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The RED Tsunami is Coming and Democrats Will Blame the Voters

The RED Tsunami is Coming and Democrats Will Blame the Voters

Could this be the end of the Democratic Party? How many Democrats will switch their allegiance to the Republican party after the midterm election?
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They rode into the valley brave and strong, confident of victory, but in the end, they were slaughtered, everyone.  Talk about history repeating itself.

That could either describe General George Armstrong Custer or the Democratic Party on November 8th. I predict Republicans pick up three Senate seats and another 37 seats in the House. Republicans will flip a net of three governorships and they will expand their numbers in the various states. But, at least Custer had a chance. At least compared to Democrats.

So, why are the numbers so big? It’s simple. The Democrats are running on abortion, drag shows, sexualizing children, and transgenderism. Meanwhile, Republicans are taking on inflation, energy independence, gas prices, and freedom for the masses. Just stop for a moment and honestly ask yourselves which of these are most important to the middle and lower classes that comprise the majority of voters.

The undecided are deciding but you have to understand that the reason they are undecided is that they do not want this madness to continue. They see the country is heading in the wrong direction. They want it to end now. They are tired of big spending packages that feed inflation. They are weary of watching the meter on the gas pump reminding them of a time when we were energy independent and prices were low… under President Trump.

Blacks and Hispanics are flocking to the Republican party as they see the flood of illegal aliens taking jobs that rightfully belong to them. All they have gotten from the Democrats in the last forty years is promises. President Trump delivered on those promises. The Democrats are clueless as to why they are being deserted. The truth is that there is a lot of pain out there and people are looking for relief. By moving over to the Republican party, they are finally gaining power. Power that they should have gotten from Democrats, but didn’t.

According to the latest New Hampshire Journal/co/efficient poll, retired Gen. Don Bolduc is tied with incumbent Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan, with seven percent undecided, and Republican House candidates are surging:

“Since day one, General Bolduc has campaigned the New Hampshire way. After every event, every town hall, we are hearing the same thing from Granite Staters, inflation is crushing them and Sen. Hassan is to blame,” said campaign spokeswoman Kate Constantini. “This polling is a true testament that the momentum is with us and Granite Staters are sick and tired of Maggie Hassan’s disastrous record. It’s time to send an outsider to Washington, D.C.”

In the First Congressional District, newcomer Karoline Leavitt is in a margin-of-error race with two-term incumbent Chris Pappas, trailing him 48-44 percent. According to sources close to the Leavitt campaign, its internal polling shows she has already caught Pappas and continues to gain momentum.

And in the Second District, the poll found Bob Burns leading longtime Rep. Annie Kuster 44 – 43 percent, with 12 percent undecided.

In Arizona, Kari Lake is burying Katie Hobbs and Blake Masters has tied Kelly. Republicans look to flip the Attorney General as well as the Secretary of State. Herschel Walker has overtaken Ralph Warnock in Georgia.

From RedState

The New Hampshire Journal notes that while polling is always questionable, Republicans tend to be underestimated and the undecideds are also likely to break for the Republicans because of the horrible inflation and how unpopular Biden is, coupled with a popular Republican governor who is leading by double digits in his race, 52 to 32 percent.

“Rampant inflation, an increasingly uncertain economy, and a deeply unpopular president without a coherent economic message, coupled with the enduring strength of Gov. Chris Sununu, has New Hampshire Republicans riding a rising red wave of support from undecided voters breaking right,” said veteran GOP strategist Jim Merrill.

We’re talking about stunning news if Bolduc takes down Hassan, it’s eminently doable and that would be another Senate pick-up. Not to mention if they pick up House seats there as well. Add that to potential pickups for the Senate in Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona, we’re talking about a tsunami with room to spare.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 13

  1. Steve says:

    This will be the last gasp of the Democratic Party. GOOD RIDDANCE!

    • Rotondaron says:

      For *Decades…it has been common knowledge, that *Demoncrats…{ EAT THEIR YOUNG”!} Abortion, killing millions of human babies [ mostly black}….partnering with “Planned parenthood”, killing babies, selling their “body pars”, for *fun & profit! :O{{

      Now…It appears that they are deeply involved in “self cannibanilism”? is there no end to their Godlessness? :O{{{

  2. Doug Litchfield says:

    What part of zero draw and thought process coming out of MT skulls do democrats not get. Big giant heads of that failed venture have only to look in the mirror to view their real problem.

  3. Michael Gary Mitchell says:

    The left pushes:
    Open Borders
    Criminals as victims
    Spend more money on everything except police and defense
    No personal responsibility
    Sexualizing children
    28 genders
    Abortion even seconds before birth
    Free give aways
    Race, race, race in everything
    Taking guns away from law abiding citizens all the while the plea bargain out mandatory sentences for convicted felons using a gun in yet another crime.
    Making our military woke instead of good.
    Lies about their plans for energy and their goal to make it expensive so we will use less.
    Pie in the sky concepts of 100% renewables using solar and wind, neither of which are reliable sources.
    making it easy to cheat in elections by mass mail in ballots, no ID, same day registration, no proof of citizenship or address, ballot harvesting, no purging the rolls.

    • Nav says:

      That’s a nice summation. Just add a few more genders, you are (severely) out of date there. Add sleeping behind the wheel to inflation, soaring gas prices, crashing house prices along with crashing stock markets along with ever rising interest rates, a perfect storm of disaster if I may say.

  4. Nav says:

    Democrats Will Blame the Voters – WRONG. CNN and their communistic brethren will figure a twist to blame it on their favorite – Trump. Just wait. Patience is a virtue. You will know the facts when CNN and their brethren Oracles speak…

  5. Drosack says:

    Democrats love that power, even though they do nothing to help the country, but they will switch to keep it…pathetic.

  6. charliepont says:

    It’s Bush’s fault !

  7. El-Tejas says:

    When they loose, the marxist elite of the dumbocrat party will have no one to rightfully blame but themselves. Many patriotic and intelligent Main Street democrats are horrified at what their party has become. They are looking for alternatives wherever they can find them. People believe it is time to take back their government from the career politicians and bureaucrats. They can’t even run their own lives. Why should we allow them to run ours? .

  8. Kawika56 says:

    Funny thing…. for once the Leftists are not blaming President Trump!
    Hows about they just look in the mirror!

  9. Old wolf says:

    If their voting Republican now, then that means their republican voters, not democrat voters. The right question to ask is … why … that’s what the democrats can’t or won’t answer. Iam betting it’s they won’t answer.

  10. Sasha Royale says:

    A tsunami is a wave. Waves wash out evil and righteous alike. Expect a ” red passover “.

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