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Secret Service Has Records of ‘Regular’ Visitors to Biden’s Delaware Home

Secret Service Has Records of ‘Regular’ Visitors to Biden’s Delaware Home

The Secret Service is said to have visitor logs and they will turn them over to Congress.

When Congress asked to see the visitors log from Biden’s private residence in Delaware the White House claimed that no such log was ever kept and therefore they could not produce it.

How many of you are surprised that this was a lie? I would normally say none but there is a chance some Democratic voters read my articles, so it is indeed possible that a few are saying yes. I mean they have ignored the hundreds of lies, both Biden and his superiors have told.

We are now told that the Secret Service did keep a log of regular visitors to Biden’s home. This is the same home that has top-secret documents in the garage and the library.

This is the same home that Hunter claims he rented for an entire year. Fox is reporting that someone on the inside says that the Secret Service does have a log and that they are preparing to turn it over to Congress.

This makes me wonder. Are they turning over the log because they are afraid that a whistleblower will come forward and disclose the fact that the list exists or are they doing this to help push Biden out the door?

The media, including CNN, has been condemning Biden for possessing the stolen documents. Even some Democrats have gotten into the act. Is this to make way for Kamala Harris or possibly some other candidate to win the 2024 nomination?

Rep. James Comer (R-KY), chairman of the House Oversight Committee sent a letter to the White House on Sunday demanding the visitor logs for Biden’s home.

Fox News excerpt:

…While the White House has not kept a formal list, the Secret Service does collect information on guests with regular access to the home.

Retention of the names of those vetted by the Secret Service depends on a variety of factors, including proximity to the president and the nature of the background check.

…A source familiar with the situation told Fox News that the Secret Service is prepared to provide available background information on vetted guests to Biden’s residence if requested by Congress.

Fox posted a 2019 photo by reporter Peter Doocy showing Biden’s home unguarded:

Earlier this week Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told reporters the agency does not keep visitor logs for Biden’s private residence (via NBC News):

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi echoed the White House: “We don’t independently maintain our own visitor logs because it’s a private residence.” He added the Secret Service does perform background checks on those who come in contact with the Bidens at their Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach homes, but that the U.S.S.S. only retains those documents for a limited time. But Guglielmi said the agency would cooperate with any congressional request for information.

The White House counsel’s office also released a statement Monday denying keeping visitor logs at Biden’s Delaware home:

“Like every President across decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal. But upon taking office, President Biden restored the norm and tradition of keeping White House visitors logs, including publishing them regularly, after the previous administration ended them.”

On Wednesday Comer sent a letter to the University of Pennsylvania demanding information on the Penn Biden Center where the first batch of classified documents were found last November (excerpt):

To assist the Committee in investigating President Biden’s recent mishandling of
classified information, please provide the following documents and information no later than
February 1, 2023:
1. All documents and communications related to donations originating from China to
UPenn and/or the Penn Biden Center from January 20, 2017 to present;
2. A list of all Chinese donors—and the individual amount donated—to UPenn and/or the
Penn Biden Center from January 20, 2017 to present;
3. All documents and communications related to soliciting donations for the Penn Biden
4. A list of all employees of the Penn Biden Center—including information about their
salary, job description, and dates of employment;
5. A list of all individuals with keycard access to the Penn Biden Center—including but not
limited to members of President Biden’s family;
6. A visitor log of all individuals who met with President Biden at the Penn Biden Center;
7. All documents and communications related to security at the Penn Biden Center.


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