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The Trump Effect: A Small Michigan City Drains the Swamp

The Trump Effect: A Small Michigan City Drains the Swamp

Small Michigan city tosses all of the RINOs who controlled the county.
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Michigan, due to its corrupt leadership has become a cesspool and not enough voters have gotten upset by that fact. There is one very important exception to that rule and that is  Green Charter Township, a town with roughly 3,200 people located in central Michigan.

The former government approved a Chinese battery factory to be built there. As a result, the voters threw out the entire Democratic leaders and replaced them with representatives who actually listen to their constituents.

Gotion is a corporation that makes batteries for electric vehicles. While the company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, its parent company is based in the People’s Republic of China and has ties to the CCP.

The people have been fighting against them and the former government refused to address their concerns and for that, the voters addressed their concerns by throwing every one of the corrupt politicians to the curb. It is a strategy that works every single time.

The entire seven members of the township board consisting of all RINOs, voted to cut a deal with Gotion in a $2 billion dollar deal, partially financed by $700,000 in incentives from Gretchen Whitmer. But, then the citizens of the township found out about communist infiltration and devastating environmental impact and they tried to fight the deal. They won that fight at the ballot box.

Back in April, residents angrily confronted the quislings for selling them out to our greatest foreign adversary:

“China is our number-one enemy!” one angry resident yelled.

“My family members fought communism, and you’re bringing it right here!” screamed another.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that Gotion even tried to seize 260 acres of farmland in the town. But they backed off thanks to the efforts of brave single mother Lori Brock, who owns approximately 150 acres, where she raises a variety of animals, next door to several pieces of property purchased with Michigan taxpayer dollars where the battery factory would be located.

Green Charter residents next decided only a November recall of the entire board could stop this treason and were able to gather enough signatures over the course of several months to do so. The board otherwise would have been secure until November 2024 and the plant may have been in place by that time.

Two board members, James Peek and Gary Todd, decided to resign rather face the voters’ wrath. Then on Tuesday, more than 1,000 Green Charter residents stormed to the polls to oust the other five sellouts: Trustees Dale Jernstadt and Roger Carroll, Clerk Janet Clark, Treasurer Denise MacFarlane, and Supervisor James Chapman.

Each challenger won by at least six points.

Jason Kruse defeated Chapman with 60% of the vote while Jeff Thorne knocked off Jernstadt with 62%. Kelly Cushway won 57% of the vote against Carroll.

Corri Riebow beat Clark for the clerk position with 53% and Robert Henderson also received 53% to beat MacFarlane for the treasurer spot.

The Daily Mail notes that the five incumbents are members of the Republican Party while their replacements ran without any party affiliation.

Even more impressive, some of the winning candidates had no absolutely experience in politics before running.

Just hours after the successful recall, NewsNation’s Brian Entin captured footage of the town’s new leaders changing the locks on the township’s main government building. Talk about sending a powerful message to the people that change is on the way.


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Comments 26

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    • Gwyllim says:

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  2. Lawrence M says:

    Damn Straight! Go Get ‘em; that’s how it’s done!
    God bless them and their town!

    • Joseph Kinge says:

      That’s the way to do it! CCP is NOT our friend and these smart people knew it!!

      • Lawrence M says:

        Joseph Kinge; that’s absolutely true, they’re our worst enemy not only because of their evil leadership and massively brainwashed people but also because that nation has the technology and manpower that affords it the capability to wipe us off the face of the earth.

        The CCP has been infiltrating our country for years because too many Americans sold out to the communists for money; while they continued to gain a comfort zone within America and establish the slow cook or takeover. Like the old analogy of putting the frog into a kettle of cool water and then ever so slowing heating it up until the frog is overwhelmed having been slowly weakened and basically cooked; it no longer has the ability to leap in order to save itself.

        Many of Our government officials and big business have made huge money making deals in China (sold-out) far bigger than what the filthy rich only by ill-gotten gains “quid pro quo” Joe the traitor has for decades, giving the CCP a capability to internally monitor and influence America on multiple levels of finance, industry, education, politics and culture; changing the paradigm to take it over! How else did America end up with the Chinese government having police stations of their own right in NYC and other locales in recent times, or have so called dignitaries/investors observing our elections in some states, in person as they happen. Or a very blatant example of this sell-out attitude is right on TV, the well-known show “Shark Tank” where greedy money hungry billionaires always say how they will invest in some new product idea if the newbie will agree to have it made in China for pennies on the dollar if they haven’t done so already. It’s always about “how much money they can grab for themselves” regardless of the long term consequences for America by making “a pact with the Devil!” This is all akin to “inviting the fox into the hen-house,” and any reasonably intelligent person with common sense knows full well that the fox will eat those hens anytime it pleases and is hungry!

        Far too many citizens have assisted and escalated this “nefarious plan of the communists!” To the point now where massive numbers of America’s youngest citizens grow up hating America and calling it a Colonialist evil empire; “a flipping of that paradigm” is in progress to where “the real evil empire is seen as good or even some kind of victim,” while America is “the most vile and wicked terror of the world.”

  3. Mike lewis says:

    That’s WTF! I am talking about fuck out all of those High Treasonous compromised spineless bastards out of public office. They should of been held accountable for them commiting High Treason.

  4. Mike lewis says:

    That’s WTF! I am talking about fuck out all of those High Treasonous compromised spineless bastards out of public office. They should of been held accountable for them all commiting High Treason. The Democratic Party is Americas true Enemy of the State.

  5. Marry says:

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    • Gwyllim says:

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  6. T-200q says:

    That must be spread wide and often to show case that We The People still have means to win.

  7. Thomas Baird says:

    I pray this now means the deal to build this EV battery plant is now in the landfill. Besides, climate change is a commie hoax to cram marxist things down our throats and establish a commie tyranny on the U.S. Now, wouldn’t it be great to have a successful recall election against commie sympathizing Whitmer?

  8. Vicki says:

    They have proof in videos Detroit was ballot harvesting! Now we need to get rid of Whitmer our AG!!!!

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    • fred friedman says:

      The Democratic party is a cesspool of gays, feminists, union goons and ignorant blacks. No decent person should support it in its present state.

  9. Don says:

    Truth is getting them out of office isn’t enough. They need to be sitting in jail cells because you KNOW they got kickbacks for doing so.

  10. WOKE JOKES says:

    “some of the winning candidates had no absolutely experience in politics”

    Don’t worry they’ll learn how to steal, bribe and act like Democrats soon enough.

  11. m says:

    Way to go!

  12. Bruno says:

    I am the last person in the world to defend China, but what is wrong with China moving production to the US, spending $2B to build a factory here, employing 2000+ Americans and sharing technology? Isn’t THAT what we want? Isn’t THAT how the Chinese learned our technologies (by US firms investing there)? Don’t we want to force them to MAKE here if they want to SELL here? The environmental argument does not hold water, because the Chinese factory would be required to follow the US EPA (and Michigan’s environmental laws).

    • Lawrence M says:

      Really think about what you are saying! The opposite of what you think is the reality!
      Do you like to play with King Cobras?

  13. You need a proof-reader. Over and over again I see multiple typing errors in you articles. I am amazed that someone isn’t catching them before you publish.

  14. Rocky Venti says:

    Yikes! I am stuck in Mexifornia, formerly the beautiful state California) and the only ones left in this state are so dumb they put newt some back into office. He, has hence, continues the destruction of our state. Not enough conservatives left to vote ANYBODY out! Great going with this recall. Wish you could infuse some of your thinking into the brainless groups running this state.

  15. undress vio says:

    Muchos Gracias for your article post. Fantastic.

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