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BOMBS AWAY: House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer to the DOJ: “Do Not Indict Hunter Biden Before Wednesday” (VIDEO)

The White House is in Panic Mode: Reps Comer and Marjorie Taylor Greene Reveal More Documents on Joe Biden’s Bribery Scheme

Rep Comer claims there are more FD-1023s on the Biden bribery scandal.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer Sunday evening told Fox News host Trey Gowdy that more FBI documents exist on the Biden bribery scandal. That is bad news for Biden, who has denied receiving a $5 million dollar bribe from a Ukrainian businessman. One document is an investigation, but multiple documents suggest this could go beyond a scandal to a major crime against the people of the United States. Biden could be impeached, but he will not be tried because he is now not mentally competent.

MTG announced last week that the Ukrainian businessman was none other than Mykola Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian oligarch who hired Hunter Biden to serve on the board of Burisma Holdings.

MTG said:

“He [Burisma owner] paid $5 million to one Biden and he paid $5 million to another Biden and it was all a bribery to get Shokin fired and end the investigation into Burisma.” 

MTG says that the informant said that Zlochevsky has two pieces of evidence concerning the bribe. If that is true and they can get their hands on it, Biden would be impeached by acclamation.

Comer said:

“We had whistleblowers approach Senator Grassley about their concern that there was this form 1023 in existence and the FBI had never investigated it. Senator Grassley and I got on the phone with Director Wray, and Senator Grassley told Director Wray that both Senator Grassley and myself had already read the form 1023 from a whistleblower, so we knew darn well it existed.”

“Once the FBI allowed me and Jamie Raskin, my counterpart on the House Oversight Committee, to go in and look at it, I read it again and then realized that there were two footnotes in there that referenced other 1023s.”

“This is going to turn out, I think, a lot like the suspicious activity reports that the Treasury Cabinet had on the Bidens. There are a lot more of these than what the federal government wants to admit, and the question is, why hasn’t the federal government done anything about it?”

“Here’s what we know. There are 20 shell companies at least, and probably more, that were laundering money from foreign nationals, including Romania, and money was being sent less than two weeks after Joe Biden left there as vice president, delivering foreign aid and talking about foreign policy. This form 1023 alleges the exact same thing happened in Ukraine.” 

From Fox News

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joined “Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy to discuss the ongoing GOP investigation into President Joe Biden and his family’s alleged business dealings. 

Comer criticized the Justice Department’s handling of the investigation, saying, “It appears the only entity in the world that’s investigating it is the House Oversight Committee.”

Comer claimed Congress has sought access to an FBI-generated FD-1023, which a whistleblower brought to Comer’s and Sen. Chuck Grassley’s, R-Iowa, attention, reportedly detailing “bribery” allegations against Biden. FBI Director Christopher Wray initially denied the existence of such a form, according to Comer.

However, Wray “finally” admitted to the existence of that form after Comer and Grassley attested to having read the document, reportedly sourced from a whistleblower, Comer claimed.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 11

  1. Drosack says:

    It’s to late, the border has been open to long. Treason is taking down the country.

    • Julia says:

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    • Lawrence M says:

      Drosack, part of me wants to believe that is wrong but my heart tells me it’s true! Last I read regarding the out of control border is that the insurgence over the last couple of years is in vicinity of 15 million invaders from some 149 different countries that have flooded our Southern Border, with I’m sure many nefarious even evil characters or actors in the mix! There is no way in hell that this can be viewed as “immigration;” NO WAY JOSE!

      So that alone equates that out of 15 million “Illegal Aliens” now roaming our nation that even a small fraction of that number means we now have at least thousands of “American Hating Terrorists” freely roaming while planning within the belly of our beloved county; which will only end very bad for many innocent American Citizens! And even aside from the most nefarious agents we have within this out of control human flood, included are many mentally ill or totally incompetent and unskilled persons that will serve no useful purposes for our society, but, will instead be a hindrance and burden for the hard working tax paying Citizens! While in turn this all serves as a relief and giveaway for the foreign nations that expelled these law breaking invaders to begin with, that were obviously useless in their home nations!

      Yes that scum of the earth Soros and Obama with the evil puppet Biden have gotten their way in bringing havoc and evil to America, in order to give it one huge final “death knell” or coup de grâce to topple our system and then open the entire country up to lawlessness and tyrannical Marxist Communist control!

      The only thing I can foresee to radically oppose this catastrophe and prevent it from happening or at least for some actual damage control to ensue, would be to have our nation blessed with some yet to come “miracle;” or unfortunately perhaps a civil war is all that is coming to America!

    • rotondaron says:

      *Letters to the editor: *Sun Herald News….Port Charlotte Fla….[ ‘SOMEONE”…send this to this “editor”….This newspaper { Adams Publishing group…is *painfully Liberal, & does not believe the *Demoncraps, are as Evil, as they act!]

      American Republicans realize that there is an overt attempt to eliminate freedom, & Morality in America…at the hands of the *Demoncrap party! LBGTQ, Antifa, BLM,DNC, lame Stream media, FBI….All complicit in the destruction of this Republic! [ It is “SOOOO”, evident!]

  2. deplorablylost says:

    Please stop printing this BS!!! The White House is NOT in panic mode. They don’t give a shit what people say. The dems have been getting away with illegal, immoral and unethical crap for so long that they know nothing will be done about it.

  3. bob says:

    The asswipes of the liberal media are flooding the channels with this bullsh!t , political hit job against President Trump . Republicans Comer , Jordan etc.etc. ,, need to start doing MORE news conferences and press releases about Perv Biden , crackhead Hunter and the rest of the Biden crime family on all the millions and millions in BRIBES that they are investigating !!!

    • Lawrence M says:

      Yes Bob, all good points and suggestions; and as dear Mom always said “actions speak louder than words!” The political rhetoric and “One-liner news flashes” or “Soundbites culture” don’t amount to anything unless they have “Teeth” behind them to actually “do some chomping” on the bad guys! If the GOP doesn’t take decisive actions soon, they might as well change their name to the “New Republican-Democrat Stooge Party!”

  4. Gregg says:

    Historically, the U.S. has deported ALL illegal immigrants in the past. We CAN do it AGAIN!

    • Lawrence M says:

      Gregg; that used to be true and they would be charged with Felony Border Hopping, so deterrents were in place with even much fewer violators overrunning our Boarders, yet now with the Democrat welcome mat they get FREE phones, debit cards for anything and everything they need, to live off the fat of the land! But the clincher is; today with so many Sanctuary Cities and Soros Soft on Crime Judicial appointees along with local law enforcement not cooperating with ICE, just giving them the boot back out of our country is a lot harder than it would otherwise be! Don’t forget there are Soros type operatives in place with an out of control “Marxist Agenda Democrat Party” ruling the roost presently to gum up the works at every turn!

      Think about it my fellow American, this is already at the stage where U.S Military intervention is called for, and should be presently activated since many months ago; because if not, and all of this continues unchecked, Martial Law will come for all of us down the road if this isn’t cleaned up ASAP!

  5. James says:

    Impeach Biden now as a traitor and Harris as an incompetent and failing to adhere to the constitution in performing her duties in upholding her duty to stop illegal immigration.

    • Lawrence M says:

      Absolutely James! That should be at the top of the bucket list “to do” of primary objectives in order to actually “Save Our Republic under God;” because the way that things are being allowed to slide, it is surely going to the Devil!
      The massive multiple breaches of our U.S. Constitution and outright dereliction or intentional failures that have occurred under this administration from the very beginning; should have “already without a doubt activated charges” that you alluded to, of those said individuals, along with many others throughout this ramshackle, totally incompetent and “communist agenda cabal” of an administration, long before now!

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