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Registered Democrat in Colorado Arrested for Reportedly Tampering With a Voting Machine

Registered Democrat in Colorado Arrested for Reportedly Tampering With a Voting Machine

Colorado man is arrested for inserting a USB thumb drive into a voting machine.

A registered Democrat in Colorado has been arrested for tampering with a voting machine after it was discovered that he had inserted a USB thumb drive into the voting machine. Election officials claim that it did not have any effect on voting. But, coming from Democrats, I am highly suspicious. Why have a port if it does nothing? Richard Patton, of Pueblo, was arrested without incident on suspicion of committing a voting crime during the primaries in Colorado.

CBS News reported:

“On the afternoon of June 28, poll workers heard noises coming from a voting booth. When a poll worker went to investigate and clean the machine, they saw an error message and notified a supervisor. Tamper-evident seals on the machine appeared to be disturbed, the secretary’s office said. The machine was immediately taken out of service for investigation.”

 “Election officials in Colorado use locks and tamper-evident seals on voting equipment, so it becomes apparent if someone has tried to access it. Trigger alerts make machines inoperable if someone tries to tamper with them.”

“USB thumb drive into a voting machine at a polling station during the primary election in June, authorities said.”

The odd thing is that Patton did not vote on that day. He was identified because he had to present his ID after arriving at the polls. This is according to Gilbert Ortiz, Pueblo County’s clerk and recorder.

The Pueblo Police Department said in a statement:

“Detectives from the Pueblo Police Department High-Tech Crime Unit were able to identify 31-year-old, Richard Patton as the suspect that attempted to tamper with the voting station.”

 “We would like to assure the community that all voter safeguards put in place to protect the voter process were successful. No information has been found to be breached at this time.”

From The Daily Sentinel

A Colorado man who is a registered Democrat has been arrested on suspicion of tampering with voting equipment by allegedly inserting a USB thumb drive into a voting machine at a polling station during the primary election in June, authorities said.

No elections data were accessed, and the June 28 incident didn’t cause any major disruption to voting, authorities said. But it heightened concerns among election officials and security experts that conspiracy theories related to the 2020 presidential election could inspire some voters to meddle with — or even attempt to sabotage — election equipment.

Experts say even unsuccessful breaches could become major problems in the days leading up to and on Tuesday’s midterm election, causing delays at polling places or sowing the seeds of misinformation campaigns.

Richard Patton, 31, of Pueblo was arrested on Thursday by members of the Pueblo Police Department High-Tech Crime Unit for investigation of tampering with voting equipment, a felony, and cybercrime-unauthorized access, a misdemeanor, the department said in a statement.

Court records indicate Patton was being held without bond at the Pueblo County Judicial Center. Gilbert Ortiz, Pueblo County’s clerk and recorder, confirmed Friday that Patton has been a registered Democratic voter since 2019, when he switched his affiliation from the Green Party.

Election officials in Colorado use locks and tamper-evident seals on voting equipment, so it becomes apparent if someone has tried to access it. Trigger alerts make machines inoperable if someone tries to tamper with them, which is what happened in Pueblo.


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Comments 23

  1. How much was he paid to rig the voting machine.?

  2. DetroitDom says:

    There are no seals on access to the machines via the internet AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM!!

    Want to count votes ? USE REAL PEOPLE AT EACH POLLING PLACE! Have reps from the Dem & GOP in a separate room count the votes as the ballots come in. Tally the votes in front of CCTV and video equipment. Any questionable ballots get set aside for the lawyers to look at.

    • PAUL says:

      Can u just hear the arguments ensuing with that? Any vote for a dem must be counted, any vote for a republican must be thrown out if even the slightest thing wrong

  3. Doug Litchfield says:

    Anything goes for an edge, but all we get with democrats is a dull ache. Running lifeless entities as candidates drives that group of misfits to cheat, steal, and lie every election cycle.

  4. klsparrow says:

    Here come the Dems cheating 2022. This is just the start people. Dems are fighting to keep their socialist control so everything is on the table.We can add PA. and the days to count so they can come up with the votes to win.

  5. Joel Lovell says:

    Let’s wait and see who posts his bail.

  6. Stealth says:

    I;m gald to see that the comments are aall in support of ridding our individual states.. and the entire country of this ‘scourge’…..

  7. Mountain man says:

    Voting is like these commies pushing green energy and that bullshi-t climate change..why because they want oil drilling rights for china and coal mining rights for china in America this is why they cheat like hell to get these sell out scumbags in office..proof. Ok remember when Obama stopped oil drilling in the gulf and took lease rights away from the company that had the “ accident “ where oil spilled into the gulf area..who do you think started drilling in the gulf..CHINA …how did they get rights to drill and nobody else..check for yourself..we are being lied what’s new

  8. Fred says:

    Voter fraud should involve swift and sure execution immediately after being proved.

  9. ONLYJB1 says:

    And as of today he should be hung by the neck until DEAD!

  10. Crossram says:

    Anyone who is caught trying to tamper with any Voting machines or people should be prosecuted to the Max give theses people something to think about if they try it again.

  11. Brunswick says:

    I think he deserves the death penalty. Because of idiots like him, it has affects on millions of freedom seeking people. What gives him the right to decide who we all should be voting for? He’s just another Democrat mole. Man, they cheat…lie, and steal. What a worthless party.

  12. Lucy says:

    All it’s on that machine needs rejected immediately can’t and don’t trust these machines anyway soros owns them paper ballots only Picture ID American s only any illegals, refugees, non American arrested immediately deport never allowed on an American Soil, anywhere in the world their families go with them

  13. Drosack says:

    Be careful what you cheat for, you just might get it, sooner or later it will come and bite YOU in the arse. Biden it will be to late.

  14. Gary Xavier says:

    OK PEOPLE, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! Catch these frauds, PUT THEM IN JAIL!!! AND lets have a fair ELECTION!!!!!!


    Today is Tuesday,November 8th,the 657th day
    of being held hostage by the worst Presidency
    in history.Biden’s lies,dementia,and
    blamestorming make him a “uniquely talented”
    threat to the national security,world economy,
    &democratic rule of law with equality of
    immunities,powers,privileges,and protections❗?≠•

    Today is Tuesday,
    November 8th,
    the 657th day
    of being hostages…
    to undemocratic Democrats.
    Democrats positions are based
    on unprincipled whims,
    not principled reasons❗?≠•

  16. Paul4756 says:

    Of course, NOTHING will be done to him and election fraud will go on, and on, and on, and on.

  17. Steve says:

    20 yrs in gitmo

    • PROUDWHITE says:

      Agreed, and have him made to wear peek a boo “shorts”, with a BACK Opening.

  18. PROUDWHITE says:

    Now, that he was “busted”, will SOREass Soros, who is behind all this, bail him out ?

  19. bob says:

    Get rid of those worthless machines !! Why is there a port on it anywhere that any cheating dem could have access to ?? The socialist dems are all about CHEATING and FRAUD !!!

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