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NYT Reporter Who Exposes “Conspiracy Theories” Gets Creamed in Less Than 48 Hours

NYT Reporter Who Exposes “Conspiracy Theories” Gets Creamed in Less Than 48 Hours

The New York Times has egg on its face. The yolk is on them.

Less than two days after the New York Times published a story alleging that  Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote had started a conspiracy theory that a little-known company in California that worked with the elections in Los Angeles had stored voter information and passed it on to the communist Chinese government. The writer, Stuart A. Thompson now has egg on his face. Less than 48 hours later, Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was arrested.

He is being charged with passing voter information to the Chinese government. DA George Gascon has charged him with charges of Theft of Personal Data. Is the District Attorney also spreading a “conspiracy theory”? Thompson had almost everything in his story wrong. Before the arrest, Thompson interviewed him as a victim of a hoax. Yu told him that after the accusations he cried for the first time since his daughter was born. He also said he was getting death threats that Thompson passed off as a conspiracy theory.

Thompson opened up the baseless hit piece by saying:

At an invitation-only conference in August at a secret location southeast of Phoenix, a group of election deniers unspooled a new conspiracy theory about the 2020 presidential outcome. 

Using threadbare evidence, or none at all, the group suggested that a small American election software company, Konnech, had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party and had given the Chinese government backdoor access to personal data of about 2 million poll workers in the United States, according to online accounts from several people at the conference.

As of Tuesday, the New York Times still had Thompson’s story on their website. That’s no surprise since the New York Times is the go-to newspaper for fake news and propaganda. Any day now they will announce that they are standing by the story. The NYT is like a defense attorney of a murderer trying to stir up reasonable doubt. I assure you that six months from now many Democratic voters will defend Thompson, believing his story to be fact.

From The Gateway Pundit

However, in a press release today reported on by The Gateway Pundit, the Soros-backed Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, all of Stuart A Thompson’s accusations above died less than 24 hours after he birthed them.  Today, Konnech CEO Eugene Yu was arrested in Michigan on charges of Theft of Personal Data.

To be crystal clear: Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht never claimed that this data breach had a direct impact on the outcome of the 2020 election.  Perhaps the Chinese Communist Party having extremely personal information about election workers across our country could be a vulnerability?

I can remember Phillips saying they had names, addresses, bank accounts, children’s information, etc.   Maybe the threat of “Phase Two” of Trump’s China Plan was enough to activate Chinese spies embedded in the U.S. to take drastic measures and ensure a friendly regime was installed?

According to the LADA’s office, “information was stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China.” Under Chinese law, that data is their data even if it is held by a private company. Here is the scary part. It is very unlikely that Los Angeles is the only jurisdiction that has had this happen. Democrats love working with the Chinese and accepting big retainers. Some Republicans, too, hey Mitch McConnell?

Armed with this information, they can decide who gets elected.


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    Come on man.

  2. Grizz Mann says:

    Is this the same paper that pushed the Trump/Russia collusion hoax?

  3. B. Clinton says:

    This P O S should be executed

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