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‘The View’ Melts Down Over Kyrsten Sinema Leaving the Democratic Party

‘The View’ Melts Down Over Kyrsten Sinema Leaving the Democratic Party

The ladies of The View are aghast that Kyrsten Sinema has left the Dem0ocratic Party.

The women on ‘The View’ Are a very vocal and opinionated bunch. I suppose that is the schtick of their show, however, it does not take much to send these ladies over the edge.

The women of The View are melting down over Kyrsten Sinema’s announcement that she is leaving the Democratic Party and becoming an Independent. She will continue to caucus with the Democrats and Chuck Schumer says she will get to keep all of her committee assignments. The Democrats cannot afford to make her angry because she is up for reelection in 2024 and if she runs as an independent, she will probably not have a primary opponent and in a three-way race, the Republicans would have a huge advantage in the general election.

Behar mocked:

“It’s an interesting thing that she’s going through in her head. It’s like, ‘OK, this party has nothing. They have nothing. No platform. All they do is hang out with Nazis, and white supremacists. And the other party actually is doing something for people like us, for the working families, for gay people, for voting rights, and then she’s like, ‘What should I do?'”

Sunny Hostin, meanwhile, accused Sinema of simping for support:

“I was looking at her unfavorably she’s viewed: 55% of women don’t like her, 53% of men, 56% of white voters, 54% of Hispanic voters. I think she’s like, ‘Who’s gonna like me?! So let me become independent, so maybe that I can get those independent voters, and maybe I can get those Republican voters, and maybe they’ll love me.”

Ana Navarro even claimed that Sinema’s decision was self-serving:

“This is a reflection of the fact that she was about to lose the primary.”

“Sunny, you were saying, you know, ‘It’s because nobody likes her so she’s maybe trying this group.’ I don’t think voters are that one-dimensional. I don’t think that just changing her title or party is going to make a voter say, ‘Oh great, you’re now like one of us.'”

“She said, at one point, ‘In catering to the fringes, neither party has demonstrated much tolerance for diversity of thought.’ Right now if you are not with us, you’re against us. It’s too simplistic for the way we all operate, and the way politics should be.”

“The moderates are growing and the idea of coming more to the center is actually more in touch with the pulse of the country.” 

From The Blaze

The segment on Friday’s show discussing Sinema’s departure began when Joy Behar accused Sinema of cutting short Democrats’ celebration of winning a 51-49 majority in the Senate with Sen. Raphael Warnock’s victory in Georgia on Tuesday. Although Sinema is not joining Republicans, Behar condemned Sinema as if she were.

In fact, Haines said that she herself is an independent for many of the same reasons that Sinema cited for leaving the Democratic Party. That alone puts Sinema “in touch with the pulse of the country.”

Though she is officially leaving the Democratic Party, Sinema will still caucus with Democrats.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, in fact, has already said that Sinema will retain her committee memberships, which includes being chairwoman of two Senate subcommittees.

I know it happens all the time, but I still get a tingle of excitement as the ladies of The View melts down like a Hershey bar in Death Valley. I just wonder if they realize just how pathetic they are.



  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 28

  1. Randy Poff says:

    Take this stupid show off of TV its worthless just like the people who host it.

    • Leanna says:

      It should go. It does nothing good, only fires up people to hate anyone not on the left. It’s a forum to display loud mouth ignorance and make women look stupid.

      • Sunshine Kid says:

        Not so much make WOMEN look stupid, but it certainly makes the liberals look stupid. But then again, they are stupid, aren’t they?

        • Leanna says:

          Maybe I should have said liberal women, but their cackling does not reflect well on women.

      • Irish says:

        Ignorance vs Stupidity The intrinsic difference is that ignorance simply implies lack of awareness about something, while stupidity denotes the inability of a person to understand something due to insufficient intelligence, thus leading to the misinterpretation of a fact.
        I believe both apply.

    • Charles Houck says:

      …and WATCH it.

    • Rotondaron says:

      Conservative America, “if”,…they watch the view….it’s because they want to see just how “far –out”…these racist, white hating, trump hating, Republican hating & mentally maladjusted women can get!

      Whoopie Goldberg, { & “NO” Joy Behar}….could not get any more prejudiced, homely, obnoxious, & totally ignorant! **Every time they open their “bad breath” mouths, they just “prove my point”!**

    • Tim says:

      another one left the (socialist) plantation? we gotta a runner, call the demon-rat slave catchers

  2. minnie says:

    These ladies are spreading lies, hate, and the sad part is that young people and the public are believing what they are saying. It’s time to boycott their show and send them home to cook.

    • Roland says:

      You are just as bad a propagandist as those on the View. Lets start with when have you ever seen a lady on the View. It is a stretch to refer to them as women. It is impossible to refer them as ladies.

    • David Barron says:

      Ladies? You give them way too much credit.

    • Rotondaron says:

      The only people that “believe” these mentally deranged* Libretards, are those of very low IQ, & simply cannot get a life of their own!

      “Watch the view”? You time is better spent…”Counting flowers on the wall”…Typical intelligence of those that can only waste their lives!

  3. Lisa says:

    I just LOVE when these hags melt down, it is glorious to see, not that I watch that f’ing show

  4. Hot Dog says:

    One might think they are idiots. Then they open their mouths and prove it.

  5. Gerald Ladd says:

    They are niggeRAT skanks. Nothing more. Spreading niggeRAT lies and propaganda. The only people that ewatch, are low IQ niggeRATS.

    • You are showing your immaturity with comments like that one making you no better than they are, if indeed not lower.

    • Michael says:

      Wow you feeding into their narrative that white people are racist? Stop with that nonsense. We are better than that! Ignorant is ok because it just states they are without proper knowledge.

  6. Cleo Patra says:

    Take a critical look at the women on The View. I you were sitting someplace and drinking a cup of coffee and any of them came up to you with a rant like they do on that show, what would you do? More than likely I would toss the remains of my coffee in their faces, get up and leave. These women are bullies, dim witted, stupid, and have yet to come out with a single thing that is worthy of listening to. I have no idea why their racist, anti-Semitic, unamerican show is still being sponsored on TV. Anybody that watches it and not bust out laughing at the clowns must be mentally ill as well.

  7. Drosack says:

    You OK Whoopi? Can I get you a meltdown?

  8. Doug Litchfield says:

    Must be the biggest news they can grovel about without being fabricated. Pin heads popping must sound like bubble wrap. Only place that can echo is MT skulls.

  9. This show is the bottom of the barrel in left wing mindlessness. They know nothing intelligent and say nothing intelligent. Only the left extreme watch them. Hopefully this will push Sinema across the line to Republican. If she doesn’t, next election, the Democrats won’t vote for her and the Republicans will have the winging candidate

    • Doug Litchfield says:

      Living in a vacuum lends itself to boiling over at lower temperatures. Reptilian life forms certainly fit this profile.

  10. Dexter Wilson says:

    With what used to the major media, millions of America have never gotten the truth and why anyone with have a brain would listen to these women I could never ever understand. With this last election, I wonder when we are going to become a Communist/Marxist nation what with this administration and the DNC killing honest elections in favor of lying and cheating the Americans of an honest electoral process. Agenda 21 gives us the fact that this is where we are going to be taken. If Trump had not thrown a wrench in the left’s plans for us it would have happened with Hillary. Both Obama and Clinton were students of the Communist/ Marxist Saul Alinsky who taught them how to move America closer to socialism with the evidence that Alinsky calling himself a community organizer which is the very name Obama used for himself before he entered politics. Talk about a telltale event; of Obama having begun his political career in the home of socialist revolutionary.

  11. Old wolf says:

    If these so call females had half a brain they would see the truth of why some are leaving the democrat party. It’s no different then leaving California. The democrat party went bat sh#t crazy, and these old crows are following suit right along with them. That’s what snowflakes do, follow blindly. No questions asked. Soon it will be the governor of California and them left there. Everyone else left.

  12. Gibb says:

    It’s the twisting of the truth and the lies that get me. Honestly I do not understand the sykie of the people that watch this show. It’s all about hate of the republican party. I see no good from it at all.

  13. Chris K says:

    These women are bullies. Please do not sink to their level. We must remain dignified. They have no insult to throw at us but to accuse us of what they demonstrate they actually are. They call us White supremacist and Nazi to deflect Their sins. They are so much more. They are child groomers and pedophiles. They are haters and mean girls. They are Godless and Satan worshippers. They lack the diversity loving America that we were, are and always have been.

  14. Laini says:

    No body likes the freaks on the View. Not sure who the ass belongs to that these Battle axe kiss daily to keep their so called jobs . but, he or she need a “Come to Jesus” moment. These has beens have all of the charm and appeal of a pit viper. Behar , and Medusa Goldberg are just old, bitter hags. Sunny is just a nasty, arrogant , chip on her shoulders bee itch. If they had to work for living they would quit and do the world a service. Behar and Goldberg need to be in Senior Citizen facilities and Behar needs t realize Plastic Surgeons are physicians not Magicians!I would like for those three t apply for jobs at the Bronx Zoo as keepers in the Reptile House. They are so qualified.

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