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*Sponsors That Make The Right Side Possible*

Holy Hydorgen


I’m grateful for my incredible sponsors – most of all Holy Hydrogen who makes the show possible by producing it for me! I’ve become great friends with the patriots at Holy Hydrogen as we’ve worked together to “Re-Awaken America.”

Introducing the most powerful health enhancement device in the world – Holy Hydrogen. Studies have shown therapeutic potential for cancer, diabetes, digestive and heart issues, and essentially every organ and system in the body. Use code DOUG for $100 off your order.


The Right Side of Health


We ALL need to be the healthiest versions of ourselves if we’re going to engage in the restoration of our Republic and, ultimately, become the best version of ourselves as God calls us to be.

The Commander’s Artist


Artist Michael Marrone, a talented graphic illustrator brings “MEME ART” into the 21st century as a legitimate art form. Known for re-enactment style portraits of President Donald Trump and General Michael Flynn.

Hair Regrowth Centers
Dr. Moojan Donaldson


Dr. Donaldson’s goal is to create worldwide awareness of the treatment options she offers for hair loss and hair thinning. She wants to spread the good news that contrary to the popular belief, hair loss and hair thinning can be reversed in almost all individuals.

EMP Shield


EMP Shield Inc. has developed the World’s first Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) defense technology that can defend your house, business, an entire electric grid, and more from a high altitude EMP threat (HEMP).