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Project Veritas Video Shows CT Middle School Teacher Lusting After ‘Naughty’ Students’ Panties

Project Veritas Video Shows CT Middle School Teacher Lusting After ‘Naughty’ Students’ Panties

Another perverted teacher was caught running his mouth.
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I don’t know why it is so hard for schools to hire the right employees. Say you have five people trying for the same job.

Give each one a small stack of student files and you hire the one that does not touch themselves. Problem solved. Project Veritas has exposed a teacher at Greens Farms Academy (GFA) in Westport, Connecticut. The teacher is just one more hire by a progressive school board of someone who should not have contact with young kids.

The teacher told the journalist from Project Veritas that the girls in his classes tempt him every day by spreading their legs and showing him their panties. He claims they do it on purpose.

Iman Rasti, a seventh-grade English teacher at GFA said:

“It’s very hard. I mean, literally and figuratively.”

“One thing they do these days, they sit down in front of me — completely directly in front of me, they spread their legs wide open, and that’s just brutal. Brutal.”

“Every day there is different panties on: green, black, white, and they make sure — it’s like they talk to each other. They make sure that the panties — the panties are, like, positioned in a way that I actually see the thing.”

 “I can see the side of the pussy.”

“And they smile, and they smirk at me, and they close and open, close and open a couple of times. They’re naughty.” 

“When girls start having sex, it’s interesting for someone like me who has been in and out of relationships all my life, and married, and all of that.”

Rasti continues:

“You see changes in face and appearance — you see a 15-year-old girl, and then next year they come back to school and she’s a woman. There is no way she has gained weight just doing nothing, so it is clear that she had sex. A lot of sex.”

“Part of the reason why those girls give me attention — in addition to me being genuine with them and honest with them — I think is maybe they get that vibe, that sexual tension. I feel like they get it now. They lost their head with the TikToks.”

“I get the vibe, it’s obvious, but I refuse, because I don’t fuck my students. That’s my principle. I don’t do that, but sometimes I make exceptions. Sometimes.” 

From Breitbart News

Rasti also told the undercover journalist that when he was a college instructor, he allegedly had “sex with many” of his students.

“Not with my K-12, but college, I had sex with many, many, many, many of my students,” he said.

Greens Farm Academy has since placed a teacher on leave after it was made aware of the Project Veritas video, according to a report by Hartford Courant.

“We have just been made aware of a report of inappropriate comments allegedly made by a teacher at GFA,” Greens Farm Academy spokesperson Michelle Levi said. “We are placing the employee on leave and will be promptly investigating this matter and taking appropriate action.”

Westport Police Capt. David Wolf told Hartford Courant that while the department is aware of the Project Veritas video, there is no active investigation at this time.

While the report did not name Rasti, a link to the director’s bio page on GFA’s website appears to have since been deleted.

I still say to give them a stack of student files. It will catch them every time.


  • Steven Ahle

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  1. PROUDWHITE says:

    From Iran ?! A TYPICAL Worshiper of a DEAD Pedophile. GOATS and CHIOLDREN are available to them there, and consider being a Pedo ? “Normal”.

  2. AmericanSpirit says:

    He needs to be neutered.

  3. Jake says:

    Interesting to see that girls haven’t changed that much….. They did the same sort of things back when I was in middle school. They would rock back in their desks for the whole world to see and I even had one classmate that would jump over her desk in order to sit down in it. Needless to say that her dress was well above her panties and she would do this on almost a daily basis.

  4. TNGram51 says:

    If this is the case then all parents of girls should make them wear knit shorts under their skirts or dresses to school because they never no when a teacher will think like this one and those students need to be protected from these pedophile teachers who hide their destruction nature very well.

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