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Republican Gets Border Patrol Chief to Admit Dems Border Policy Harms Americans

Republican Gets Border Patrol Chief to Admit Dems Border Policy Harms Americans

Democrats favor illegal aliens over Americans.

Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) on Tuesday disarmed Democrats, who openly accused Republicans of white nationalism. They made that claim apparently because Republicans oppose open borders and the hundreds of billions spent on illegal aliens. Prior to a House Oversight Committee hearing said that Republicans would hold these hearings to further “white nationalist conspiracy theories.”

They wrote:

“Good morning and good luck to everyone except @GOPoversight members who are using today’s hearing to amplify white nationalist conspiracy theories instead of a comprehensive solution to protect our borders and strengthen our immigration system.”

While questioning Border Patrol chiefs, Luna condemned Democrats who have expressed a desire to end funding for the Border Patrol and ICE. The immigration agencies are routinely attacked by progressives because their corporate sponsors who pony up big bucks want as many illegal aliens as possible in order to shrink their labor costs.

Luna said:

“For any of the members of this House of Representatives advocating to defund Border Patrol and ICE, not only are you complicit in engaging in aiding and abetting traffickers, but you are hurting minority children.”

She did not even mention the large number of illegals who have died on their journey to our border. Funny how the Democrats highlighted the number of illegals who died when Trump was in charge, but are totally mute now that the number of illegals dying has more than tripled. Remember how the Democrats condemned Trump for the cages that Obama built?

From The Blaze

“And with my final question: Can you please tell me. Are a majority of Border Patrol agents white or Hispanic?” Luna asked.

“Ma’am, my understanding is the majority of Border Patrol agents are Hispanic,” Modlin responded. “Most of them are first-generation [sic] migrants or migrants themselves.”

The response thus proved that defunding the Border Patrol and immigration agencies would adversely impact migrants, who are now serving the U.S., and their families, the exact opposite of the outcome that critics of the Border Patrol allegedly want.

The response also proved that increasing funding of immigration enforcement is not a matter of white supremacy, but rather about giving Border Patrol agents the tools they need to properly care for migrants coming to the U.S.

“Clearly we don’t have a white supremacy issue in this country,” Luna said in response to Modlin. “Clearly, it’s an illegal immigration one.”

Why didn’t she accuse the Democrats of giving priority to illegals over citizens of the United States?



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