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Sol Wisenberg Calls Judge Engoron a Clown: Will Clowns Sue Him For Defamation?

Sol Wisenberg Calls Judge Engoron a Clown: Will Clowns Sue Him For Defamation?

Sol Wisenberg calls that moron Judge Engoron a clown.
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Sol Wisenberg has called Trump judge Arthur Engoron a clown, but he is dead wrong because clowns do have redeeming qualities that Engoron will never have.

From the very beginning, Engoron has demonstrated a bias that comes from his affliction known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

You knew he was corrupt from the moment he valued Mar-a-Lago at $18 million dollars when its actual value is between $800 million and one billion dollars. He then pulled several of Trump’s business licenses but a superior judge restored them.

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York filed an ethics complaint against Judge Arthur Engoron for his absurd rantings in the courtroom.

The only bench he is fit to serve on can be found at any city park. Engoron got into a fight with Trump attorney Alina Habba who did not hold back when she expressed her opinion of Engoron after he threatened to remove Trump from the courtroom.

Sol Wisenberg told Fox News host Laura Ingraham:

“The judge is a clown. He is obviously biased. Look, Laura, I want your viewers to understand. This is the absolute truth. This case never would have even been brought against anybody other than Donald Trump. You have no victim. You have no loss. The loans were repaid. The banks never complained about any of this. It is an example – what they are doing to Trump is what they accuse Trump for four years of wanting to do. They are doing totally political prosecutions.”

Democratic Attorney General Letitia James of New York sued Trump in September 2022, claiming that he had received loans based on the overvaluation of his assets.

But, in his loan paperwork, Trump told the lenders to do their due diligence. Then a banker who was called in to testify said that banks have their own methods for determining who gets loans and he also said his bank would welcome a chance to do business with him again. And why not? Trump never missed a payment and the banks made a fortune.

Mike Davis of the Article III Project told Ingraham:

“This judge is a Democratic activist. He is a Democrat operative, so is his law clerk. This is outlined in Stefanik’s complaints. This judge started these proceedings by grinning for the cameras. He ruled against President Trump, entered summary judgment against President Trump before the trial even began. mHe is holding this show trial and is he clearly going to rule against President Trump and unfortunately it looks like judges in New York, such Democrat operatives that it looks like the Supreme Court of the United States may have to step in because President Trump is getting railroaded.”

Wisenberg also went after New York AG Letitia James and her treatment of Ivanka Trum0p and the comments she made about her:

“I can’t stress enough how inappropriate it is. It’s quite – it’s quite a circus and she has gone well beyond – Letitia James well beyond fair comment or fair response to some of the things former President Trump has said and anybody who knows the legal system and is looking at this knows how ridiculous this is. Again, these are sophisticated banks that are the supposed victims here that never complained to anybody. They could have set any interest rate they wanted. That’s one of their big theories that he got a better interest rate because of supposedly false statements. These people aren’t idiots. They could have charged him any interest rate they wanted to. Again, it’s a farce.”

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Comments 3

  1. Jimmy says:

    I AM hoping the Supreme Court intervenes. A Court of Appeals with jurisdiction over this case ruled that much, if not all, of the counts against Trump are beyond the Statute of Limitations and therefore not valid. Engoron and James are ignoring that ruling and prosecuting anyway They need to have their careers ended, before sunset today…

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  3. NavVet67 says:

    Why hasn’t this judge been removed from this case? Why is this judge still on the bench? This man should be disbarred based on his actions!!!!

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