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Soros Funded DA Kim Gardner Faces Jail on April 24th

Soros Funded DA Kim Gardner Faces Jail on April 24th

Judge threatens Soros-backed DA with jail time.

Yesterday was a very bad, no-good day for Soros-backed St Louis DA Kim Gardner. First, it was the opening day of a trial brought by the Attorney General of Missouri to have her removed from her office over dereliction of duty and other charges. In another courtroom, Gardner was threatened with jail for contempt of court. Her office was to begin the prosecution of an alleged murder, but no one shows up and the alleged killer could go free on bail or have the charges dropped altogether.

This is not the first time that her office has done something like this. Also, another prosecutor has resigned. That makes 3 in just two weeks and these are liberal DAs. I guess this is what happens when you are a liberal Soros butt-kissing Marxist. The judge in the murder trial has ordered Gardner into his court on the 24th to argue why she should not be found in contempt of court.

That happened to me one time. The judge asked me if I was displaying my contempt for his court and I told him. “No, sir. In fact, I am doing my best to hide it.” I never saw the gavel coming.

From Fox 2 Now

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner could be held in contempt of court after a prosecutor in her office no-showed a murder trial Monday morning.

Judge Scott Millikan sent a notice to Gardner’s office asking her to appear before him on the morning of April 24 “to show cause why you should not be adjudged in contempt of this court.”

If Gardner fails to appear or show cause, then Judge Millikan could levy a fine against the city’s chief prosecutor, put her in jail, or both.

An assistant circuit attorney was supposed to appear for the trial of Jonathon Jones, who was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action for the Sept. 6, 2021, shooting death of Brandon Scott near the Gateway Arch.

Jones and his public defender, attorney Cecilia Appleberry, were in court at 9 a.m. Monday for the scheduled start of a jury trial. When no one from the circuit attorney’s office appeared, Appleberry filed a motion to dismiss the case outright. The trial has delayed a week while Judge Millikan requests an audience with Gardner.

This latest blemish on Gardner’s public image comes just days after a prosecutor in her office abruptly resigned. Natalia Ogurkiewicz was the prosecutor in the Daniel Riley case. He’s the man accused in the tragic crash which caused Janae Edmondson to lose both her legs.

Gardner has used up more than her quota of second chances. She was found to have committed 62 corrupt acts in her prosecution of ex-governor Eric Greitens and she walked away as free as a bird. Gardner recently allowed another killer out on bond in the city.  A different judge sanctioned Gardner for withholding evidence in a double-murder case and allowing that killer to go free. Let’s hope her past has finally caught up with her.


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 20

  1. Ed Cane says:

    Without considering anything Trump or Fox pundits, may or may not have said, there is absolutely no way that I will EVER believe that Biden received 81million LEGITIMATE VOTES. It did not happen. I expect that Fox has sold out to the Globalist communist Billionaires by paying this ‘settlement’ only to be assured of BILLIONS in advertisement revenue in the future. These people have an agenda and no consideration of American freedom. Fact.

    And meanwhile, this prosecutor (Gardener) is just one of MANY subversive p.o.s. that Billionaire Soros (another p.o.s.) has turned loose on America.

    My love of America has no measure. It is vast. Freedom is precious and ours is under attack by mentally ill liberals.
    Have a glorious day.

    • IBoat says:

      Truer words you have spoken.

    • Kilr says:

      When you are running for POTUS…..and you pander to the 18-25 year old sniveling brats their lack of maturity, life experience, and oversized EGO’s will overwhelm what little common sense this age group possess or displays. Old Demented Joe simply BOUGHT their votes with the promise that the citizens who ACTUALLY PAY TAXES will FORGIVE their debt…That alone should be enough to have his sorry butt impeached….but if it isn’t and he stays in office, EITHER way it goes their is going to be civil unrest that is unmatched in this counties history all caused by a genuine fool in the Oval Office….same goes as to his efforts to force people with GOOD credit ratings, 725 or better, to pay MORE in FEES to get a federally backed loan that those with bad credit….now if THAT doesn’t prove that Biden is a nutty as a fruitcake nothing will.

  2. Htos1av says:

    Side note: Chinese are massing for a May offensive.

  3. She should be charged as complicit to murder and spend her life in prison!

  4. K.A. Davison says:

    I’m thinking there may be two important points that Attorney Kim Gardner is potentially about to learn about Communism. First, it does not protect their own as Gardner may have thought. That is up to you. Fail in that regard and you are not worthy of membership in this cannibalistic “cause.” Second, the ideology is first and foremost, Attorney Gardner, and if you fall by the wayside there is always another idealistic fool to take your place. After all, I bet that it’s documented somewhere that you once said you’d be willing to give your life to Comrade Soros, that just-barely-living embodiment of the failed ideology of Communism. It’s your turn, Kim.

  5. Colt Baldwin says:

    One no-show in the middle of a murder trial, one resignation in the middle of a tragic crash trial, sixty-two corrupt acts, a killer released on bond, and sanctioned for withholding evidence in a double murder case – allowing the killer to go free. WHY isn’t this worthless, incompetent moron not behind bars already??

  6. RachelGrinder says:

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  7. Russ says:

    Gardner belongs in jail for criminalizing and politicizing her office. The people who voted for this pos should be jailed for stupidity.

  8. ox says:

    Gardner isn’t the only Soros backed DA, that should be going to jail. There is a whole list of them, from the DA of DC, LA, NYC, Chi, Bal, etc.

  9. Geroge Sotomayor says:

    I will not be satisfied until Some agency, and I have no idea who could be trusted, MARCHES INTO THE WHITEWASHED HOUSE and capitol building, and ARESTES every last person, and puts them On PUBLIC TRIAL for treason.

  10. John says:

    I think things might be better with no Cops. The cops in dem run cities are complicit with the leftist DA’s and Mayors. With no cops there would be no arrests of people that defend themselves and no protection for the violent scum that now get away with anything. Some scum bag tries to jack you, you shoot them in the face and walk away.

  11. John says:

    Geezus that thing is UGLY, notice how all liberals look like pigs?

  12. CPO Bill says:

    Lock her up and put her in general population!

  13. She needs to be in prison for her lies on Greitens , her blatant refusal to do her damn job. and fr being a arrogant Soros ass kissing Bitch! Like 99.9% of Demorat women , she has rt hang a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to come to her . Pulled out and beat with the ugly stick. Lock her up and throw away the key!

  14. Ani says:

    Jammie Fox needs more than a Few days , Months or Year’s in JAIL. She Deserves a LIFE SENTENCE for cover up she did on QUEER BOY ! Or maybe she needs the Gas Chamber.

  15. foxy says:

    Don’t forget get Geo. Soros. He Deserves a LIFE SENTENCE for funding this piece of Gutter Trash ! (Geo. Soros) .

  16. Ani says:

    Sorry that was Kimmie Fox not Jammie Fox.

  17. Sam Toms says:

    I’m always impressed by the level of feat and dedication shown in your blog posts. Your team’s adherence to providing indispensable content is really remarkable. keep stirring the good work!

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