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New Zealand’s Conservative PM Christopher Luxon Vows to Follow a Conservative Agenda

New Zealand’s Conservative PM Christopher Luxon Vows to Follow a Conservative Agenda

New Zealand is just the latest country to toss out the liberals in favor of conservatives.
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There seems to be a seismic shift from the absurd left to the much more sensible right. The new Prime Minister vows to cut taxes, restore gun rights for the citizens, and to resume the usual drilling for gas and oil. The Netherlands and Argentina have also elected conservatives to run their countries. In another relevant development in the worldwide realignment to the right, the Conservative New Zealand’s National Party finally sealed agreement on a new three-party coalition government.

The centre-right Nationals, led by incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon, to restore sanity within the government. The far left activists ruled New Zealand have ruled the country for six long and it was a total disaster.

Reuters reported:

“‘We believe in this country, we are ambitious for it and we know that with the right leadership, the right policies, and the right direction, together we New Zealanders can make this an even better country’, Luxon said in a speech ahead of the formal signing of the agreement at parliament.

The coalition agreement outlines plans to roll back the use of Maori language, review affirmative action policies and assess how the country’s founding treaty document is interpreted in legislation. However, a controversial proposal to have a referendum on the interpretation of the document, the Treaty of Waitangi, will not happen.”

The outgoing Labour Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, successor to Covid-crazed Jacinda Adern, claims that the new regime will roll back “progress.” That is probably true. The economy will quit crashing, people will be free to leave their homes, and will be able to keep a little bit of the money they earn. Is it any wonder why the progressives were tossed out on their shiny heinie?

From The Gateway Pundit

New PM Luxon said the government will amend the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 2021, in order to remove the ‘dual mandate’ on inflation and employment – and to focus monetary policy only on price stability.

There are also ambitious plans to repeal a ban on offshore oil and gas exploration introduced by the previous Labour government, according to coalition documents.

“The new government will cut personal income taxes, following through on a campaign policy used to woo middle income voters struggling with rising costs of living.

‘Delivering tax relief is just one part of the Government’s plan to rebuild the economy. The Government will ease the cost of living, reduce wasteful spending, and lift economic growth to increase opportunities and prosperity for all New Zealanders’, Luxon said.”

The three new ruling parties said they plan to “re-write the Arms Act” without giving any further details.

“’We want change that makes our great country even better and this coalition government is going to deliver that change’, he said.

After a signing ceremony at parliament on Friday, Luxon said the role of deputy prime minister would be split between the populist NZ First party leader, Winston Peters, and the Act party leader, David Seymour. Peters will take the role for the first half of the term, and Seymour will go second.

National party deputy leader Nicola Willis would be finance minister and Peters would be foreign minister, the three parties said in a joint statement.”

It will be the first time in New Zealand’s history that three parties will form a coalition.

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