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Tara Reade Offers to Testify Under Oath to Congress About Joe Biden’s Sexual Abuse

Tara Reade Offers to Testify Under Oath to Congress About Joe Biden’s Sexual Abuse

Alleged Biden assault victim offers to testify under oath.

Now that the Republicans will be taking over the House in January, Tara Reade, who says he was molested by Joe Biden says she is willing to testify under oath and threat of perjury about the sexual abuse she endured from Joe Biden. Republicans have already declared that they will be investigating Biden for a multitude of crimes and this may be a solid topic of conversation. Reade filed a complaint but no one ever investigated Biden. I wonder why.

According to former Joe Biden aide Tara Reade, in 1993, when Biden was still a Senator but thought he was the pope or Billy the Kid, he pressed Reade up against the wall, run his hand under her dress, and copped a feel. The police have never explained why they did not investigate Biden for this obvious abuse of power.

Reade spoke to the Daily Caller and she told them that she would swear to her story under oath and would answer any question asked of her. Reade said:

“I think we need to have the conversation, instead of me being erased, and other women that were erased that tried to come forward.”

Reade’s co-workers at the time deny that they ever knew about Reade’s allegations, yet we know for a fact that she filed a complaint with the police. Investigators have tried to get their hands on Biden’s files which are at the University of Delaware, but the university has insisted they will not make those papers available until Biden’s great, great, great-grandchildren are all dead. Or 20 years after the rapture, whichever comes first.

Marianne Baker, who was the executive assistant at the time, stated:

In all my years working for Senator Biden, I never once witnessed, or heard of, or received, any reports of inappropriate conduct, period — not from Ms. Reade, not from anyone. I have absolutely no knowledge or memory of Ms. Reade’s accounting of events, which would have left a searing impression on me as a woman professional, and as a manager. These clearly false allegations are in complete contradiction to both the inner workings of our Senate office and to the man I know and worked so closely with for almost two decades.

Should we believe Baker when we have all seen him creep on women and children on a continuing basis for years? Who are you going to believe? Baker or your lying eyes?

From PJ Media

In the Daily Caller story, Reade maintains that if the staff had to testify under oath, they might have to admit something “very different.” She also alleges that Biden engaged in other behaviors before the alleged assault: “He would put his fingers underneath the back of my neck, underneath my hair, and then run his finger up and down. He would massage my shoulders, and touch me. It was just weird.”

The Biden camp has denied the allegations.

But Biden may not enjoy as much cover on this as he might hope. As Fox News noted on Thursday, incoming House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries said during the 2020 election that he felt that Reade’s allegations need to be taken seriously and even investigated. Jefferies said to WNYC, “It’s got to be taken seriously because this is a serious allegation raised by a serious individual and needs to be investigated seriously. We’ve probably got to hear from him at some point directly. I’m not really in a position to say what is the appropriate mechanism, although this needs to be taken seriously.”

Much has been made about Joe Biden’s proclivity for smelling hair and touching women and girls, and with good reason since there is ample video evidence for it. But this goes beyond “creepy Uncle Joe” jokes. This is a man who was elected to the most powerful position in the world. If Reade’s allegations are true, there were people who knew what he did and continued to support him as a senator and as president.


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