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Over Half of Transgender Prisoners in Wisconsin are Sex Offenders

Over Half of Transgender Prisoners in Wisconsin are Sex Offenders

Over half of transgender women in Wisconsin prisons have at least one conviction for a sex crime.

The Daily Signal is reporting that over half of the transgender inmates held in their prisons have been convicted of one or more sexual offenses. One has to wonder how many self-described transgender women are actually heterosexuals who like the idea of a captive population with little competition for sex. We know from previous reports that women have been raped and impregnated by these so-called transgender women and that many female inmates do not feel safe from these predators.

This is just one more battleground in the Democrats’ war on women. They have attacked women’s sports and invaded the privacy of teenage girls by exposing them to male genitalia. Mothers have to send their daughters to school and pray that they are not raped when they go to use the bathroom. And if they are raped like that young girl in Loudoun County, the schools do their best to cover it up or to convince the parents to let them handle it. But, in the end, they do nothing.

Out of 161 men who are in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections facilities and who identify as women, 81 have been convicted of sex crimes such as sexual exploitation of a child, sexual exploitation by a therapist, forced viewing of a sexual act, rape, sexual intercourse without consent, incest, sexual intercourse with a child, indecent behavior with a child, enticing a child, and more.

Mike Howell, director of the Oversight Project said:

“Men belong with men and men only in prison. Putting sex offender men claiming to be women in cells with women is another reason the world laughs at America’s moral decline. Prison is for punishment, not degenerate sexual behavior.”

From The Blaze

Out of 161 men who are in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections facilities and have self-reported as being transgender, 81 have been allegedly convicted of at least one count of sexual assault or sexual abuse as of late July 2023. That equates to 50.3%.

While the Department of Corrections did not clarify on the housing of transgender inmates in the report, a government of Wisconsin document seemingly clarifies the placement of those who self-identify as the other gender and are referred to as “Gender Dysphoria (GD)” inmates.

The policy states that “all sites are approved for transgender and intersex inmates” except for six listed facilities.

“Facility and housing assignments shall be made on a case-by-case basis, considering the inmate’s health and safety as well as potential programming, management and security concerns. An inmate’s own views regarding safety shall be given careful consideration,” the document states.

As well, if the inmate has already had a sex change prior to imprisonment, “placement shall be, in most cases, consistent with the reassignment treatment.”

However, “self-inflicted genital mutilation” does not count as any form of gender reassignment, the document clarifies.

Placement and “programming” of the individual is to be reassessed every six months.


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    Fine, they can take turns boinking each other.

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