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RNC Drops Comprehensive List Of Biden’s Whoppers, Fish Stories, And Fibs

21 lies Biden told about himself.

The Republican National Committee shared a comprehensive list of President Joe Biden’s biggest whoppers. Those stories include how he drove an eighteen-wheeler and how his house was destroyed by fire after being struck by lightning. He claimed it nearly killed his wife and two firemen. He never drove an eighteen-wheeler and the fire department said that the damage was minimal at best. The list, which the RNC shared on Tuesday, detailed “21 made-up stories Biden has told about himself as president.”

First on the list was Biden’s claim that he “used to drive” an 18-wheeler.

“I used to drive a tractor-trailer. I only did it for part of a summer.” 

Lie #2 is where Joe Biden claimed that he spoke to the inventor of insulin. Several people were credited with the invention of insulin, but two were dead before Biden was born and there is no record that he ever spoke to the others.

Next on the list was Biden’s claim that he had grown up in the Puerto Rican community in Delaware — where in 1970, Puerto Ricans accounted for 0.39% of the population.

Biden also claimed that he visited Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue after the shooting. The synagogue has no record that he ever visited there and that they would have noted.

Biden then claimed that he acted as the liaison to Golda Meir during the Six-Day War. But, Biden was in school at the time and Golda Meir was not prime minister of Israel at the time.

Next came Biden’s “first job offer” — which he said came from an Idaho lumber company that has no record of him applying for a job — and his “first arrest,” which he said was for a civil rights protest. However, there are no records showing that Biden was ever arrested or even attended such a protest.

Coming in at number ten was Biden’s claim that he was “appointed to the Naval Academy in 1965” — despite the fact that he graduated from the University of Delaware in that same year.

Biden also claimed he got cancer from the fumes of an oil-refinery. He had skin cancer from the sun. But suns do look a lot like oil refineries, don’t you know?

Next came the claim that his “great-grandpop was a coal miner” (he was not) and his assertion that as VP, he had finally gotten an overdue Purple Heart for his Uncle Frank. Biden’s Uncle Frank passed away before he was elected Vice President, and did not earn a Purple Heart.

From The Daily Wire

Keeping with the sports theme, number 16 was Biden’s claim that his grandfather was an All-American football star at Santa Clara University — but NCAA and SCU records suggest otherwise.


Biden went on to claim (number 17) that he could have been an All-American, but he played on the freshman team for only one semester. He also said (number 18) that he “almost” walked on to an NFL team and could have made it in the pros.


Number 19 revisited Biden’s 2007 claim that he was “shot at” while traveling overseas and number 20 was a flashback to his time as a county councilman. He told a story about a woman who called and asked him to remove a dead dog from her lawn, and despite claiming one time that he put it on her doorstep, he said another time that he had removed it.


And rounding out the list at number 21 was the president’s oft-repeated claim that he was actively involved in the civil rights movement — despite no evidence that he was involved at all.


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