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Should Biden Be Impeached if He Blew Up Nord Stream Pipelines?

Would Biden be impeached if he ordered the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline?

The question begs an answer, is this an impeachable offense? But, the more important question should be, would Democrats vote to impeach Biden if this turns out to be true?

They would be between a rock and a hard place. If they do not vote to impeach Biden in a case like this, they would destroy all credibility they may have once had 80 or 90 years ago. But, if they do vote to impeach him, Kamala Harris becomes president and she is even more unpopular than Creepy Joe.

And if she is the sitting president at the time of the election, would they be stuck with her in 2024? That would promise to make a Republican president beginning on January 20th, 2025. They really would not have any good choices.

Just some choices that would be less disastrous than others. That’s why I believe you will see the Democrats, the FBI, the DOJ, the White House, and the media all try to cover up what really happened. They will try to run out the clock.

The thing that I see happening is since there would be multiple victims from the bombing, the United States could be held responsible for massive payments to cover the damage.

Russia would be a victim and would be eligible for the costly repair bill for the four pipelines, plus any lost income they would have made from the European countries. Germany would also be a victim, especially if they suffer a high death count due to people freezing to death. We could be talking trillions here.

The nuanced point not made in your related TGP article is that:

  1. Biden committed an Act of War against a Nuclear-capable nation as if a pre-emptive strike on a Nuclear Power, something we have never done before.
  2. An Act of War against a Nuclear Power, preemptively conducted, should 100% of the time come after a formal Declaration of War from the US Congress because you don’t sign up 100 Million (or more) Americans to die in a Nuclear War without their Representatives committing the nation to that fight.

And Joe, 2 more points of importance:

  1. Nordstream 2 as an asset/physical pipeline, is owned by Gazprom, a Russian company HQd in Switzerland.
  2. Shell Oil and some other companies as a group had put together $10 Million to help with Construction costs, but they retained no ownership rights of the pipeline itself.
  3. Think of this just like a Russian-owned Oil Tanker that shows up in New York harbor.  The transportation asset is Russian-owned the entire time, but the oil delivered is then the property of the receiving customer (Germany may have laws or some arrangement to begin ownership of pipeline on their own soil that may not be as transparent to the public, but this portion of pipeline in the ocean was certainly Russian owned).

From The Gateway Pundit

Thomas Jefferson ordered troops to fight the Barbary Pirates in Africa without a Declaration of War nor a Letter of Demarche (the lesser option).  But the Barbary Pirates didn’t have Nukes! Nor did Ghaddafi’s Libya (Reagan), nor Iraq (W Bush).  The Barbary Pirates were raiding our ships and killing our sailors.  Russia hasn’t done that to the US.

Another consideration is the War Powers Act of 1972, which was only built by Congress so that in the need for rapid response in a Nuclear War, the President could immediately perform a return nuclear strike without having all of Congress rush to the House and vote on a Declaration of War.  Return Strike, however – not for Preemptive Strikes (especially on a Nuclear Power).

A Constitutional Conservative may argue against the War Powers Act of 1972 being constitutional, because it has never been tested by SCOTUS for Constitutionality, and Congress cannot abdicate its responsibility to Declare War per the US Constitution  This can only be changed with an Amendment, so the proper process would have been to Amend the US Constitution to add the spirit/intent of War Powers Act of 1972.  But the fact is the law is in place.

This Impeachable Offense by President Biden is a big deal, and our Founders would probably find it to be one of the most egregious offenses by a US President in our entire nation’s history.  A preemptive strike on a Nuclear Power puts at least 1/3 of our nation in danger, perhaps more.  There is nothing more dangerous – COVID Shots, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – add up any problem issues of the last 20 years, add up all the lives at stake, and it will be a minuscule risk in contrast to the potential deaths of 100+ Million Americans in a Nuclear War.



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