to the RFBI that they had no such intention. During their trial, the corrupt DOJ showed a video that was very suspicious because they used it to claim that the Proud Boys had breached a retaining fence. But during the playing of the video, it appeared that a few seconds had been cut out.

In truth, the barrier had been breached by FBI plant Ray Epps and some of his followers. Several video specialists viewed the video and they all agreed a watermark appeared that occurred the exact moment Epps broke through the barrier. The doctored video was used to impose long prison sentences on the Proud Boys, aided by the conviction-happy Washington DC liberal juries. A protected source has come forward and that person says the original video was much different.

Below is never-before-seen video that we witnessed first-hand played by the prosecution at the Proud Boys trial to incriminate the men. It was then sent to us by our source so we could share with the public. The fuzzy “glitch” in the video literally covers RAY EPPS making the first breach through a black fence. This is the fence of Breach #2 that the prosecution is blaming the Proud Boys for breaching in their trial! You can’t make this stuff up! The suspicious “glitch” begins right before Epps breaches the gate and ends a few seconds later once he is inside. Convenient! See the video that was played for the jury here:

What are the odds that this glitch appeared at the exact moment Epps broke through the barrier? The odds were helped by a corrupt FBI and DOJ that has been weaponized for the Democratic Party.

From The Gateway Pundit

We had witnessed this “faulty” video play on the court monitors with our own eyes as we cover the Proud Boys trial here in Washington D.C. Federal prosecutor Jason McCullough presented this video to the jury during professional J6 “witness” US Capitol Police Inspector Thomas Lloyd’s testimony. The sudden and suspicious “glitch” in the video caught this reporter’s eye. It happened as the first group of protesters walked through a black fence on January 6th (called Breach #2 by the Government).

After consulting with J6 Video expert Gary McBride (who was sitting right next to me), he informed me that the “glitch” happened at the EXACT MOMENT RAY EPPS ENTERS THE SCENE leading his group and instructing them past the gate!

That’s not all! Our source sent us the original version of the video and IT DOES NOT CONTAIN THE SAME GLITCH! This video is directly from the 14,000 hours that is being hidden illegally from the American public. Did someone intentionally add the “glitch” to cover up the entrance of Ray Epps? See the original video here with no such disruption and Ray Epps clearly coming through the fence:

Gary McBride of M5 News said:

“I would call it doctored video for sure. It’s like a watermark effect they used. I know they edited the CCTV Video, which is illegal. The reason I know this is because the original video did NOT have the glitch when Ray Epps breached the fence, nor did it have a time and date stamp on it. Compare the videos yourself to verify. Somehow the version that appeared in court had a time stamp on it that DID NOT EXIST in any of the original CCTV footage, as well as some sort of suspicious watermark that is meant to look like a glitch in the video to CONVENIENTLY COVER UP THE BREACH BY RAY EPPS.

“Those black gates in the video are as weak and flimsy as a cheap dog fence you can purchase on Amazon. If you look carefully, you can see Ray Epps in the video below seemingly motion with his hands to people around him to pull the fence up, not push- somehow he knew the fencing easily LIFTS up out of holes in the ground, which it does with no resistance.  This can be substantiated if you carefully watch the video and Epp’s hand gestures.”

The Republicans in the House must release all 14,000 hours of video from January 6th and then hold the investigators and the prosecutors responsible for tampering with the evidence.



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