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PROUD BOY TRAITOR: DOJ’s Star Witness and Turncoat’s Testimony COLLAPSES!

PROUD BOY TRAITOR: DOJ’s Star Witness and Turncoat’s Testimony COLLAPSES!

Federal prosecutors put witnesses on the stand they knew were lying.

The prosecutors of the Proud Boys are in trouble. Their star witness who betrayed his former friends lied in court in order to get convictions after getting a deal from the government witch hunters.

Jeremy Bertino was a former Proud Boy, and videos show him as one of the leading agitators during the January sixth protests. Was he just another Ray Epps or did the Biden government offer a great deal if he would lie about five other Proud Boys?

Bertino was tripped up by the defense lawyers who used his own previous testimony against him. Most Proud Boys have nicknames and Bertino’s was Noble Beard, but that should now be King Rat. What kind of person lies about his friends facing decades in prison?

The five have been charged with seditious conspiracy, hoping to tie them to President Trump. The FBI raided Bertino’s home and they found weapons. They have held those charges over his head in order to try to convict five Proud Boys.

The FBI had a plant in the Proud Boys and he reported that there were no plans made for an insurrection. That is why they needed to convict the other five in order to keep their J6 propaganda alive.

That may be next to impossible now that their chief witness has committed perjury. He won’t be charged with perjury because if the prosecutors confirm he lied, their case goes down the drain.

In his initial interviews with the FBI, Bertino admitted that there was no conspiracy nor was there a plan to commit insurrection.

From The Gateway Pundit

The bearded traitor perjured himself under oath multiple times and contradicted his own FBI interviews to cooperate with his new masters- the diabolical prosecutors. The desperate new conspiracy theory the prosecutors are feeding the biased D.C. jury is that the Proud Boys were so angry that their buddy Bertino (the rat) was stabbed by Antifa in a December rally before January 6th that they decided to take it out on police and the government. As a result they planned the fabled “Insurrection” of January 6th and committed “Seditious Conspiracy” all based on Bertino’s wound.

For obvious reasons the government needs Bertino’s cooperation to convince the jury of this ridiculous conspiracy theory- they are grasping at straws as their case against the Proud Boys continues to fall apart. Un-Noble Beard was more than willing to help the government as he sat on the stand and lied through his teeth (and bigger than his head beard).

When cross-examination of Bertino began, it only took Nick Smith (Defense Attorney for Ethan Nordean) a few questions and one clip of Jeremy’s own testimony, played over and over again to have Mr. Bertino physically scrambling in his seat to avoid the weight of his own prior testimony to the FBI, one that painted the TRUTH of the Proud Boys organization, instead of the two-day smear campaign Jeremy had laid out to save himself from his own illegal firearms felony charges (unrelated to January 6th).

The five political prisoner defendants leaned forward in their seats and breathed a physical sigh of relief to watch “Un-Noble Beard” Jeremy contradict himself and unknowingly admit to his lies and spin jobs.

But here’s the crazy part these prosecutors conducted Bertino’s original interviews themselves! They literally already know that the contents of Bertino’s interviews because THEY CONDUCTED THEM! They know he exonerated the Proud Boys in the beginning and the interviews THEY CONDUCTED are chock full of exculpatory statements! It wasn’t until Bertino started cooperating with the government that he changed his story entirely! 


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