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Texas Judge Gave No Bid COVID Contract to Company to Run Illegal Political Data Mining Operation

Texas Judge Gave No Bid COVID Contract to Company to Run Illegal Political Data Mining Operation

Lina Hidalgo's untendered contract was really for Democrat outreach, not related to COVID-19.

Current Texas Judge Lina Hidalgo has now been busted twice. The first time was when she gave an $11 million dollar COVID outreach contract to a friend which got three of her subordinates indicted for crimes and the second time was when it was discovered that the $11 million was not really for COVID outreach. The money was to be used for political data mining to be used to help Democrats get elected in Texas.

Hidalgo’s top three staffers, Hidalgo’s Chief of Staff Alex Triantaphyllis and Policy Director Wallis Nader along with co-defendant Aaron Dunn were indicted in April for misuse of official information and tampering with government documents in connection with the canceled vaccine outreach contract.

Invoices from three companies revealed that the contracts had nothing to do with COVID outreach. The money was used to buy voter lists in order to maximize Democratic voter turnout.

Fox 26 Houston reported:

While Hidalgo maintains neither she nor her staff did anything wrong, financial documents recently obtained from the Harris County Auditor by FOX 26 contributor Bill King shed new light on the real intent of the “outreach” contract.

Something of particular interest is the invoices from three highly focused software companies.

“All of them were Democratic campaign operations. They were all companies that specialize, that provide data services to Democratic campaigns that obviously has nothing to do with COVID. All of them brag about what a great job they did identifying Democratic voters and getting them to the polls,” said King.

Rice University political analyst and pollster Mark Jones is absolutely convinced Hidalgo’s COVID outreach campaign was camouflage for a largely political operation using public dollars to maximize Democratic turnout.

“They were spending a million dollars buying voter lists and likely voter lists from Democratic consulting firms which you don’t use for COVID outreach, you use for mobilizing get-out-the-vote efforts for campaigns,” said Jones.

The records provided by the auditor indicate Harris County has recovered only $200,000 of the $1.4 million paid out before and after Hidalgo canceled the contract under heavy public pressure.

Lina Hidalgo has been lashing out at District Attorney Kim Ogg, also a Democrat. She has been trying to frame it as a political vendetta. She knows she is the next one to be indicted.

Hidalgo said:

“I expect this political exercise to continue through Election Day. [Kim Ogg] will have me indicted. Or name a ‘special prosecutor’- an illusion of independence since those are still beholden to the DA. She did that before in a political prosecution that went nowhere. I’m not deterred.”



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  1. Crotte says:

    Time to clean the sewer in all the USA!!!!!!!

  2. Gary says:

    Pack her off to Devils Island!

  3. Drosack says:

    To whom it may concern…get busy.

  4. conyers says:

    why isn’t she in jail?

  5. Christian Wolf says:

    If this election goes like that last one, and democRATs blatantly break laws and steal the election, there is a good chance for civil war. The country is so polarized, I don’t know how we can recover. As a conservative, I can’t stand to associate with liberal leftist democRATs. They are criminals.

    • ROSE says:

      I agree .. then you have Opra endorsing Fetterman , what a joke … I am laughing … have they no shame ?

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