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The One Million Dollars Sent to Four Bidens Came From a Company With Strong Ties to the Communist China Regime

Sen. Johnson Discusses ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Biden Family Grifting

Sen. Ron Johnson discusses the investigation into the Biden Family.

Sen Johnson joined Fox News to discuss the banking records of the Biden family. The lamestream media have been working full-time in covering up the many and varied money schemes pulled off by The Big Guy and his family members. Johnson has come under fire for successfully exposing the crimes of Hunter Biden and others in the family.

SEN. JOHNSON: Let’s face it, Senator Grassley and I pretty well laid out the case against the grifting Biden family back in September of 2020 before the election. Our report was completely ignored by the media, just as they ignored the Hunter Biden laptop because their advocates for the left themselves. And so what we’re finding out now is just new pieces of evidence of the grifts that the Biden family have been involved with. The bank records that basically confirm what the Treasury records showed from Sen. Grassley’s and my report.

I think what recently reported on Fox is the trying to get into the sovereign wealth funds of like Ireland and some of these other countries. You know, our report shows something like a dozen different countries that Hunter Biden, was again peddling the family name, trying to sell influence. But I think, the trying to tap into sovereign wealth funds I think is pretty revealing.

Why would governments who own those sovereign wealth funds, why would they want to pay into the Biden family coffers and the Biden family grift? Well, it’s to gain influence. It’s, you know, who knows exactly how it might benefit them. But the level of compromise of this president, I think, is just jaw-dropping. And maybe even more jaw-dropping is how the media, except for a few outlets like Fox News, is completely ignoring it. I guess they’re okay with it.

When asked if any of the grifts can be directly tied to Joe Biden, Johnson replied:

SEN. JOHNSON: Yes. Unfortunately, Sen. Grassley and I ran out of time, that was toward the tail end of that Congress and then we lost the majority so didn’t have the chairmanship any more. But now the House does, so certainly I’m encouraging James Comer and the House Committees to subpoena the other bank records.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Rep. Comer (R-KY) blasting the Biden Crime Family saying in an interview, “They’ve been influence peddling for a decade. And Hunter Biden has committed serious crimes. As you mentioned, 150 suspicious activity reports. Those are the most severe bank violations. This is when the bank notifies the federal government that we’re pretty confident that our client has committed a crime. He’s had multiple banks file 150 suspicious activity reports saying we believe each instance was another act of a crime. Yet the FBI did nothing about it…We’re investigating Hunter Biden because we believe he’s a national security threat. And we fear that he’s compromised Joe Biden. So, a lot of the bad policies, the energy policy, the foreign policy that Joe Biden has enacted that put America last. We believe he’s compromised because of his family’s shady business dealings with our adversaries…”

It is now up to the House to continue to uncover illegal actions by the Biden family for which they have been amply rewarded.


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