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New York Appellate Judge Smacks Down Far-Left Judge Engoron, Pauses Dissolving Trump Org.

Team Trump Goes on Offense: Seeks Mistrial Due to Corrupt Judge

Trump's lawyers petition for a mistrial.
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Team Trump has had its fill of corrupt Judge Arthur Engoron in the fraud charges brought by the equally corrupt Letitia James.

This alleged crime had no victims and even if he did overvalue his wealth (he didn’t) the banker who testified for the prosecution explained how the bank did it’s due diligence in making the loan and how his bank would do business again with Trump because of the large amount of money the bank made on the previous one.

Trump’s lawyers argued that the fraud case was tainted by bias. James is seeking to extort $250 million dollars from Trump and to bar him from doing business in New York.

That’s a lot of money considering there was no crime committed other than James’ bogus indictments. To categorize Engoron’s behavior as bizarre would be an understatement.

He ruled that Trump committed fraud and pulled several of his business licenses before a superior judge slapped him down.

CNBC reported:

Donald Trump and his co-defendants asked a judge Wednesday to grant a mistrial in the $250 million civil business fraud case that threatens the former president’s business empire.

In a court filing, attorneys for Trump, his two adult sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, the Trump Organization and its top executives argued that “the evidence of apparent and actual bias” in the case is “tangible and overwhelming.”

The 30-page filing in Manhattan Supreme Court targeted the presiding judge, Arthur Engoron, as well as his principal law clerk, claiming their conduct has “tainted these proceedings” and that “only the grant of a mistrial can salvage what is left of the rule of law.”

Last Friday, Rep Elise Stefanik filed a judicial ethics complaint against Engoron for his corrupt actions during the hearing of this case.

Stefanik accused Engoron:

“Judge Engoron’s bizarre and biased behavior is making New York’s judicial system a laughingstock. Former Southern District of New York federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy, who has at times criticized President Trump, recently stated that he views the “whole New York justice system” as “fraudulent.””

“Americans are sick and tired of the blatant corruption by radical Leftist judges in NY. All New Yorkers must speak out against the dangerous weaponized lawfare against President Trump.” 

From The Gateway Pundit

Rep. Stefanik provided several examples of Judge Engoron’s clear judicial bias against Trump and overall bizarre behavior in court:

[1] At the start of the trial, Judge Engoron infamously smiled and posed for the cameras.

[2] After the defendant won an appellate ruling against Judge Engoron on the appropriate statute of limitations in this case, the judge simply ignored the ruling.

[3] Judge Engoron entered summary judgment against the defendant before the trial even began, without witnesses, other evidence, and cross-examination. This, despite the fact there’s disputed material evidence–and there’s no victim of the defendant’s supposed fraud. Indeed, as the trial evidence has made clear, the defendant paid back the sophisticated Wall Street banks, on time, in full, with interest, as agreed.

[4] No insurance company paid a penny. And these banks and insurance companies, supposedly defrauded, continue to do business with the defendant. Yet Judge Engoron decreed before trial the defendant somehow committed fraud. Now, the judge is holding a trial–with no jury–to determine how much of Tish James’ requested $250 million in damages–with no victims–he will extract from the defendant.

“How does this not violate the defendant’s Seventh Amendment right to a jury trial?” Stefanik wrote.

“Judge Engoron and his staff are partisan Democrat donors. As recently as 2018, Judge Engoron donated to the Manhattan Democrats[5]–even though Section 100.5 says that judges “shall refrain” from “making a contribution to a political organization.”” she wrote.



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  2. Paul says:

    Just look at the pictures of Judge Engoron and you can tell he is thrilled to be at the center of attention. His $hit-eating grin looks like a kid with a new bike. He will not drop this case or give in one inch, appeal is the only solution to this ego-maniac judge.

  3. David Barron says:

    The NYSC should step in and remove him from the bench, replace him in this tral and render a directed verdict on this “fraud” trial where nobody got defrauded. Politically shameful is what this is all about.

  4. RedState says:

    For a judge to rule fraud against anyone when no one was defrauded is impeachable judicial fraud.

    • You are right and if he thinks that couldn’t happen to both of them, their NUTS! I have been thinking that could be what follows along with losing their license to practice law.

  5. Sue says:

    This judge Engoron needs is balls nailed to a stump and pushed over backwards. How does any high ranking judge allow this asshole to continue this sham trial. When NY starts burning down you can blame Democrats and these corrupt political judges. Hell is coming it’s just a matter of time. When it hits the fan you won’t be able to stop it. Good luck NY burn baby burn.
    FJB. Wake up America before it’s to late. We need Trump Now

  6. Carolinadog says:

    EngMoron is your typical dictatorship judicial hitman. Dictators usually pick the most mentally depraved actors to execute their competition.

  7. bob says:

    This degenerate PERV of a judge is nothing but a DISGRACE to the bench !!! He needs to have his picture posing ass kick to the curb !!!

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