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Removal: Mark Meadows Fires First Shot at Willis’ Bogus Indictment

Removal: Mark Meadows Fires First Shot at Willis’ Bogus Indictment

Mark Meadows files to move his case to the federal court.

Fani Willis is all warmed up, the  “The Internationale” has been sung, and Mark Meadows is leading off for the Trump MAGAS. He digs in, Willis goes into her windup, and here comes the pitch. Meadows swings and there is no doubt about it, it’s gone. Meadows becomes the first defendant to file for Removal. What that does is takes the indictments out of the state court and moves it to the federal court system.

With a biased DA and an equally biased jury, anything could happen. By moving his case to the federal court system, where you actually have to prove guilt to get a conviction. In fact, President Trumps lawyers will probably follow suit, which would move all of the cases to the federal court. This will rob Willis of a grandstand play she has been using to raise campaign cash. Well, not entirely. When the 18 defendants win their cases, they will probably file a suit for malicious prosecution. That should be an open and shut case.

Trump’s former chief of staff filed a motion yesterday to stop any proceedings currently under way in Georgia’s state courts and applied for removal:

“Nothing Mr. Meadows is alleged in the indictment to have done is criminal per se: arranging Oval Office meetings, contacting state officials on the President’s behalf, visiting a state government building, and setting up a phone call for the President,” Terwilliger wrote in a 14-page filing with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia on Tuesday evening, saying these are expected from his role.

Meadows met with Georgia secretary of state chief investigator Frances Watson in Cobb County to discuss an ongoing audit of signature matches, according to the 98-page indictment. He was charged under the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act in the 41-count indictment.

“This is precisely the kind of state interference in a federal official’s duties that the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution prohibits, and that the removal statute shields against,” Terwilliger wrote, saying the law states he wouldn’t be liable to answer in a state court.

The removal statute (28 USC 1442) offers this as an option for federal officers sued or indicted in state courts for actions taken as part of their official duties:

(a)A civil action or criminal prosecution that is commenced in a State court and that is against or directed to any of the following may be removed by them to the district court of the United States for the district and division embracing the place wherein it is pending:

(1)The United States or any agency thereof or any officer (or any person acting under that officer) of the United States or of any agency thereof, in an official or individual capacity, for or relating to any act under color of such office or on account of any right, title or authority claimed under any Act of Congress for the apprehension or punishment of criminals or the collection of the revenue.

As William Jacobson wrote last night, though, it won’t apply easily to Trump, and it won’t to anyone else at all:

Trump may have a more difficult time removing the case since he was a political candidate and his conduct was not as president. But as the Meadows Notice demonstrates, there is a fairly low bar to removal and any “plausible” claim that the conduct charged was in the context of an official federal capacity should suffice. Other defendants who were not serving in any federal capacity at the time would not be able to invoke the statute.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 34

  1. Lawrence M says:

    Let us recall how immediately after Trump was elected President the accusations of him being an “illegitimate” President where hurled at him from most of the ranking Democrats in the House and Senate with the corrupted and owned totally biased as all get-out MSM fanning the flames of that concocted illegitimacy narrative from then and on through 2 completely Bogus Impeachments never letting up throughout his whole term in office!

    It’s 100% obvious to me that this US Government is shattered and a “defunct joke” when all of that could transpire with absolutely “Zero Consequences” for any of the Democrat Culprits of all the fabricated charges, weaponized accusations, lies, conspiracies and actual sedition committed by the Democrat Party! But now they conveniently want to tell all of us that if we question any election from here on out, “it’s a crime!” No it is not, and the US Constitution says so; but everything they’ve been doing over the last several years and still are perpetuating are “High Crimes of Treason” or what we can call a “Non-combat Coup d’état” and the attempting to make America a “one party controlled” Banana Republic or more aptly put, a Dictatorship!

    • Seb26 says:

      I agree 100% They must be stopped NOW

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      • Lawrence M says:

        Yes Seb26; in order to save our beloved America and all genuine Americans, all of this criminality and treason must be nixed! And by God it will be!

      • Lawrence M says:

        Yes Seb26; in order to save our beloved America and all genuine Americans, all of this criminality and treason must be nixed! That is if the American people really want to maintain solvency as a nation and people with a heritage and future.

        It’s been said that patriots must be willing to “sacrifice” and to uphold their Identity consisting of their culture, faith and tradition, or inevitably they will face decay, domination, and eventual defeat. But communists nations have stated similar views with a catch, which is maintain their integrity and autonomy or take the whole world down! To this point I mention the following more than once!

        To this idea Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council chaired by Putin, said in video remarks to reporters “that Russia’s relations with the West have hit an all-time bottom. Asked whether the threat of a nuclear conflict has eased, Medvedev responded: “No, it hasn’t decreased, it has grown. Every day when they provide Ukraine with foreign weapons brings the nuclear apocalypse closer.” AP

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      • Celene Tylock says:

        Lawrence M you are 100% right! High crimes and treason…they are intentionally destroying every aspect of the Nation we once were. They are simply following the Marxist playbook to the letter , all for control, power,and$$$$.

        • Lawrence M says:

          Absolutely correct Celene Tylock! This reminds me of how Hitler’s Joseph Goebbels his propaganda minister’s Nazi Rule Book worked; and the unfortunate truth is that the Democrat Party along with many Rino’s have sunken to this lowest of the low level of despicable treasonous behavior; all in the wanton desire to have total control and power!
          Thank you for your thoughts and insight!
          God bless you.

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    • PublicServant says:

      You are absolutely correct- this is LAWFARE, abusing the legal system for obvious political ends– trying to bankrupt GOPers through legal fees to fend off malicious, fraudulent prosecutions. There’s a reason these cases were brought in locales where the jury pool is tainted– too Democrat-heavy to be a “jury of your peers”- in Manhattan and DC, voters heavily supported Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and no doubt, believed her lies that Trump was an “illegitimate” president. The MSM, the Hillary campaign & DNC set up the Democrats’ rage over Trump’s astonishing victory in 2016 with fake polls predicting Hillary was up double digits over Trump in late October before balloting in early November– no wonder Democrats were crushed. Their expectations were overblown– but they turned that shock & disappointment into rage- & then into a malicious propaganda war and vendetta against Trump. Now they want to criminalize political speech- and ban GOPers raising election fraud (which was brazen in both 2020 and 2022 as with the latter, in Maricopa County, AZ when tabulators mysteriously broke down (sabotaged), but only in GOP voting strongholds, denying Kari Lake the Governorship). As to “election denying,” Democrats put up signs in DC in 2004, reading “Redefeat Bush.” We are in a war to preserve the First Amendment/free speech and to stop Democrats from destroying our right to representative government and establishing a socialist one-party state.

      • Lawrence M says:

        PublicServant; absolutely and precisely correct in what you say here! They’ve been stacking the deck for many years and have fully gamed the system to the point where are Constitutional Republic is dangling by threads now! They’re fervently pushing now to break those last tendrils keeping our dysfunctional system at least alive that is rapidly collapsing around us! So what you pointed about as to our “Right to Representative Government” is exactly what is at stake and what these traitors want in its place is the Socialist/Marxist Oligarchy Corruption, likened to that of the evil empires that now live and swear by it, such as Russia, China and North Korea! What Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama are referring to whenever they speak about “Fundamentally Changing America!” A system that comes from a mindset like Putin’s right arm buddy stated clearly and something he said points out to me just how criminally insane all of these communists are!

        Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council chaired by Putin, said in video remarks to reporters that Russia’s relations with the West have hit an all-time bottom.

        Asked whether the threat of a nuclear conflict has eased, Medvedev responded: “No, it hasn’t decreased, it has grown. Every day when they provide Ukraine with foreign weapons brings the nuclear apocalypse closer.” AP

        So while these enemies here in our own government have been wasting precious resources and playing a rigged chess game full of criminality and treason, yet all the while the world around us is “going to hell in a hand basket,” which these internal enemies are fanning the flames of and promoting with their sheer arrogance, madness, incompetence and evil.

        • JPAT says:

          At 82+ years I agree with all you have stated & would add that is every American patriot including any that are left from the democrat party do not come out in the millions & NOT give a single vote to any America hating liberal socialist fkn democrat our nation will be gone! In the 50’s Nikita Khrushchev predicted that they would bury us without a shot being fired & it appears his words are coming true! As for the racist Kenyan & his racist wife true American did not heed his statement that he wanted to fundamentally change our nation & due to their white guilt elected him twice based on his skin color & not his content of character that he had none then & NOW as well! Even MLK would be sickened by voters that destroyed his dream! Instead of electing Adam West, Herman Cain & many other of our black patriots our low information & uninformed voters pick a Kenyan that haes our nation! Since I am in my final years my true worry if for my grandkids & all grandkids who may never see the true greatness of AMERICA! If voters don’t wake up by the millions & never vote for the haters in the next 2 elections I am sorry to say America will be no MORE! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

          • Lawrence M says:

            Yes sir JPat I agree! And the Kenyan with the Deep State played the white guilt card on us well too!

            Khrushchev was advancing the game plan that Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx had both forewarned the West and especially America about this in the early 1900’s stating that “America would fall like ripe fruit into their hands” and I know those evil devils got that whole game plan in motion from “the father of all lies” as Marx even admitted being a Satan worshiper; and go figure we have so many of them running around now in America, even appointed to Biden’s administration! That does paint a very dark and dim picture for America doesn’t it!

            But my good friend and “Fellow American” I do feel your heart here and I am with you 100%! I know you have faith and that is our true, “ace in the hole!” As for all of your wonderful family I can absolutely understand how you must feel for them and the uncertain future ahead for America; so my deepest thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire wonderful family, a “Great American Family!”
            God bless you and all of them, along with our beautiful country that is now torn and tattered, but trying to fly again so as to take its rightful place in the sky and soar like the eagles that dare, where she belongs!

            Thank you for your great thoughts, words and prayers!

            Brother, friend and fellow American, Larry.

  2. Bob Marks says:

    What happened to an honest Politician. Has the Biden family made crooks out of everybody in DC? There is so much corruption in DC, it’s a wonder there is even Republicans there!! Democrat want a one party rule so America will be like every other Dictatorship country!

    • Eagle says:

      Think back to when Obama’s ‘natural born’ eligibility was questioned and the republicans let it go afraid of being labeled ‘racist’. I emailed Senator Grassley about this and his response was that Nancy Pelosi certified him, Obama, eligible. I have yet to find Nancy Pelosi in the Constitution. We have too many weak republicans that are no better than democrats having turned their back on the rule of law and let our country slide into Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation of America’.

    • Lawrence M says:

      Correct Bob Marks; it’s generally called “passing the buck” and Washington has been up to that for several decades or “turning a blind eye,” sort of the “going along to get along” and basically these white collar criminals are all overly tempted and many try to see how much they can actually get away with; gaining huge windfalls over the course of their exorbitant term limits!

      Are we to believe a guy like Chucky Schumer or Nancy Pelosi are some really benevolent saintly sort of persons that are in there to make sure all the right things happen day after day and year after year to protect the Constitution, America and We the People? Look what they did with our Southern Border with criminals, cartels and diseases flowing in now; or how about the whole Covid Scam with nightmare lock-downs, while Nancy ran out to her hairdresser with no mask at all, when the city was basically shutdown! Anyone that’s not a fool knows why they stay in there as long as they do, like a Feinstein for example who does it all the way to when she is talking gibberish and drooling on herself! Yea sure, they care so much; I’m in tears over their love of humanity!

      And Biden takes the cake in over 50 years gaming the system to a point of a fine tuned criminal racketeering operation that his whole family tree can partake of picking all that big money like ripe fruit. Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and loads of Rino Republicans are guilty of the same thing! They’ve all been “kicking the can down the road” as the saying goes for decades, which has allowed massive internal corruption to mushroom to the point where we now have a government teetering on the edge of disaster more by the minute; and which allows sham indictments like they’re continually producing against a former President that is their biggest political nemesis!

  3. Walter Roy Back says:

    Yes, we have. to many weak Washington D, C. politicians in congress that have turned their backs on our rule of law FreeMarkets Cabalist. Constitution Republic, and yes, our country is sliding into Obamas’ “fundamental transformation of America” into a Socialist controlled third world country. Yes, American taxpaying voting citizens wake up and vote this Nov. 2024 for your freedom, liberty and justice for all our American retiree’s and middle-class hard-working taxpayers. l.

    • Lawrence M says:

      Very correct Walter Roy Back: they our elected leaders and appointed bureaucrats are all but raking us, “the hard working middle class,” over the coals! But when they can do that they most assuredly will; of that I’m certain as “absolute power corrupts absolutely” and that is what our courageous fine Forefathers were trying to warn us about in these future generations; as they knew too well about that kind of enslavement from having lived “under the thumb” of brutal kings, tyrants and dictators!

  4. nonstopca says:

    Who gets to decide ..IF or IF NOT, it goes to fed. court or not…?? If it’s anyone in DC it wont happen.

  5. Americafirst says:

    FYI: Mandates are coming back. A covid variant is being pawned off on us again starting in September, October and November unless Trump comes back soon. Mask wearing is again about to start. Airlines are issuing statements that we all will have to wear masks. Other Deep State companies are going to do the same. Mask didn’t work before. They won’t work again. Most importantly is the fact that Mandates are NOT laws. Anyone forcing you do something to your person or them forcing something on or to your person can and will go to prison. You can have them arrested. Don’t let the Deep State win again. Save your own selves and do the RIGHT thing. Don’t listen to them. Take America back! You are sovereign, not their personal slaves.

    • Lawrence M says:

      Americafirst; yes as the saying goes “you can bet your bottom dollar” they have more “Scam Plans,” and just look up at Canada to see, which way the wind is blowing, with their Canadian version of Castro! And see how that lying maniac they have for a so called leader has been using every trick in the book to rig and control the populace! And our Marxist culprits throughout our government are looking to maintain or reestablish any grip of mandated or authoritarian control over the people they’ve had when they deem necessary and will want to reconstitute it, in order to only tighten it more than ever, especially going into a general election cycle!

      Masks are a sham and mostly exacerbate any spread of colds or flu and create additional health problems for those continually wearing them such as respiratory bacterial infections and additional health threats to the general public! Extensive reliable research has been done on this sort of barrier as a preventative measure for colds and flu or other similar airborne pathogens showing their absolute lack of any efficacy and as an otherwise effective protection for this type of health concern. Remember all of the constant controversy about how the jabs would stop the spread of the Covid virus and they did not at all!

  6. m says:

    Meadows & Trump need to have this false case, false allegations moved to a different location
    so they can get a fair trial. Willis is a pathological liar leaking information from the grand jury & putting a document on the website before she should have. She is a total embarrassment to the oath she took to uphold the law & should be disbarred & lose her job. Kemp needs to clean house & get rid of Raffensperger.

  7. Ron C says:

    Isn’t it suspicious, how all the judges dropped the vote fraud cases without even considering the evidence of fraud! But now not a one of them is claiming no standing! The standards of justice are a third world joke at best, and closer to fraudulent justice! Such a disgusting disgrace!

    • RockyMtn1776 says:

      Well said! We are now living in the new and improved, “fundamentally transformed” America voters wanted so badly they re-elected it.
      Justice in America is not only blind, it’s dead! Whether or not our nation can reclaim its former glory as a world power to be trusted and feared is anyone’s guess. We may well have passed the point of no return on our way to being pushed into the trash heap of history.
      Like ancient Rome, we allowed our elected officials to force our nation into national suicide while we sat by and watched them do it.

      • Lawrence M says:

        Well said RockyMtn1776; hat is the 64 dollar question, “are we beyond the point of no return?” I at times have felt we most certainly are and then my deep seated hope and faith kicks me into trying to see that “proverbial light at the end of the tunnel” for a glimmer of “hope beyond hopes” to regain our stand as the once fantastically great nation we were not so many years ago! But we are now sinking below the waves of hopelessness and despair in a hellish sea of sin, decadence and madness due to “a lack of gumption, initiative or forthrightness” on the part of far too many “apathetic citizens!” Far too many people wanting someone to hand it to them and just take all they can for free!

    • Lawrence M says:

      Yes totally disgusting and a humongous joke!

  8. Herbert Woodbury says:

    “Trump may have a more difficult time removing the case since he was a political candidate and his conduct was not as president.”

    Actually, at the time this took place President Trum was still the President and a part of his duties is to verify that all laws are enforced. If there is a chance that there were illegal votes counted or legal votes were not counted it is part of his duties to see that the situation is resolved.

    • Lawrence M says:

      Yes you are correct! Pence is a rotten liar by the way and as the President of the Senate under the Constitution if there was legitimate concern of their being any irregularities that could significantly effect the outcome of the election it was his duty under the Constitution to place a “pause” on the process of the final counting of electoral votes! He didn’t even give it a second thought so yes President Trump had another major issue on his shoulders to be concerned about which he was and did his best to address it, and I would have in the same position!

      Now these evil scoundrels have the nerve to accuse President Trump of trying to deny and rig the outcome when it was the Democrats that did just that, along with the blessing of the Deep State and AG Barr included!

      But instead a pause was in order just as they did in past elections as for example how they did back in 2000 when Bush and Gore had a snafu going on in Florida with the “hanging chads” on the ballots that made it difficult to know who for sure a voter had voted for! This was all academic and the electoral count absolutely should have been paused to allow for a proper going over of any and all irregularities around the country, especially in swing states and there were plenty of problems in them, so that was a foregone conclusion!

      But now these derelict dirty politicians like Pence and many others conveniently have a lapse of memory or “conscience” actually, and say “all is well that ends well,” but that depends on who it ends well for in this case! And yet they have the gall to tell us this was no problem, say they now; as we suffer through the train wreck the current administration has bought upon the American People! And we’re to believe that what is coming will be “no problem,” as well; as they want us to all shut up and take what they hand out, just be stupid and lazy sheeple again!

  9. pete allen says:

    Biden is failing the USA , hope we get rid of him !!!HE SHOULD BE FIRED !!!!!!!!!!

    • Lawrence M says:

      Absolutely pete allen! I think anyone that is clean and sober has been fully in agreement with that statement of fact regarding the truth about that criminal for quite some time, but, I also believe even the lost and those who were foolish enough to vote for him have resolved themselves to the fact that it was a huge mistake to vote such a lunatic and liar into the Oval Office; and still some know that but just won’t admit it!

  10. bob says:

    Inbred , vine climbing , tree swinging , worthless sluts like Fanni Willis are nothing but a DISGRACE !!! It’s degenerate , butt plug using , knee pad wearing , liberal jism swallowing wenchs like Willis that PROVE that we have a two tier justice system !!!!

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