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New Video Exonerates J6 Political Prisoner Due to Start 10 Year Sentence Tomorrow

New Video Exonerates J6 Political Prisoner Due to Start 10 Year Sentence Tomorrow

Another J6 political prisoner was sentenced to prison despite his innocence.

Marine Thomas Webster is scheduled to begin a ten-year sentence for allegedly attacking a police officer in what prosecutors called an unprovoked attack on January 6th, 2001.

There is now a video that proves conclusively that Webster acted in self-defense against a police officer, DC Metro Police Officer Noah Rathbun, who tried to provoke a fight before punching Webster in the face with his closed fist. They wrestled to the ground and Rathburn continued to get physical.

Rathbun grabbed Webster’s flagpole and used it to hit him in the mouth twice. There is a video, but the Capitol Police withheld it until the trial.

That video now exonerates Webster but it could be too late. Webster is a decorated war veteran who served 3 tours of duty overseas and then spent 20 years with an unblemished record for the New York Police Department.

From The Gateway Pundit

The biggest part of this story may be what many don’t know- which is that Officer Rathbun was under investigation for the lethal shooting of Vedo Hall on May 24th, 2021. Vedo happens to be black. This is notable as the story of a black man shot and killed by a white cop generally equates to tremendous Mainstream Media coverage, but this particular story is COMPLETELY BURIED and no one heard about this incident. An incident like this gets viral national attention and the attention of Black Lives Matter. YET THERE IS ONLY A MINUSCULE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. Even more suspicious- according to the brief report on NBC Washington, “for the first time since the District enacted a law requiring the release of body-worn camera footage any time a D.C. police officer uses lethal force, Mayor Muriel Bowser will not release video of the most recent police killing.“ Muriel Bowser is a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement, so this makes little to no sense. Black Lives Matter would surely demand release of this body-cam footage if they caught wind of this story, yet it was BURIED.

Those close to the matter suspect that the story was covered up and the lid kept tight because Officer Rathbun’s credibility and reputation was needed to stay intact so he could testify as star victim witness against Webster. The case against Webster would go up in smoke if Rathbun was nationally exposed and demonized to the jury. With a possible use of force investigation that could result in national notoriety and jail time, the Government literally had Rathbun by the cajones, and the reluctant Rathbun had to testify to put Webster away. The morning of the first day of the trail the prosecution announced that the investigation into Rathbun’s shooting incident was over, and the jury could not be made aware of it, and the Officer could not be questioned about it in the trial. 

What makes the story even more incredible is that Rathbun never reported this incident even though the regulations say he must report it any time he uses force, and indeed claimed he didn’t remember any of it. That is until he was approached by the FBI wanting him to testify against Webster. In court, he denied punching Webster and the judge officiating over the trial said that Webster lied about being punched even though it is on videotape.

Webster is a devoted father of three who has been caught up in the tyranny of the Democrats and the weaponized FBI. This is a miscarriage of justice in the extreme and would have been unheard of just 29 years ago, but is an everyday occurrence today.




  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 35

  1. Mike L says:

    This information means nothing unless the court decides to “right the wrong”.

  2. Wes says:

    These innocent people are being tried and convicted on false charges. In this case information is being withheld that would exonerate the person being charged. The Democrat Party has tried to make the January 6th protest an insurrection led by Donald Trump. However, what we are seeing now is complete misuse of the justice system and if this is allowed to continue, we will no longer be free people. The January 6 Committee has cancelled its last meeting because they haven’t changed anyone’s mind. Nobody believes them!

    • JoAnn says:

      They are political prisoners, plain and simple. The conniving Demmunists are using Soviet-style tactics to repress and silence those who oppose their America-hating radical agenda and who REFUSE to be silenced about how the Demmunists brazenly STOLE the Presidency in 2020 with an unelected FRAUD of a senile sock puppet PROXY installed for ONE reason: to give Obama an illegal and unconstitutional THIRD TERM.

  3. Viti says:

    If everyone sent sulfur candles to Washington DC you still would notice the stink of corruption. My word, the FBI & DOJ buildings need to be torn down and the land salted so nothing ever grows there again. How do they look at their children at night knowing they are destroying the future?

  4. Paula says:


  5. David Hume says:

    If the insurrectionist wanted justice, he could have sued in court, made a police report or just walked away. Instead he assaulted the officer. The jury got to see his crime and realized that assaulting a police officer is never justified. Let the crook rot in prison.

    • Roland says:

      You have the mind of a simpleton.

    • 1947 says:

      If someone punches me in the face when it is uncalled for I am also going to defend myself. If I have better training and am stronger I will beat the crap out of them no matter who they are. They were not doing their jobs, they exceeded their authority, and wanted a good fight. When the police finally woke up that they were losing they stated crying like the babies they are. If I were a member of that force I would resign in shame and walk away while I could.
      I do not understand how any of this illegal capital action is taking place. What happened to the Constitutional Rights, the Bill of rights, the Magna Carta and every other precious document we have and hold as Americans. Did anyone get a trial with an honest jury?

      • SammyD says:

        What happened, you ask? Well Sir, they all went away when America came down with Corvid-19 and died.. Citizens WILLINGLY jabbed a knife deep in the back of Old Glory as they dutifully put on their Corvid “mask”, violated themselves with invasive testing and partook of the Mark of the Beast “vaccines”.

        • Recce1 says:

          I fear the betrayal of the Constitution and what it stands for began long before the Chinese Wuhan COVID bioweapon was released on the West. It started during the protests of the Vietnam War with organizations like the SDS, BPP, the Weathermen, SLA, La Raza, and such.

          Sadly, we could also see significant drift from a democratic (VERY small d) REPUBLIC under an exegetically rather than eisegetically interpreted Constitution with a free market capitalist economy and true Contract Law under presidents like Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Clinton, and Obama. Now we have a puppet president controlled by progressive leftists.

          As for the Mark of the Beast, the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the mark, and furthermore, keep in mind one has to knowingly and willingly take the MARK as stated in Revelations. Also, there’s no such thing as the Corvid-19. It’s COVID-19, a bioweapon made in the Chinese Wuhan virology lab and either accidentally or intentionally released. I suspect the latter.

          I received the COVID vaccine as I was in a very susceptible group, being an old codger veteran with diabetes, heart problems, HBP, and a might too much weight, way too much. Yet my Savior and Redemer is Yeshua Hamashiach, whom I will not deny or disparage.

    • john Stephano says:

      Are you an idiot that doesn’t know how to read and view avideo.

    • turdbreath says:

      What insurrection are you talking about? That that is blasted in the mainstream media. BTW, the mainstream media is just the propaganda arm of the democrat (marxist) party. It sounds like you’re a part of that group, aren’t you?

      • SammyD says:

        Hold ye horse for thine moment, my kind Sir. Thouest most certainly there was an insurrection…back in 1775.

      • Daniel from TN says:

        What mainstream media? We don’t have that anymore. What we have now is the Liberal Controlled Media.

    • CGO says:

      You are an idiot.

    • Recce1 says:

      However, the jury DIDN’T get to see his “crime” as the prosecution withheld EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE. That was a crime. As such, he deserves a new trial and the prosecutors should be prosecuted.

      Furthermore, it was a riot, not an insurrection.

    • Dr.BBA says:

      I hope one day, you are arrested on false pretense and imprisoned for a long period of time. Why are you not bringing up the fact that all of the “peaceful protest” that happened from the BLM/ANITFA prisoners where police were not only injured in hundreds of altercations, but also killed??? POS like you are the first ones the patriots will seek out if they ever grow their spine back and take this country back from you communist!!

  6. Sad to say, BUT, the Democrat trash has NO HONOR !!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 1947 says:

    When the tide turns, and it will, there will be hundreds of not thousands of law suits against those who really created this January 6th event, who got physical, who did damage, and who has covered up this mess. If I were involved I would already be selling out my property if I lived in DC, getting my pass port in place and heading out of Nut-land. The arrogant Democrats still think they can win this mess. If they pull a rank and file obvious cheat of this or even the next election, I am afraid that will finally be the straw that breaks the camels back an all hell will be evoked up on them.

  8. dslady says:


    • Recce1 says:

      Do you believe in the Constitution with its Bill of Rights and Due Process or not? That’s the BIG question. Do you understand what treason is and where it’s found in US law or not? That’s another CRITICAL question.

      You want justice and that’s as it should be. But it must be according to the law of the land.

  9. Christian Wolf says:

    Our “government” is corrupt to the core. They would put an innocent man in prison, just to get at Trump. Hopefully, President Trump will pardon ALL the Jan. 6 protestors….

    • turdbreath says:

      IMO, I think every case has to be tried on its own merit. There were some bad things going on, and others were charged needlessly. We need to hold these capital police officers to account, correction officers, lawyers, and judges. People need to be charged accordingly.

  10. Bob Russell says:

    The Jan 6 prisoners are political prisoners being held for peaceful dissent!!!!! This travesty has lowered America to 3rd world toilet dictatorship status!!!!! satan rules our nation!!!!! Prayer and repentance is the answer!!!!! I pray and live 2 Chronicles 7:14 daily!!!!!!!!!!

    • SammyD says:

      Yep. Makes you wonder why no blm-antifa were treated the same when they burned Federal property (National church) and breached the Capitol.

      • JoAnn says:

        The fact that BLM/Antifa were given a pass is PROOF that this “insurrection” the conniving Demmunists keep talking about NEVER HAPPENED. They will literally do ANYTHING to terrorize into silence those who KNOW they STOLE the election and have NO legal authority to be exercising the usurped powers they have grabbed and are USING against anybody who dares disagree with them.

      • Recce1 says:

        The church burned was not US Property at all. However, ANTIFA and BLM tried to burn down many police stations AND federal court buildings. A number of them had officers still inside and ANTIFA and BLM tried to keep them inside so as to emolate them.

  11. SammyD says:

    This only is allowed to happen because We The People have lost complete control over our entire Nation. Even in the Republic of Texas, it has become obvious that Texas is on borrowed time. This cannot be fixed by voting. There is no such thing as “the power of the vote”. The Founders were well aware of this possible degradation of the American Experiment. Thusly, they wrote a fail-safe within America’s first Organic Law; the Declaration of Independence. In this Organic document, the bestowed upon the Citizenry the Right and Solemn Duty to take this Nation down to the timbers to correct the rot and disease that invariably infected the previous attempts at Democracy. Get to the meat and taters of this Organic Law (according to SCOTUS), past the Preamble to the second sentence of the second paragraph. You know, that part beyond what you heard during your education.

    • Recce1 says:

      If I recall, many of the complaints listed against King George seem to be most apropos to our government today. The Declaration succinctly outlined why the Colonists, British citizens, rebelled due to not being accorded the rights of British citizens. After the failure of the Articles of Confederation, the States wrote and ratified the Constitution, the organic foundation of the structure of our form of government, a democratic REPUBLIC.

      While I sincerely wish and pray we could vote to correct the corruption and rot to restore the rightful place of the Constitution, I fear you may be right that we may have to dust off the Declaration, take it to heart with a vengeance, and as Jefferson said, bind the federal government with the (heavy) chains of the Constitution, even if it sadly means watering the tree of Liberty as Jefferson also implied.

      Thanks for your comment, as hard as it may sound.

    • Daniel from TN says:

      Speaking of the Founders, they created the 2nd Amendment for times such as today.
      The right to bear arms means the people’s right to bear arms against the government when the government exceeds its Constitutionally established limits.

  12. Charles Willoughby says:


  13. dennodogg says:

    Capitol “police” are a government run security guard operation. The entire department is a political arm of the democrats as they conspired with them to perjure themselves, kill protesters, and intermingle with the crowd with the intent to entrap them into doing things that they normally never do. They should remove and prosecute all of them that committed crimes that day.

  14. Code Herb says:

    I think, that you are mistaken. Let’s discuss. Write to me in PM, we will talk.

  15. I will refrain from comments.

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