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The Scandal of the Day for the Mayor of New Orleans

The Scandal of the Day for the Mayor of New Orleans

LaToya Cantrell, mayor of New Orleans has more scandals than Hunter Biden has shady business deals.
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Mayor LaToya Cantrell, the mayor of New Orleans just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. It seems as if she is constantly creating new scandals as she quickly destroys the city that elected her, which just goes to show that you get the government you deserve. As long as you continue to elect Democrats, you are virtually committing suicide for your city. How appropriate since this year, New Orleans has had the highest murder rate by population.

In her latest scandal, Cantrell was found to be using a city-owned apartment for her personal use and without paying the reasonable rent of $2,991 per month. She has no intention of repaying the city for her use of the apartment. Her excuse is that other mayors of New Orleans have used the apartment rent-free. That is true, but only because they have all been Democrats.

The crime rate in the city is through the roof because there is a severe shortage of police officers. Cantrell floated the idea of canceling the next Mardi Gras, but she quickly backed off as businesses complained because of the vast amount of money the businesses rack up in that one week. It would have meant disaster for the merchants of the city. A large portion of their year’s profit is made in that one week. It would be like canceling Christmas, which many Democrats could get behind.

Then there is the fact that Cantrell flies first class overseas because she said it is not safe for a Black woman to fly coach. But, what official business would make it necessary for the New Orleans mayor to fly frequently to Europe and beyond?  Flying to Paris costs about $800 dollars, but, flying first class costs over $7600 dollars. That is quite a difference. It’s easy to spend money lavishly if it isn’t your money you are spending.

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And, finally, there is an investigation being launched into a non-profit Cantrell founded. She’s racking up quite a list of no-nos. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – she attended the trial of a juvenile in a mentorship program who was charged with carjacking. She supported him over the victim. Wow.

A city-owned apartment in the city’s Upper Pontalba building on Jackson Square is the latest entry to the list. The apartment is managed by the French Market Corp., a city-affiliated agency. It has a market rate of $2,991 per month. She has no intention of reimbursing the city because she said that past mayors have also used the apartment. Cantrell claims she is partaking in the same benefits they received. The MCC report included pictures of the mayor entering and leaving the apartment. It also presented witness testimony that she’s been spending nights. There is an allegation that Cantrell has used a city employee for maintenance work on the apartment.

City Council President Helena Moreno is asking for time to review the findings before agreeing to an investigation.

A spokesperson for Eugene Green, a Democrat who sits on the board of French Market Corp., said ‘Councilmember Green is not aware of any regulations or procedures that may have been violated.’

FMC records obtained by WWL-TV said that no rent was paid on the apartment between September 1, 2021 and July 31, 2022.

It’s also been alleged that a city employee has been used as a de facto building super to fix problems in the apartment.

The report shows Cantrell speaking with Byron Cornelison of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Economy about a leak in the bathroom and telling him when a good time to fix it would be.

She earlier wrote to him about getting Cox Cable employees to come fix the WiFi in the apartment.



  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 6

  1. OZ says:

    Democrats’ plans have worked out well filling all states with corrupt politicians & gain control of the people.

  2. 1947 says:

    Democrats are the new Aristocrat which is basically a class that is never questioned and get away with anything they desire from stuffing their pockets with ill gotten graft wealth to supporting criminals who get off scot-free doing crimes against those who pay their outrageous taxes. They live in self designed palaces and expect others to support their lavish life styles, stuff their pockets, and never question their new found authority.

  3. RockyMtn 1776 says:

    New Orleans has a long, long history of corrupt Mayors. Evidently voters there approve as they keep re-electing them for years.

  4. SammyD says:

    This was ALL WELL-KNOWN of Cantrell when she was a City Councilwoman abusing the City credit card with a huge bill on her behalf. She never paid it back! Claimed it was her “privilege” as a Councilwoman while Black. She was never brought up on formal charges, nor made to make any restitution. Instead, the Party gifted her the Mayorship to replace that racist Mayor Mitch Landrieu. Talk about your Black privilege. By the way, Mayor Landrieu FAILED to take down the statue in Lafayette Square memorializing Scotsman John McDonogh. He was the wealthy philanthropist that funded the creation of Orleans Parish public schools and their operation for over a century. The Landrieu family just adored that man. Funny how he being a slave holding plantation owner never crossed his mind, nor that off ‘Take It Down Nola’ during that whole cleansing of Southern Heritage. I suppose that being across the Big Muddy was excuse enough to look the other way. Mayor Cantrell…a Black Woman, in case you forgot…could not be bothered with this little oversight, even though, she could blm-antifa her way by claiming ‘white privilege’. I was there for all of that madness. Lee’s Circle is now supposed to be ‘Harmony Circle’, yet there is ONLY a statue of an odd human form that is supposed to represent Black Folks. Were are the statues to represent the Native Peoples, European Americans and all those la raza zealots?

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