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San Francisco Chronicle Reporter Shared that California GOP Are For DeSantis: Totally Fake News

Trump leads California by a wide margin in California primary race, but fake news promotes DeSantis as the leader.

A member of the San Francisco press attended a recent GOP gathering in California.  The message shared was the opposite of reality.  The California press, like all other rabid Democrats is in deadly fear of President Donald Trump and will do anything to get Republicans to nominate someone who cannot possibly win. That is why they are all in for DeSantis. On a level playing field DeSantis would win, but the Democrats are not about to have a level playing field in 2024.

A reporter from the fake news San Francisco Chronicle, Joe Garofoli titled his piece: California Republicans leaving Trump: Meet the conservative congressman backing DeSantis.  He makes the argument that many GOP voters in California are not willing to back Trump next year. But those in attendance tell a different story. The truth is the very opposite is true. The truth is that the people who attended the event voted heavily in favor of President Trump.

According to Cal Matters:

If the latest public polling is to be believed, Republican voters in California, like party faithful across the country, are swinging rapidly toward favoring Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in next year’s presidential primary.

But if the attendees at the latest California Republican Party convention — a gathering of the GOP’s most dedicated activists, volunteers and local officials that took place over the weekend in Sacramento — are anything to go by, former President Donald Trump is still unquestionably the man to beat as he seeks his party’s nomination for a third time.

“Nobody comes up to me and says, ‘What about DeSantis?’” said Deborah Baber, a delegate from Ventura County, as she hawked MAGA Republican buttons outside a Saturday lunch banquet headlined by the new House Speaker (and Bakersfield’s favorite son) Kevin McCarthy, the weekend’s marquee event.

Clad in a stars-and-stripes “Make America Great Again” jumpsuit and flashing a red, white and blue rhinestone Trump purse, Barber’s unmissable display of support for the former president was a common motif at the convention. Trump’s name and slogan were everywhere to be seen, on signs and apparel and campaign paraphernalia; DeSantis, who it should be noted has not yet declared that he is running for president, not so much.

A poll took place at the convention and the results matched the sales of candidate goods outside the event.

Take the grassroots straw poll that Orange County delegate Evelyn Nunez Jones and Los Angeles County delegate Rudy Melendez were organizing at the convention by handing out business cards with a QR code link to an online survey. Early results, with about 150 participants, showed Trump running away with three-quarters of the vote, they said, ahead of a field including DeSantis, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley (who is running for president) and former Congress Member Liz Cheney (who has not announced a campaign).

Or consider merchandise sales. Marty Miller’s “My Campaign Wear” booth in the convention hall featured Trump 2024 flags and powder blue t-shirts with “DeSantisland” written in the Disney script above a map of the United States — a nod to the Florida governor’s star-making battle against the corporate giant — alongside “Let’s Go Brandon” baseball caps and hot pink buttons proclaiming “hot chicks vote Republican.”

Miller estimated that Trump gear was outselling the DeSantis offerings 85% to 15%. He had loaded up on DeSantis items because his supplier, who is based in Florida, “thought the DeSantis stuff would go really big out here. And it hasn’t.”

Of course, no Republican will California in the general election, but the state is very important in the primary race with the largest slate of delegates in the country.


  • Steven Ahle

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  2. graceythecat says:

    it is just like the commie democrat marxist fascist racist lying pedophile cult media and party to always lie when they are destroying America for the money they get from china and soros.

  3. Happy Warrior says:

    Hey, lying, cheating & stealing IS, after all, the Democrat way so are we surprised with this latest development? Hell to the NO!

  4. Stephen Russell says:

    More lies, some are for Both in CA

  5. Old Man says:

    Right, we’re supposed to believe anything that originates in San Fransucksco.

  6. Lee Vail says:

    When are we going to start killing these Communists known as Democrats?

  7. Grizz Mann says:

    Did I miss where the MSM actually reported the truth? Truth was just the name of a newspaper, PRAVDA!

  8. Danny Phillips says:

    The media is part of the problem in this country. It should be illegal for the media to lie.

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