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PA Gov. Elect Josh Shapiro Arrests Democratic Consultant For ‘Wide Scale’ Ballot Fraud

PA Gov. Elect Josh Shapiro Arrests Democratic Consultant For ‘Wide Scale’ Ballot Fraud

Democrat operative arrested for voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

Gov.-Elect Josh Shapiro arrested a fellow Democrat for widespread fraud…. against other Democrats. These guys even cheat their own. Philadelphia political consultant Rasheen Crews was arrested Wednesday. He is charged with wholesale forgery of signatures on campaign petitions. He took on clients who wanted to run for office and he was to get their petitions filled out by legal voters, but instead, he forged their information and signatures. This occurred during the primarie4s for the 2019 local election.

Shapiro said in a statement:

“In advance of the 2023 municipal elections, this arrest is an important reminder that interfering with the integrity of our elections is a serious crime. By soliciting and organizing the wide scale forgery of signatures, the defendant undermined the democratic process and Philadelphians’ right to a free and fair election. My office is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the election process across the Commonwealth, to ensure everyone can participate in Pennsylvania’s future.”

Authorities say that Crews was hired by several Democratic candidates to help them get6 enough signatures to get on the ballot, but upon examination, they found that many of the signatures were just forgeries and could not be used to get on the ballot. He then had the petitions notarized and he turned them in. They found that more than 1,000 signatures were duplicates with “many names and addresses were found repeated on various petition pages”. Others they checked with claimed that they never signed the petitions at all.

One of the clients, Jason Rubin, said he paid Crews $2,500 dollars to help him complete his petitions. He already had some pages complete and notarized, but said he found that Crews had added names to the notarized lists.

From Centre Daily

A Philadelphia political consultant is facing criminal charges after allegedly forging signatures to get Democratic nominee clients onto 2019 primary ballots in the city, according to the Attorney General’s office.

The charges announced Wednesday against political consultant Rasheen Crews, 46, stem from the May 2019 primary elections for the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and Philadelphia Municipal Court. Petitions for nearly a dozen candidates show that over one thousand signatures were duplicated, the Attorney General’s office said in a statement.

Crews was paid between $1.50 and $2.50 per signature by clients who sought to complete the paperwork needed to be included on the Democratic ballot for the 2019 primary, according to the affidavit. However, the complaint states, rather than collecting the signatures legally, Crews either forged, or hired others to forge, signatures by renting out hotel rooms where workers would copy down names and addresses onto petition paperwork.

Some pages were allegedly photocopied, or the voter names found across the various petition pages did not live at the addresses listed, or identified voters who said they had not signed, the affidavit states.




  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 37

  1. RogerMoen says:

    Governors do not have the authority to arrest anyone. They can request someone be arrested, but the police would have to look at the evidence before they would arrest anyone Probably what happened the evidence was probably given to the District Attorney and he order the arrest.

    • Mark Donovan says:

      He’s currently the PA Attorney General

    • Patrick says:

      Therein lies the rub “would have to look at the evidence”. That premise failed wherever it was tried since the election of 2020. It we wanted fair elections then stop drop boxes, permit mail in ballots only when proven necessary, ballot harvesting, voting weeks before and days after Election Day, issue a photo ID card to all eligible voters. Have severe penalties for those who are found guilty of fraudulent activities.

      • Lawrence says:

        Of course all you said is needed; and will it get instituted and enforced nationwide, is the Big problem!!! It better or this country is a Banana Republic and shit on a stick which I would rather leave if it gets any worse! I’d rather go live on some tiny Island and rough it away from all the garbage in this corrupt world!
        This has to happen exponentially and start getting the Rope ready!
        This type of criminal is getting away with a giant crime affecting the whole Country! Totally tossing the US Constitution in the toilet this way, our basis of this Republic!

  2. Ted says:

    I thought I seeing things until I realized that the crime was perpetrated against the DirtyRats. Then it all became very clear. PA is almost as filthy as CA….

    • Scotch says:

      Right on target! Once again, President Trump was right when he, and the rest of us, claimed that Philadelphia 2020 election was rigged.

    • Lawrence says:

      It’s a giant stink hole and look who is in office as the fake President; Scranton Joe himself!
      I tell you if this doesn’t get all Americans who are true Americans activated to demand this election process be corrected to 100% legit then I have to leave this stink hole; it won’t be anything but misery ahead!

  3. Sunshine Kid says:

    Democrats arresting Democrats for voting fraud. Yet the claim is that the elections are the most secure in history. Yeah, right.

    • Lawrence says:

      Biggest Pile of DUNG in all History and a complete JOKE!

      • Lawrence says:

        Look at the brain dead guy that got elected to the Senate there Federchump; with that we can expect a Turnip to get elected next, one that fell of a Turnip Truck is the same difference!
        All Democrats and that commie conspiratorial party have to GO!!!

  4. Philip Seth Hammersley says:

    Shapiro needs to DEFLECT attention from current DIMM fraud so he “arrests” someone for years-ago fraud!

  5. Doug Litchfield says:

    Dudley Doo-right could have handled this case, but where is the Biden’s gang putting a stop to this cannibalism? Did all the fake names start with Abdul?

  6. akashara says:

    Funny how there are so many corrupt Democrats isn’t it? More and more you read about one that has done something while in office that’s against the law. How can anyone ever trust that party?

    • Tangocharlie says:

      HOw can you trust that this is more than just show to calm down the people who are hopping mad at the outcomes of these 2022 elections. Also, lets see what the punishment is going to be for this fraud. The usual slap-on-the-wrist, pay a fine and skip out the door? Or will it be something more substantial. I doubt it.

      • Lawrence says:

        True!!!That is why I said if I don’t see real action and continuously with TEETH; I won’t be duped anymore and will plan to get to that Island and forget mankind!
        I could live Free from all the puss infested humanity and enjoy whatever little I would have for whatever days I could make it! Living one full day away from all this insanity and evil; would be a gift to die for!

    • Lawrence says:

      IMPOSSIBLE!!! It MUST be ABOLISHED or this Nation is DEAD!
      Look at the Treasonous and unbelievable levels of crime that Pay has gotten away with for the last 6 years let alone decades; with the assistance of all those RINO’s!!!

  7. Drosack says:

    If they don’t get what they want they riot, burn, maim, kill, don’t forget whine.

  8. Kimberley D Stanley says:

    Notice how this corruption was from 2019, which of course Shapiro knew about long since . . . but he waited until AFTER the 2022 midterms to make the arrest. Makes him “look” good and “clean” now, but he’s shrewd enough to know if he had the guy arrested BEFORE these elections, then everybody would have paid closer attention to the corrupt cheating machine that is Pennsylvania Democratic politics. We were robbed in PA all down the ballot, once again.

    • Lawrence says:

      True Kimberly but let’s pray that the cat got out of the bag now and this will become the avalanche it MUST to reverse all of the crime and fraud elections including the 2020 that was stolen by such traitors and really get these scoundrels and do what needs to be done or this is all a smoke screen and joke that will only allow things to get worse; and I never thought it would come to this but I will get the hell out of this place and ignore humanity totally on a deserted island!

  9. Chuck says:

    The Democrats will never stop cheating, it is the only way they can win elections unless they are in some Liberal shithole District.

    • Lawrence says:

      This is why I say its time to go get em and end that party as in Cancelled permanently!
      But my concept would require total military intervention as in Martial Law until this whole nation is stabilized and I know this won’t be happening anytime soon! Sucks right!

  10. Steve says:

    Thats what the commie d ed moncrzts did for biden

  11. Gene says:

    If he did that during the primaries, what do you think he did during the general election? You would have to be stupid, to believe he was good as gold, when he did this against his own party. He had no connection with the Republicans, so you know he did more things wrong, during the general election.

  12. Dorothy Legg says:

    Republicans need to jack the jailhouse up, shove Kareem Jeffries under it and let it fall on him. What a blatant liar he is. Democrats are insane if they choose him to be the democratic house minority leader. He doesn’t even have one teenie weenie honest bone in his body.

  13. Jesse says:

    Democraps can only win by CHEATING. It does not matter who they run against, they automatically CHEAT. Hitlery did it to Bernie in the Democrapic Primaries. She stole from Bernie’s campaign so she could win. She spent a billion on her campaign against President Trump and it was her being to much like Obozo to be elected. That is also how anyone with a BRAIN knows that Democraps CHEATED Pedo Joe into office.

  14. Matt says:

    Democrats are evil and Republicans have no balls

    • Lawrence says:

      Totally; look at Ditch Mitch that wasted space and it breaths good air! What a freaking JOKE this nation is!

  15. PapNitram says:

    Until you people in PA wise up and quit voting in the Dirty Dems, quit your whining. “Oh Boo Hoo look at my miserable life and whoa-is-me”. I got smart 4 years ago and left Western Pa my birthplace of 68 yrs. I now live in the free state of Florida and loving every minute of it.

    • Lawrence says:

      You’re actually so right and that was smart!!! Good for you but I hope this Republic can still wake up and reserve all of this garbage!
      Too tall an order most likely, but, this is last ditch effort time and do or die time too so if it won’t happen; I should head to that deserted Island in warmer climes!

  16. Jersey Prophet says:

    Symbolic deflection to give appearance of doing something about corruption while actually committing it.
    Shapiro doesn’t fool anyone.

    • Lawrence says:

      I have thought the same in many instances which is actually controlled opposition to accomplish what you state here! But if the people won’t wake up now for REAL and start kicking ass then I’m out!
      We need a Military Operation to Clean it All Up!

  17. akashara says:

    Why is it that whenever there is a corrupt politician, nine times out of ten, it’s a Democrat.

    • Lawrence says:

      That party serves EVIL and is so dark and dirty it can’t do anything proper or right for this Republic under God! So I am telling you it serves Satan just like the Big Guy in the Top Position does! OK!
      But also there is Evil just as dark in he Republican party now too not all but too many that have been allowed to play the game and kick he can down the road! They should be dealt with the same way that the Whole Democrat Party should be! Military Operation Required!
      We need a Military Operation to Clean it All Up!
      The Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act!
      Under the present circumstances even this is highly unlikely!

  18. Dr Katz says:

    Cheaters should never prosper, Kari Lake easily won the legitimate votes (like DJT in 2020) and should not concede until they have an election redo (not just a crooked recount). Cmon Repub leaders, let’s see some noise and some actions towards honest elections. Our citizens demand it!

    • Lawrence says:

      All TRUE! But if they sit it out or make a little noise this time too then its all over but the crying!
      There is way more than enough PROOF and Precedent now regarding the totally Broken Election System and if they don’t kick Ass now then I assure you we are all screwed! That will mean ALL of our elected officials are a bunch of scum and don’t give a rats ass about any of us or this Nation! That is the deal they either raise hell now and do what needs to be done or its just a freaking JOKE!
      The Time to ACT is NOW!!! Get off your sorry asses you corrupted politicians and selfish bums and FIX the MESS YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR! UPHOLD THE US CONSTITUTION and SERVE THE PEOPLE that is your REAL JOB! Or quit now if you won’t; and let WE the People fix this mess!

  19. Ishkabibble1! says:

    So another chunk has been “found” to be fraudulent. Does this, in any way, change the counts of the 2019 elections? Perhaps it is too late to do a “Do-Over.”

    “…Crews was paid between $1.50 and $2.50 per signature by clients who sought to complete the paperwork needed to be included on the Democratic ballot for the 2019 primary, according to the affidavit. However, the complaint states, rather than collecting the signatures legally, Crews either forged, or hired others to forge, signatures by renting out hotel rooms where workers would copy down names and addresses onto petition paperwork.”

    Did he act alone? or did he have a team?! Most have teams. Another point, if there is one who was caught, there must have been others. I am sure that Crews was part of a group and is he the one to be the scapegoat?

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