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New York Health Dept. Explores Banning All Tobacco Products

New York Health Dept. Explores Banning All Tobacco Products


In New York, you smoke all the pot you want, but if this latest bill passes, you will not be allowed to smoke cigarettes or any tobacco product you now enjoy.

New York City won’t be affected much because many of them cross the George Washington Bridge or the Lincoln and Holland Tunnel to New Jersey, where the prices are cheaper and they can fill up their cars with that cheap New Jersey gasoline.

The ones who live close to Pennsylvania can buy their tobacco and gas at a much cheaper price. They just won’t be able to smoke anywhere outside their home.

This could drive many smokers to leave the state. New York is already losing businesses and individuals to states such as Florida, where taxes are low and freedom prevails. That means less tax revenue in a state that throws millions away like they were so many candy wrappers.

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s Department of Health commissioned a survey distributed to state and county leaders exploring a ban on all tobacco products.

This seems like a fool’s errand since Hochul couldn’t get a ban on menthol or flavored tobacco products. But, Hochul is not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box. New Yorkers got just what they voted for. I’m lovin’ it.

The “New York Local Opinion Leaders Survey asked several questions that led to a study that eventually led to the decision to attempt to ban all tobacco products. But if the legislature refused to ban menthol cigarettes, why would they ban all tobacco products? It makes no sense to me. Yes, they are spending a lot of money to attempt this ban, but then again it’s someone else’s money.

From The Daily Wire

“What is your opinion about a policy that would end the sale of all tobacco products in New York within 10 years?” was among the questions asked last week in the “New York Local Opinion Leaders Survey,” examined by the Post.

Other questions asked officials about limiting the number of retailers who can sell “products in a community,” prohibiting its sales near schools, and banning the sale of all tobacco products to those born after a specific date.

“For example, those born after the year 2010 or later would never be sold tobacco,” the survey read.

According to the outlet, the move from Hochul’s administration signals the governor’s intention to remove tobacco sales in New York. One insider told The Post they “have never seen anything like this where [the state] uses this kind of focus grouping, alliance building, momentum building.”

“An outright ban being considered … is all new territory,” the insider said.

Health Department spokesman Cort Ruddy told The Post the questions asked in the survey “do not indicate whether the department supports or opposes the policies they highlight,” adding that the department has been conducting similar surveys on “tobacco, youth vaping, and other important topics for more than a decade.”

They same people who expect millions of people going cold turkey are the same people who advise Wile E Coyote on how to catch the Roadrunner.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 26

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    • Somebody says:

      You put this exact same post on all comment sections, just change the name of the person writing the article. You are a hijacker of the lowest means. Most of us find you as a reptilian snake! Who cares about how you make your money, Just keep your doors closed!

      • Pudy says:

        No, I think this is a sponsored post, so the Billings Report makes money off of it. Otherwise, why would it always be at the top of the comment section regardless of when it was posted?

    • Hatin Spam says:


  2. stevor says:

    drive more leftists insane when deprived of that vice
    where will the be selling tickets to watch it?

  3. graceythecat says:

    but they allow fentanyl don’t they with the commie democrat marxist fascist racist mentally ill lying pedophile cult open borders

    • sSesamus says:

      I think that they should ban gay politicians. Hell, just ban all politicians, but I repeated myself.

  4. Nicholas says:

    It is FAR more than cigarettes that are making people leave dictator, taxhell Blue States like NY

  5. Marlopi says:

    It is ludicrous that they want to ban ordinary tobacco, but allow drugs free reign. Guess this proves that legalizing drugs has fried their brains. No wonder their is so much negative mental health in our country.

    • Mickeymoose says:

      Wonder what they are going to raise taxes on to make up for it, glad I don’t live there, my state (Calif) is just as bad.

  6. CandygramForMongo says:

    New York is moving away from tobacco so they can switch to meth and heroin. It’s a smart move because they’re already phucked up! This will surely cause a riot amongst all hate groups.

  7. Donald Cook says:

    She is going to ban FARTING, next. You FOOLS, voted for Her.

  8. Stephen Russell says:

    Watch Exodus from NY expand even more alone

  9. 2WarAbnVet says:

    If you want government to control every aspect of your life, DemoSocialists are happy to do that for you.

  10. deplorablylost says:

    Riiiiiiiiiight!!! And Sniffin’ Joe will replace all my money that he caused me to lose in my 401k.

  11. Robert Manocchio says:

    Who the H@LL does this BI%$H think she is???? Oh, pardon me she’s a dumbocrat.

  12. jae says:

    I don’t smoke, but good luck with that. She is such a poor choice, followed by a poor choice. Looks like NYC and Chicago are following the same trend here. Vote/kick one loser our and elect another one.

  13. Joshex says:

    I too don’t like public smoking, but this is the wrong way to go about fixing it.

    The right way to go about fixing it is to reclassify tobacco as either food or medicine, completely remove the FDA listing for ‘recreational products’.

    As a medicine, tobacco would become prescription only, and would only be useful for certain instances such as as a drawing salve, or as a medicine to help fight nicotine addiction.

    The goal there obviously being to have Pharmacists gradually attempt to reduce the tobacco tar content in smokers’ packs/cartons (on a patient by patient basis) while keeping the nicotine and amount of cigarettes steady until tobacco content is at 0 (using substitute burnables with added nicotine content), then you lower the nicotine content of cigarettes in the cartons by 1 cigarette’s worth (whilst keeping the number of cigarettes the same) for a month, then alternate to lowering the number of cigarettes (-1) for the next month, then alternate back to lowering the nicotine content, repeat till they no longer require a prescription.

    At the start of this process it no longer becomes necessary to penalize smokers with extra sales tax, (largely because they can’t determine how much they buy anyways as it’s now ‘prescribed’). or even eliminate tax on tobacco and the companies that make it entirely, so it’ll lower the cost of the tobacco itself. A lot of smokers are ‘stress smokers’ so eliminating large portions of the cost will give them less financial and life stress. (most smokers are poor because of the cost of their addiction, and in-turn have no money and feel stressed/depressed so they smoke more)

    During this process as less and less tobacco is needed in the market, initiative needs to be made to get tobacco companies to start using their facilities to grow and produce non-harmful products which have a similar usage rate and price to the raw production cost of tobacco. this will disarm the tobacco companies from filing for damages in court and make them happily compliant.

    Last and finally to cap off this process, there needs to be a set law which raises the legal smoking age by one year every year. To prevent new smokers whilst allowing current smokers to finish their rehab. Investigations and severe financial penalties ($5000 per underage person that you gave tobacco to) will be dealt to anyone who helped someone under this age get tobacco (hint, there will be minute chemical combinations added to the tobacco with each user having a specific combination of chemicals, so that any butt or rolling paper or tobacco can be traced to it’s prescribed user/pharmacy). This will also kill ‘cigarette sharing’, and social-smoking with it, removing some of the drive to smoke for some people. Possession of pure tobacco or plants outside of the official growers or the medical authorities (or without a growing license) will result in confiscation and severe financial punishments. Also a ban on import of tobacco products, so foreigners crossing into the country will be notified that its illegal to take them into the country and given a chance to legally dispose of them without punishment. But anyone (even illegal invaders) found with non-USA or pure tobacco substances in the USA will find them confiscated and severe financial penalties rendered as above. A Pharmaceutical tobacco trade will be available at each legal border where foreign tobacco products can be traded for medically controlled versions in personal quantities(already defined legally, I think it’s 3 or 5 cartons) by persons at the (increased) legal age necessary to have them (consequently smugglers will have to be older and older).

    It may take 100 years to finish, but after that time it’ll be a tobacco-free country. whilst with-in 10 or 20 years there will be at least a major reduction in smoking. (-6 cigarettes(0.5.month) per smoker per year, or -60 cigarettes per person over 10 years, and -120 in 20) only really really heavy smokers will have much left to smoke in 30 or 40 years.

  14. Pudy says:

    This is a small but to-the-point example of Federalism in action. As Justice Brandeis put it: “a single courageous (sic) State may, if its citizens choose, serve as a laboratory; and try novel social and economic experiments without risk to the rest of the country.” In this case, “dumb” would be more accurate than “courageous”, but you get the point. As long as it’s a state initiative, not a national initiative, let’s give it a shot. Same with all social issues. Let each state chart their own course, and let the people vote with their feet to decide the winner.

  15. CPO Bill says:

    Another hitler clone in bitch form!

  16. Ani says:

    How about someone Banning this *itch of being a demoCrap governer

  17. Demhater says:

    When will this end? The left is determined to control our lives.
    (BTW, I am not a smoker, but I’m thinking, what’s next, carbonated beverages? Sugar? Beer? Rock and Roll music? Real lawns? And the list goes on and on.)
    Welcome to Biden’s (and Kathy Hochel’s) Amerika.

    • bob says:

      That’s what the socialist democrats are all about ,,,,,,, the government CONTROLLING the people !!!! Remember this in the 2024 elections !!!

  18. John D says:

    I am not a smoker but this is simply taking away our freedoms it will not end here , this evil politician will continue to trample our rights and freedoms until we have nothing. She truly believes she will usher in communism in NY. I assure all of you most New Yorkers did not vote for her , the population in Manhattan is greater than the whole state, those are the left democrats that think all of this is great until it isn’t…

  19. Paul says:

    UMMM…………..Tobacco,Bad…..Chinese Communist spys, Good??????? Is New York jealous, and trying to beat our Californcation as the stupidest state in the United States???

  20. bob says:

    I am so sick of New York !!!! I wish N.Y. would have an earthquake , and the WHOLE state break away , float out into the ocean and SINK !!!!!

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