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Soros NGO Spent $4 Million to Oust Orbán with Opposition Including Neo-Nazis

Soros NGO Spent $4 Million to Oust Orbán with Opposition Including Neo-Nazis

George Soros spent $4 million dollars opposing Orban in Hungary.
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George Soros spent $4 million dollars in trying to oust Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán. In doing so, he partnered with other groups, including neo-Nazis. Why not? During WWII, Soros collaborated with the Nazis against the Jews. He would serve the Jews notices to report and then when they did, they were sent to concentration camps. He later told 60 Minutes that he did not regret his decision to turn traitor against other Jews.

But, Hungarian voters are smarter than Democratic voters, who will pull the lever for anyone endorsed by Soros. Biden, Berlin, and Brussels worked together with the “United Opposition”, which included the neo-Nazi Jobbik party. They did this in an effort to drive Victor Orban from office. They did not have the advantage that Biden and the Democrats and their RINO allies had of cheating. Orban won reelection with his fourth two-thirds majority (67,84%) – 135 out of 199 seats in Parliament.

In total there was $7.5 million in illegal foreign funding spent on the race against Orban. I wonder how much Biden kicked in. He got his lesson in foreign politics from Barack Obama, who funded the opposition in Isreal against Netanyahu. But, we know there was no cheating in the Hungarian election. Had there been, the communist would have gotten 81 million votes as the communist did here in the United States. In Hungary, they do not allow foreign campaign money, money from non-citizens, or anonymous donors.

From The Gateway Pundit

Action for Democracy is not listed as a recipient of funds on the Open Society website. However, the foundation’s members include veteran Soros stalwarts such as British historian Timothy Garton Ash, American historian Anne Applebaum, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley K. Clark and American political scientist Francis Fukuyama. Action for Democracy Executive Director David Koranyi is a fellow of the Atlantic Council and a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, among other Soros-funded NGOs.

István Hollik, the Communications Director of the ruling Fidesz party, said that Action for Democracy “has thousands of ties” to George Soros. Hollik accused opposition candidate Márki-Zay of lying to his voters and asked: “What did George Soros want in exchange for his millions?”

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs called the election interference “Hungary’s biggest campaign-financing scandal” and the “biggest national security scandal since the fall of communism.”

Kovacs called the election meddling “pretty much illegal in any country”: “If I remember well, foreign interference in national elections has been kind of a thing in elections in US and elsewhere. Let’s see who picks up this story.”

 Kovacs told the Gateway Pundit:

“Something that until now we’d only assumed to be true – that there was an attempt from abroad to interfere in the Hungarian election – is now being proved true with concrete evidence. The Hungarian left has been bought with US dollars.”


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 22

  1. rottenrollin says:

    When in hell is the Mossad going to take care of lizard-eyes for the world???

    • Emmett says:

      The head of Mossad answers directly to the PM. And for at least the past several years, Soros has owned them, along with most if not all the criminal politicians. And every single one is corrupt leaving the people with a big zero for representation.

  2. Oldwestman says:

    Why not that’s what he did during the war, gave up his own people to the Nazis, he is wanted in several countries in Europe for war crimes that is why he hides in America.

    • Jeannie says:


  3. Cleo Patra says:

    Soros is well versed in NAZI tactics as he conspired with them to find and turn in Jews for favors. The old F–t should have been dead long ago.

    • maria says:

      Yes, Soros and his whole family are nazis, Soros should have been sent to jail for ever. He hates Jews, because his mother Erszebeth Soros née Szucs hated the Jews though she was a Jewess.
      And among other things she taught Soros and his brother Paul how to cheat the Jews and destroy them
      Soros is one of the worst scums in the world

    • Grizz Mann says:


  4. Recce1 says:

    Perhaps the US should strip Soros of his Naturalized citizenship and deport him to Hungary.

    • Soros has been banned in 6 countries. No way we should let him live here when he hates our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

  5. Drosack says:

    Soros is quite the rich loser.

    • ssilv48 says:

      soros will burn in hell for eternity, his money will do nothing for him in the eyes of the Lord

  6. Gwyllim says:

    Maybe someone should start a rumor that he has dirt on Hillary.

    • oyleD says:

      When it comes down to it, they are in the same boat. They could care less about the future of the US and the people that love her and the constitution, such as Don Trump And most of the conservatives.

    • Grizz Mann says:

      He does.

    • lostviking654 says:

      most likely he does, and on a lot more people..

  7. Doyle says:

    When it comes down to it, they are all in the same boat. They don’t care about the US Common people or the constitution. The conservatives just want get along as they know how to live their lives and be left alone. We ,along with Don Trump love the US as she is with the constitution to guide us.

  8. Bud says:

    The best thing that could happen for this and other countries is for Soros to die.

    • Bluefish123 says:

      What hasn’t Soros been found with 2 holes in his head from a .44? The nazi needs to go!

  9. Old wolf says:

    Here you go. All them nut jobs crying about Trump being a white supremacist. First of all Trump didn’t go to the kkk leaders daughter’s wedding like Biden did. Guessing he got to know him through soro and his connection with the nazis movement and the kkk. After all soro backs so many of the democrats in our government. Funny how that works

  10. robinsong01 says:

    This traitorous POS does not deserve to share the air we breathe. Deserves the same treatment he meted out to his fellow jews in WW2.

  11. Jesse says:

    Soros is a Democrap so he works for what he is BIGOTS.

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