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The British Have Found an Answer to Protesters Blocking the Roadway and You’ll Love It [VIDEO]

The British Have Found an Answer to Protesters Blocking the Roadway and You’ll Love It [VIDEO]

British drivers find the answer to blocked roads.

How many times have you seen the streets and highways blocked by protesters and said to yourself that someone should put an end to it?

In Britain, the drivers have taken it upon themselves to do just that and I laughed till I almost cried. In Great Britain just like in the United States, the police do not seem to want to get involved. So, what do you do? You do it yourself.

Not only does it clear the road but you can have some real fun doing it. There is nothing more aggravating than trying to get somewhere when you come upon a bunch of morons that think keeping you from going to visit your Aunt Dixie in the hospital is somehow going to make you sympathetic to your cause. It’s like the multi-colored ribbons people wear to show you they care. It gets you some attention without you really doing anything to solve the problem.

British drivers found themselves in that situation recently, and they decided rather than wear a ribbon to do something constructive. They went into the street and drug the protesters to the sidewalk and made a path for the vehicles to get through.

They then stood guard to keep the protesters from returning. People who block roadways are not known for their courage or willingness to actually fight for what they want you to think they care about.

These specific protesters were blocking the road to stop the government from continuing to aid the oil and gas industry in exploring for more fossil fuels in order to keep people from freezing to death this winter.

I would bet you that this winter when the temperature drops into the range of freezing, these same people will be the first to complain about the cold and lack of fuel to keep the furnace from producing heat.

0To believe that you can stop burning fossil fuel and that wind and solar power will keep the lights on is sheer folly and displays the kind of nonsense liberals would have you believe.

Someday, it could be possible, but as of today, we are nowhere close to replacing oil and gas with unreliable solar and wind power.

Frustrated, some motorists took control of the situation in short order:

Angry motorists have been filmed dragging climate activists out of the road during Just Stop Oil’s latest protest in the capital.

The Metropolitan Police made 100 arrests over this weekend as Just Stop Oil campaigners blocked roads in London in a bid to get the government to act on the environmental crisis.

Drivers in Westminster were seen dragging protesters out of the road near the parliament, as one confronted the climate group by saying: “I have to go to hospital… stop interfering with us.”

One activist was also filmed climbing on top of a police van and gluing his hand to it in Sunday’s protest.

From RedState

There were angry confrontations in some instances where either the demonstrators surrounded the vehicle or jumped on the vehicle, or the irritated drivers proceeded to try their luck and approached the agitators who were blocking the streets, trying to force their way through. Injuries and arrests were reported at some of them. In a couple of instances, deaths were reported as a result of the confrontations.

As I’ve noted before, these types of actions by the frustrated UK drivers, if tried here in the U.S., would lead to accusations of “violence!” and “you’re violating my free speech rights!” but in the U.K. it appears that at least some drivers understand there’s got to be a delicate balance between expressing your political opinions on roadways and allowing people to get to work, school, their medical appointments or to their job interviews unimpeded.



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  1. Daniel says:

    Excuse me? This is like a month old story, maybe two?

    • Robert Powell says:

      And that matters how? this “Climate lie” has been perpatrated on the Globe since the day Sir Julian Huxley, devised the “Wildlife Defense Fund”, and was Director of the UN Propaganda arm the UNESCO education program injected like a disease into American school system. There is almost no one alive who has not been indoctrinated by this push to destroy the United States as a Country.

  2. Doug Litchfield says:

    No need to stand by while cars proceed on their way. Duct tape is cheap and there are always light poles for anchors.

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