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Speaker Ryan Knew DOJ was Spying on Rep. Nunes and His Staff

Speaker Ryan Knew DOJ was Spying on Rep. Nunes and His Staff

Kash Patel reveals Paul Ryan knew Devin Nunes was being spied on but told no one.

You probably remember when the story came out that the DOJ was investigating Rep Devin Nunes. Well, guess what. Paul Ryan the mega RINO knew all about it, I was one of the voices that warned the House not to make Paul Ryan the Speaker,  but kept it to himself. Many Republican leaders folded easily under pressure, but Ryan was a happy warrior for the Democrats. He stopped the funding for the border wall and approved any huge spending bills that came his way.

Kash Patel joined Steve Bannon on The War Room where he dropped the bombshell that Ryan was in the loop of people who knew that Nunes was being spied on by the DOJ. Imagine what would have happened if President Trump spied on a Democrat. We would have had a third impeachment trial in the House. The DOJ looked at Nunes’ lawyers during the investigation into the Russia Collusion Hoax. But, why? The FBI by that time knew the Steele dossier came from Hillary and the DNC, yet they were never spied on or charged with any crime.

Remember, it was Kash Patel and Devin Nunes, who discovered that the intelligence community was in on the frame-up attempt against President Trump that cost the taxpayers over $50 million dollars. On Tuesday morning Kash Patel joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the latest revelations on the intelligence community spying on him while he was investigating the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Kash Patel: What did we just learn, five years later? That Google subpoenaed me, Devin Nunes’s chief legal investigator for my personal phone records, my personal emails, and my personal credit card and financial information when I was exposing Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray for performing the Russiagate hoax. Not just me, but another senior staffer as well. Devin Nunes’s two top lawyers amongst other people were subpoenaed by the Justice Department in 2017 because as Devin put it last night, they wanted to go after him and us because we were exposing their corruption.

Steve Bannon: Hold on, let me get this right… The Justice Department went and got, basically a warrant to get your emails, your banking records, all your financial records, your telephone records. We don’t know if there’s a wiretap or not. But all that to track you and another staffer. Here’s what I don’t understand. A guy named Donald Trump was president. That was his Attorney General. They have a regulation. The Speaker of the House was Paul Ryan… Here’s what happened. Did Paul Ryan notify the President of the United States or someone at the White House that they, the Justice Department had to notify Paul Ryan, correct?

Kash Patel: Yeah, me as a former federal prosecutor, if you’re going to go and surveil a member of the Gang of Eight, and his staff, meaning the person who gets the most sensitive intelligence, the AG has to notify Congress’s leadership, that’s Paul Ryan AND somebody at the White House. Here’s the thing with Paul Ryan. Here’s the guy who didn’t want us to send out subpoenas for Russiagate… Paul Ryan never told us he had a copy of the Steele dossier.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 34

  1. Viti says:

    Time to hamstring the uniparty.

    • Edouard d'Orange says:

      By “hamstring”, you don’t just mean defund, do you? I have other means of dealing with them in mind, which involves treating them like unwanted sticks and branches that need to be turned into mulch. At least then, they can serve a useful function.

      • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

        no, he means like the founders and Jesus said to do, SEPARATE from the evil. “come out from among them, touch NOT the unclean thing”. RED states need to secede, yet again!

  2. NavVet67 says:

    Pat Ryan was always a weasel but he’s not alone. Politicians are not our friends, they’re the enemy, with few exceptions. They all partake in legal government corruption

    • billytrue says:

      You are correct, these politicians are in their places because of working for the ALMIGHTY dollar, instead of working for the people. When did the dollar become more important than people? It has been that way thru all of time. So who really is at the top of the crap pile has never worked for the people. I believe this is where Arius Piso comes in to reform the land. He co-wrote the New Testament(he was Peter), he established all churches and leaders. He established Freemasonry and its leaders. He established the very first bank in the World called the Vatican, and he was the very first Pope, St. Peter. The Rothschilds, Schiffs, Dupont, Rockefellar and a host of others are descendants of Piso and would like to keep the $$$ in the family… many of these folks have been taken out by military tribunal. Thank Yah and Yahushua, see you weren’t even taught the real names of our creator, purposely. Arius Piso changed all that, he was truly a devils advocate!

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      the goofy, cheese head yankee was the RINO that wrote $10 trillion in hot checks for the half breed, communist from Kenya. socialism usually ends in mass murder, Amerika will be no different

  3. Susan Vasquez says:

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    • billyblu says:

      take your money and shove up your ass, this is not the place to post your BS, dummy!

      • Katie says:

        We need to sent the IRS after these people. Are they paying taxes on all this money they claim they are making? WHERE ARE THE IRS????

        • Timothy P says:

          IN THEIR POCKET. you do know, the FIBbers in the FBI are sleeping with each other. There is inter marriage with the families too. Bush, Rockefeller and others. the working taxpayers are being played by criminals… IT needs to be shut down. FREE the states

  4. anthony cuccia jr says:

    NavVet67 Amen

  5. Loud Gavel says:

    The King of Kings is coming in less than 18 years. An infrastructure continues to be put in place to subvert Christianity and it is gaining momentum through devious means. Seek and Trust Christ, there is no other hope you can put your trust into. Many alive now are going to witness a Phenomenal return of the Lord to put down all pride and depravity of man.

    • Eric Hunter says:

      Love to hear how you know when, but for sure the time is coming soon. To all: If your lifeline to Heaven isn’t secure, then it is certainly time to strengthen your relationship to the Savior.

    • Jack Fanning says:

      Mark 13:32 quotes Jesus himself saying that not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, knows when He will return; only the Father. Are you the Father, since you say you know when He will return?

    • billytrue says:

      You know very little Loud Gavel… are you yah or yahushua? These are the correct names for God and Jesus which are derogatory) where I believe Piso is referring to himself as being God and his greatness! Or do you believe the King James bible version that was co-wrote by Arius Piso, who was Peter in the NT. Paul was Pliny the Ungar, the second Pope. Ever read Paul in the Bible, that’s Pliny. Are you sure the king of kings hasn’t come and gone already? You are trusting the Bible to be correct, it’s not. Many of the time lines don’t correspond and a couple important books were left out. Have you read Lillith or Enoch? Read them and you will find why Arius Piso and family didn’t include them. The book of Enoch is about the same size as the Bible. What you read WILL change who you are… I believe it’s the book of Enoch that contains the Christmas story about Yahushua and the 3 wise men, but Arius left this book out on purpose, why? develop and use your common sense, you have it for a reason!

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      “we” won’t last 18 months, at this pace. DEO VINDICE

  6. the old Marine says:

    Lets investigate the ones in charge, some of these people have been the cause of Americans deaths, all the loss of property left behind. Lets make all their tax forms public not just Trumps. Let see who has made all the big money in the last few years. We all know why they are after Trump, he was to up front for the professional politicians. That is what happens when someone out of the circle shows the know it alls up. Lets hold the ones now accountable. Look at what is happening NOW.

    • Shiree says:

      I agree, if they can do this to Trump go after them all, starting with The Big Guy Joe Biden and mucked up son Hunter Biden.

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      sounds like Abe Lincoln and LBJ to me

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      the communist are running up a credit card bill that your children (slaves) will be FORCED to pay for

  7. Philip Seth Hammersley says:

    Paul RINO sought Trump’s endorsement (and got it) in his primary and then proceeded to stab him in the back! RINO is what you get when you clean out a horse stall!

    • billyblu says:

      the real paul went to Gitmo along with Obummer, Killary and company, many others with more to come. Seems that before Trump left office, he signed an executive order to ‘Clean House’. What you see are fakes, to keep ‘the show’ rollin… to clean up the very last, tiniest, piece of shit!

  8. Drosack says:

    No surprise.

  9. Ellie says:

    Paul Ryan is a sneaky , low life, back stabbing , RINO , S.O.B. and he needs to be called out and held accountable for his dirty deeds. Now his sister in law a hugh progressive is on the SCOTUS. GREAT. This country is on a down hill slide , thanks to the likes of snakes like Ryan.

  10. Bird says:

    The dirty, stinking, filthy fascist democRAT Communist party is despicable, and the likes of Ryan, Cheney, Collins, Romney, are just as despicable.

  11. Zola Holt says:

    AG also required to notify Senate leadership — so RINO McConnell knew as well. All part of the Uniparty sedition against President Trump.

  12. merkova says:

    paul ryan is the largest and most excellent ducheebag in politics

    • Timothy P Mayeaux says:

      how many times has the CON-servative media called this fraud out? ZERO! Amerika is evil. Brainwashed everyday…. cowards that are scared of the sissies & perverts in gov’t.

  13. Greedy says:

    Paul Ryan would STAB U in the back if he had a Chance. PIGGLOSI and RYAN are cut from the same Cloth.

  14. Beel says:

    Hey Katie. IF you are going to post, can you do it in English ?

  15. bob says:

    Asswipe , butt plug using , back stabbing , snake in the grass , worthless , liberal jism swallowing , RINO Paul Ryan was , and is , nothing but a DISGRACE !!!!

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