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FBI Director Contradicts Alejandro Mayorkas, Border is Not Secure, Dangerous Criminals Entering Through Open Borders

Republicans Zero in on the Border Crisis as They Take Over the House

Republicans set the border as its first priority as the majority party.

Kevin McCarthy, who may become Speaker of the House has said that he is considering impeachment proceedings against Alejandro Mayorkas if he refuses to resign. Of course, McCarthy may not become Speaker because he may not have the votes to get it done, but just about anyone else could be expected to keep their word on Mayorkas while McCarthy is at best 50/50 to keep his. The border is an unholy mess and legislation is going to be needed that will deny them and any of their descendants from ever becoming citizens.

In just a few weeks the Republicans will amputate the gavel from the hands of Nancy Pelosi and her replacement cannot and should not be McCarthy, who is as solid as a handful of sand. We need a Gingrich-type speaker, We have had two squeamish Speakers in John Boehner and Paul Ryan, and now is the time to go for someone who will fight for us and not against us. There are several good choices for people like Jim Jordan.

Republican gains in the recent midterm elections have handed the GOP control of the House, but the Senate will remain in the hands of the Democrats. Republicans have made it plain that the first order of business is getting control of the border. Biden and Mayorkas have carefully executed a plan to overrun the country with illegal aliens and drugs. And so far it is working perfectly. This cannot go on for another two years. If it does, the Democrats will keep plugging away at amnesty until they finally get it.

McCarthy said:

“He cannot and must not remain in that position. If Secretary Mayorkas does not resign, House Republicans will investigate every order, every action and every failure to determine whether we can begin an impeachment inquiry.”

“The American public deserves more, deserves better and expects more within their government. Enough is enough. We will do whatever it takes.”

From Fox News

The U.S. has been hit by a nearly two-year long border crisis that saw more than 1.7 million migrant encounters in FY 2021 and over 2.3 million in FY 2022. October has indicated that that surge is likely to continue, as more than 230,000 hit the border in that month alone.

Separately, a federal judge recently ordered the government to wind down the use of the Title 42 public health order, which has been used to expel a majority of migrants at the border since March 2020. That has led to fears of an even bigger surge and more chaos as more migrants are released into the U.S.

Republicans have long been hammering the Biden administration over its handling of the crisis, arguing that officials have fueled the crisis by rolling back Trump-era policies and narrowing interior enforcement. The Biden administration has said that the crisis is hemisphere wide, and has called on Congress to act to fix broken U.S. immigration laws.

 House Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member John Katko told Fox in July:

“I think we’re going to be very aggressive, and I think the administration will have some choices to make. Do they want to spin their wheels for two years and get nothing done or do they want to work with Republicans if the Republicans are in the majority and start doing some of the things that Republicans want?”

A DHS spokesperson said on Wednesday:

“Members of Congress can do better than point the finger at someone else; they should come to the table and work on solutions for our broken system and outdated laws, which have not been overhauled in over 40 years.” 

What the spokesman means is that the Republicans should roll over and play dead and give the Democrats what they want.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 22

  1. TRUTHBETOLD says:

    I want to know WHAT PLANET does the HOME LAND SECURITY CHIEF Mayorkas LIVES ON ?Between him , useless Joe & Harris they must live on Uraneus , a total collection of A-HOLES… OUR BORDERS are being , “INVADED ” by a MILLIONS of FREE LOADERS , & PROMISED EVERYTHING FREE ON US TAX PAYERS DIME… SEND THEM ALL to JOE’S Delaware properties, Nasty Piglousi, Chuckie Scummer’s , No Nadsler.., aoc.. & the rest to those ANTI-AMERICAN DOUCHE-BAGS on the “Squat Squads HOMES…. PROBLEM SOLVED. GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS DONALD J. TRUMP …AMERICA’S FIRST & ALWAYS PRESIDENT.

    • Michael Wilson says:

      You are 1,000,000 % correct. The Anti-American Communists that call themselves Democrats are destroying The United States with their policies and actions.

  2. Lawrence says:

    The Republican Party all better get some big Cajones in a hurry because the massive problems that MUST be fixed immediately are at the tipping point! If they waste time pussyfooting around this Republic is DOA!
    In which case we may as well be known as he USSR of America.

    • Timothy P says:

      Larry, the republic was destroyed in the 1860’s, 660 000 citizens dead. How did you miss that? ignorance and apathy (don’t know, don’t care) (or your parents allowed the socialist to brainwash you in the pubic skul cistern). IF any of the idiots in “public service” were arrested for breach of contract or fraud (cashing their paycheck, while NOT doing their job) Amerika would be paying less money into this evil empire. I HAVE A DREAM IT is called the Divided Socialist STATE of Amerika (DSSA) wise up… if’n ya can Do not trust the yankee version of history…. that would be foolish

      • Alika says:

        If you stay in the pass you will never move forward, plain and simple, it’s like stagnet water in a pond.

      • Alika says:

        It’s not the yanky history it’s the winner’s history all history since the beginning of language has always been the winners history losers fade away in history winners create history what ever way the want to portray that history.

      • Alika says:

        So if there wasn’t a US of America and all the Soverigns were a country in it’s self how would that pan out, well there would be contimues wars famine and destruction betwwen the Soverigns there would not be any new discoverys because of the continues wars and famine. in point the world would still be using horse and buggys thats about as far as the world would have moved on, the dark ages moved use 400 years back in any progress so thank god for America the country hat opened the world up to the possibilitys.

    • Alika says:

      McCarthy should never be speaker of the house if he is then forget about having anything concrete coming from this Congress, his a Major Rino and im glad some of the congress are trying to stop him, Jim Jordan or MT Green should be speaker if we want things done, we lost the Senate with Mcconnal as Senate Whip we cant let that happen in the House Both are Major Rinos McCarthy talks a good line thats it and everything his saying now is total BS just check his back record he did nothing to stop anything thats now the Republican House has to undo if McCarthy becomes speaker it’s like having a Democrat in charge of the House we are done.

  3. Crotte says:

    #1. Task close the border!!!!!!!

    • Gerald Ladd says:

      It was closed. One asshole opened it. Joe Biden.

    • Timothy P says:

      #2 Task exile/deport all illegals and communist. Shoot all that try to hide out. $1000 toe tags? YES WE CAN

    • Alika says:

      It should go like this…Start up our energy companys Oil, fracking, coal to get our economy back on track that includes helping our farmers with relief packages people seem to forget that Farmers are the life blood of any nation, (2) Close the Border complete the wall remove illegals and cartels from this country (3) Shut down the 87 thousand revernuers who JB is saying are auditors BS, where do you get 87 Thousand auditors with guns from, don’t think thats even that many in this country that legally practice there trade, the house will have to learn to multi-task, secure the country first then go ahead and do the resr impeach and arest away pass title 201 so much to do in a short time limite, My Kudos to the house ahead of time if they can pull it of but not if McCarthy is speaker it won’t happen.

  4. ROND says:


    • Timothy P says:

      your vote was watered down in 1965, eliminated in 2020 & 2022. Amerika is full of cowards & wimps

  5. N T Qwerty says:

    he takes orders from that crooked nutcase child molester know the only way he could get into the whitehouse was to have that election stolen for him to get into the whitehouse..they are called DEMOCROOKS..CAUSE THEY ARE CROOKS… they dont care about you or me or any legal American..they want all these illegals to cross over the border telling these illegals to vote for these democrooks..THAT WILL ALL CHANGE once the republicians take over the house..the republicians need to fight for the senate..they did win that also..these democrooks rigged the voting machnes stupid are the people to not know they did it to president trump and got away with it so o’course these maggots did it this time..they need to fight for that win… that the republicians way in HELL did these democrooks win the senate..the American people know for sure that biden is a crooked nutcase who is destroying way would these people be that stupid to vote democrooks when they know to vote them these democrooks rigged the az votes and got caught..samething with penn.. that fetterman looks like a bum dressing with a hoodie and looks like a wiger with his denuim jeans..he can afford to buy good suits he is just a dirtbag who took the job for a paycheck nothing more..Dr Oz did win penn..they need to fight that..they got caught closing the building down for hours are you kidding me?? we know dam well they were doing the same corruption they did in the 2020 election..these lowlife maggots have no honor to the American people or America..anyone who riggs a election should be put in front of a firing is BULLSH*T that these maggots think they can steal another election and get away with it..HELL NO..they better NOT LET THESE DEMOCROOKS GET AWAY WITH ANOTHER RIGGED ELECTION..THIS NEEDS TO END NOW!!!!!!…. FJB..

  6. rottenrollin says:

    Stop the Invasion!!!


    • Timothy P says:

      the red states need to separate (secede) like the founders and Jesus said to do. What better way to divide (east from west coast) and conquer? Get a 40-50% fed tax break and zero fed regulations?

      • Alika says:

        The fight is not with the Federal Government it’s in your State where the fight should be, you can’t control what happens in the other 49 States, but you can make the change and it starts with the votes in your state keep voting for the same people expect the same out come so it starts there don’t like whats going on make the change in your State, can’t understand why Americans blame the Federal Government where all 50 States have there mouth pieces so make the xhange in your State don’t worry about other States since you can’t do anything about it.

  7. Jesse says:

    Naturally Democraps are shaking they fear losing all those votes if the ILLEGALS better described as INVADERS are sent back to where they came from. Schmuck the IDIOT Schumer admitted as much. With Democraps killing all their children via abortion and not enforcing the law especially in black neighborhoods. Democraps also need the children being trafficked and the Drugs being brought in to keep the pedophiles in the Party Happy and the voters drugged into submission.

    • Timothy P says:

      a .357 or 9MM hole can cure a whole lot of communism…. guillotines anyone?

      • Alika says:

        Remember the person that invented the Guillotine and what happened to him, so it’s not always cut and dry like what you seem to comment on, it can also go the other way.

  8. OleDad says:

    I’ve seen it before. Democrats who spent every day of their lives since January 20, 2017 lying about, impeaching, and abusing president Trump, will now turn about and damn every action the GOP makes against corrupt Democrats — and the Democrat media will join the crusade. There are real Democrat crimes to be exposed and processed, unlike the make-believe fantasy-attacks against Trump. But the MSM will cover for the criminals and attack the exposers.

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