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Stacey Abrams Has The Worst Weekend Ever

The over-under betting on Abrams's IQ is 62.5.
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Stacey Abrams has a major problem. She is in a race for the governorship of Georgia and if she loses, she will have no excuse for it because she used them all up the first time she lost.

She has made a terrible mistake in believing that her far-left positions have made her extraordinarily popular in the state. She also failed to realize that everything she has ever done or said lives on the internet forever.

For instance. She claims she wants to increase the number of policemen in a state where crime is a major campaign issue. However, what she has tried to hide is that she is a board member of Black Voices for Black Justice Fund, and is also the co-chair of the organization that hands out grants to radical groups that push for the defunding of the police. Methinks Stacey speaks with a forked tongue.

She doesn’t even realize how laughable she has become. Current Gov. Brian Kemp, whom I am not a huge fan of, does not only get to dispute what she says, but is also able to mock her.

On top of that, only 14% of the money she has raised comes from Georgia residents. The bulk of her war chest comes from New York, California, and Washington DC.

From The Free Beacon

Stacey Abrams has raised almost $50 million for her gubernatorial campaign in Georgia. Just $7 million (14 percent) of that fundraising haul came from residents of that state, however, according to an analysis by Washington Free Beacon alum Lachlan Markay.

Nearly half the money raised by Abrams’s campaign and leadership committee ($22.7 million) came from donors in three deep-blue states and one liberal territory that wants to be a state but never will: California ($10.2 million), Washington, D.C. ($6.4 million), New York ($3.6 million), and Delaware ($2.5 million). The result is not entirely surprising given that Abrams recently described Georgia as “the worst state in the country to live.”

Two weeks ago, Brian Kemp joined the tailgaters before the Georgia Bulldog game. It was a smash hit as he hobnobbed with fans of the number one Bulldogs.  So, Abrams decided that it would be a good idea if she would do the same thing.

Football is big in Georgia, especially in Athens, so she set up an event. However, on the day of her event, Georgia was playing the University of South Carolina. in Columbia, SC. Needless to say, there were no tailgaters there for her to schmooze with.

And to top it off, she wore blue. You would think she would be smart enough to wear red and black, the school colors for the Bulldogs. Who is running her campaign? Elmer Fudd? Possibly. And on election night he will be saying, “That’s all folks.”

The Kemp campaign came out with an ad to use against Abrams and her alleged Star Trek fandom:

From PJ Media

As of July, only 14% of Abrams’ campaign money has come from within the state of Georgia. By contrast, around the same time, Kemp’s fundraising was nearly a mirror image, with 83% of his fundraising coming from instate. On top of that, Abrams’ values and campaign promises match those of the coastal elites far more than those of most Georgians.

And polling bears out that reality. As of this writing, the RealClearPolitics average has Kemp up 5.3 points over Abrams, which has been consistent. It’s a totally different story from 2018 when Kemp and Abrams ran a tight race against each other.

Erickson points out that “no poll this year has had Kemp behind Abrams and most have him ahead by more than five. Four years ago, the polls were split 50/50 over who was winning.”


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 8

  1. B. Clinton says:

    It can’t be that bad! Her silly A$$ hasn’t been deported

    • Gunny Gil USMC says:

      Can’t deport her or whomever tries wil be tagged a racist commiting a hate crime by the Biden administration. That is if there is anything left after she sits on them and makes humanoid pancakes for her next snack

  2. 1947 says:

    She is a clear and present danger to the citizens of Georgia. If allowed to be the Governor there will be a food shortage shortly there after.

  3. ba says:

    Fat nigger she-boon

  4. Gunny Gil USMC says:

    Orca the killer whale Abrams. Stacy was born a lie and has progessed to be the worst liar the State of Georgia has ever known. Even worse than Manard Jackson of the 86 Olympic theft fame, andthe racist Button Gwinnett the slaver who single handedly up to his death kept anti-slavery from the Constitution. Even worse than Cynthia McKinney who spent every cane cutting season with Fidel Castro and did it at taxpayer expense flying to Cuba through Mississauga, Canada to hide the fact. Saw her twice on the planes from ATL to Canada and then going thorugh the entry to the Cuban gates with her entourage. And stealing the 2000 election with illegal votes, actually live on the Channel 11(Atl) moniter at Sunny Warren’s headquarters until the TV employee saw we three former Marines watching it and shut it down. Federal election board finally had her and her dad in front of them in 2007 after she lost to another democrat, Hank Johnson “Guam will tip over and sink if we put more Marines on it”. Guess he thinks the same thing about MV with 50 illegal Venezuelans there. All the Fed election people did was slap her and dad on the wrist and told “don’t do this anymore”. Stacy is of the same ilk only louder. Those persons are part of the reason I left my Georgia home after 38 years to get away from the leftist socialist b’ds who took over through all the “invaders” who started moving in from Calif., Ill., Ohio,. Philly, NYC, and Wash State in the late summer of 2016. She needs even a worse weekend like maybe drowning in the Chattahochie south of the failed Atlanta water purification plant. Now that would be a fantastic weekend for Georgia

  5. Steve says:

    Stacey Abrams is nothing but a fat, sweaty, gap-toothed, nappy-haired, mess.

  6. akashara says:

    When she ran for Governor last time, the Black Panthers showed up in Sandy Spring carrying her signs in one hand and semi-automatic rifles in the other. That’s what I call voter intimidation. She will NEVER get my vote. You are who you associate with.

  7. Dear owner, Your posts are always well-written and engaging.

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