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SNAGGED: Comer’s Two Whistleblowers Against Hunter Biden Were His Business Partners

The two whistleblowers in Biden's gas deals were partners in the scheme.
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A probe into the shady dealings of the Biden family is being run by GOP Oversight Committee member James Comer. Representative Comer has two whistleblowers who turn out to be former business partners of Hunter Biden, which leads me to believe they have credible insider evidence to back up their claims.

Comer says that Hunter Biden worked with Chinese company CEFC, the CCP-linked Chinese energy giant. The two whistleblowers were partners in that scheme. In all, they completed at least 21 energy deals, including deals that netted pipelines, drilling exploration firms, liquified natural gas (LNG) export terminals, and LNG trade deals.

The offices Jim and Hunter Biden used in DC were supplied by the Chinese. They also provided offices for Joe and Jill Biden. Would they have supplied an office for Joe Biden if he was not involved in the deal?

We don’t know yet, but we could guess. We also do not know if the Big Guy profited from those deals, but we need to find out and if the Republicans retake the House, you could bet the rent they will try to find out.

A Republican Oversight Committee aide told Breitbart News in a statement:

“Joe Biden profited from Hunter Biden or others’ shady business dealings with foreign adversaries opposed to U.S. interests.”

Recent polling shows that 62% of respondents think that Joe Biden was part of those deals and profited from them.  Fifty-eight percent of voters believe Joe Biden played a role in the family business and 58% say that Hunter Biden was selling influence by dropping his father’s name. There are 150 SARS (Suspicious Activity Reports) filed against the Bidens. This information was available until Biden took office at which time Janet Yellin made them a secret. They could tell an important story.

Comer said:

“Hunter Biden’s company Hudson West III was negotiating a deal with the Chinese energy company CEFC to not only purchase American natural gas, but also to try to start purchasing interest in American drillers for natural gas so they can start to take control of the American natural gas industry through the drillers.

“We have two whistleblowers. And I’m confident they’re going to come forward in a Republican majority when I can conduct hearings, and I have the gavel for oversight, to tell us in detail what their objectives were. And these people were associates of Hunter Biden. And the ultimate goal — and the Bidens knew this — was for China to start to take ownership in all the different parts of the natural gas industry in the United States.”

And don’t forget, Joe Biden, depleted our strategic oil reserves ostensibly to lower the price of gasoline for Americans. But, he sent at least two shipments of oil to China according to reports. He also gave a speech saying that China was not our enemy. He has favored the Chinese several times in his 18 months in office. These actions are suspicious, especially once we found out about these gas deals.

From Breitbart News

Comer has asked the Treasury Department for Hunter’s financial records related to the Chinese energy scheme, but without Republicans holding the House majority, it is only optional for the department to hand them over.

Republicans are weighing whether to create a select committee to investigate the Biden family, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Breitbart News in August. The select committee would be formed of members with expertise from a variety of House committees. A select committee is a type of temporary committee created to conduct investigations or consider other measures on a specific topic.

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  1. Cynthia J. says:

    There should be NO hesitation by the GOP to nail Joe Biden and his entire family to the wall over their corrupt deals, and selling our country out to our enemies! This is treason and they are traitors to our country.
    Turn this around and if it were Trump…. he would be facing a firing squad!!!!!

  2. Drosack says:


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