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This J6 Prisoner Was Denied Mental Health Treatment On Suicide Prevention: Left Alone for Days

This J6 Prisoner Was Denied Mental Health Treatment On Suicide Prevention: Left Alone for Days

Another J6 political prisoner speaks out.

A J6 political hostage who was denied mental health treatment and a therapist while on suicide prevention, warns that political prisoners inside the Washington gulag are being “institutionalized and indoctrinated” to become violent, hateful, and depressed.

This is the act of a third-world country, not of the United States. At least it wasn’t before the communists took over and adopted the tactics of the Gestapo. He has described the torture prisoners have to endure in the gulag.

Marshal Neefe, a 25-year-old Pennsylvania man, has been incarcerated for over a year since his arrest on September 13, 2021.

Before January 6th Neefe and his friend Charles Smith discussed plans of attending the rally to protect the city. Neefe and Smith were seen in surveillance footage, pushing a sign toward officers trying to control the crowd allegedly.

From the DOJ documents.

Neefe and Smith traveled to Washington, D.C. together. On Jan. 6, both illegally entered the Capitol grounds. Neefe carried the wooden club and participated in hoisting and pushing a large metal sign frame – at least eight feet tall and 10 feet wide — into a defensive line of officers attempting to prevent the crowd from further advancing on the west front plaza of the Capitol. Neefe later entered the Capitol building, including the Rotunda, disregarding commands to leave.

From The Gateway Pundit

Neefe, the father of a 4-year-old boy, has pled guilty to charges leveled against him by federal prosecutors for attending the protest, including “obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting” and “civil disorder.”

In a letter to the Gateway Pundit, Neefe describes how he and other inmates who are struggling with depression and mental health issues have been subjected to cruel and inhumane conditions including solitary confinement in filthy conditions while correctional officers use “Covid as a scapegoat” to justify torture.

Inmates who are caught not wearing masks regularly get sprayed with mace and lose commissary rights. Those who have yet to get vaccinated are continually placed in solitary lockdowns nearly 23 hours a day “as a means to combat the virus,” Neefe explains.

While Neefe has pled guilty, he contends officials at the DC Central Detention Facility are deliberately preventing him from seeing a judge to begin serving his sentence.

The US penal system “gives no hope for reform,” but fosters criminality.

Neefe warns:

“From never being in trouble a day in my life, to being treated like absolute scum with no civil rights, this entire experience is what’s wrong with our jail systems. You give no hope for reform when you meet individuals with hatred and spite and absolutely no care. It’s mentally broken many of us, including myself. If it’s not one thing it’s another.”

Read Neefe’s tell-all letter about being trapped in solitary confinement while on suicide prevention:

“Hello, My name is Marshall Neefe.

America, I write this today to tell of the abhorrent and sad treatment of not just myself and other January 6th political prisoners, but the treatment of D.C. residents as well. Before we get into details with the jail, I wanted to give a quick glimpse into my life.

I am a 25 year old music loving, outdoor enthusiast. I play multiple instruments and when I’m not involved musically, you can find me out in the Michaux forest of Pennsylvania. Though most importantly I am a proud father of a wonderful four year old son who I hear is becoming more and more like his father each day. He is the last reason I have to continue fighting and to make it through this time of tribulation.

During my incarceration, I’ve lost more than I ever previously imagined being able to handle. Sadly, I lost my other half. She was receiving threats from the left and was going through her own mental and emotional strife and unfortunately we went separate ways. In turn, this instance pushed me mentally further than I was able to handle on my own. I’ve struggled with depression most of my adult life and losing someone so important to me forced me to check myself into suicide prevention, assuming I would receive some kind of help. Instead of help, I found myself stripped and put into a Velcro smock.

I was taken to a floor called, “Medical 82”. I was placed in a cell with absolutely nothing but a bed, blanket and a feces covered sink/toilet combo preventing me from clean water access. I was lucky enough to have been allowed to bring my bible in with me, but nothing more. I was told by a doctor that he would like me to remain over the course of the weekend, at which point I had no objection, still under the impression I would receive some kind of mental care. I was checked in on a Thursday and remained until mid day Monday. This was the beginning to the most horrific 72 hours of hell I’ve ever had battling depression.

I was not given help. I was left in a room to be alone with my thoughts so I could, “settle down”. I was denied access to the phone. I was told I could only make a legal call and that it has to be arranged by a case manager who never showed. I was never seen or talked to by a therapist until over 48 hours after my 72 hours of hell. Though, I didn’t share this struggle alone, as there were other residents in this “medical ward” dealing with neglect and abuse from the staff as well.

I can’t even recall how many times other inmates and myself in the medical wing attempted to yell for an officer for something as simple as fresh water, only to be told to “be quiet and wait”, one of the most common excuses to not do their job. One inmate with obviously greater mental issues, was treated so poorly that even now I fear for  her mental and physical state. She was subject to verbal threats of violence from the staff if she didn’t, “quiet down”. She pleaded and begged with staff more than once for water and feminine hygiene products, i.e. pads. I pray for her even now being back in my own pod. The entire experience in medical [ward] 82 left me hopeless. Not only because I wasn’t given care, but because NOBODY was. The incident has mentally dulled me, broken me emotionally and mentally.

Outside of medical 82, I’ve been faced with an absolute abundance of civil rights violations and have watched myself and others abused by D.C. DOC staff, like being maced for refusing to put on a mask or losing commissary rights for standing up to the mistreatment of the jail in court. They’ve gone so far as to place people in the hole (solitary confinement) over these issues. As well, with Covid as a scapegoat, they have continually placed us in solitary lockdowns as a means to combat the virus. We’ve dealt with 22 and a half hour lockdowns for months, Conditions found to be inhumane and cruel by the courts to even DEATH ROW INMATES.

All this to combat a virus that already ravaged our pod previously.  On top of lock downs, if you refused testing for the virus (as is my right and others to do so) you were locked in your cell for 2 weeks as a mandatory quarantine. We were barred from all activity that wasn’t inside our cells. No phones, showers or recreation. I was even threatened with the loss of commissary, my only other source of food from the absolutely deplorable D.C. DOC provided “meals.”

Treatment doesn’t end there, on multiple occasions I have been barred from seeing my attorney. He’s made attempts to schedule visitation with me, only to be denied and given no reason as to why he could not see his client. As well, my first court appearance was entirely missed due to staff negligence. They were somehow inept of the ability to take me to the first floor for a VIDEO court session, even with it being scheduled months prior.

From never being in trouble a day in my life, to being treated like absolute scum with no civil rights, this entire experience is what’s wrong with our jail systems. You give no hope for reform when you meet individuals with hatred and spite and absolutely no care. It’s mentally broken many of us including myself. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

If at all possible, please, donate to my Give Send Go so I may repay the debts I owe to family and to help me start my life again with one foot forward. Thank you.

Marshall Neefe


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 14

  1. Lawrence says:

    This situation is beyond cruel and unusual punishment and in fact is torture, being all politically motivated which is absolutely something one would expect to see in Third World dictatorships or Communist China and North Korea! All this malarkey about Covid is just a huge lie, because its not any real treat at all, but was and is a globalist tactic that was unleashed upon the planet to gain the upper hand and Control, just like this example proves to us to the nth degree, as the authorities use it to manipulate these political prisoners as though they are in some Russian Gulag in Siberia!

    This all falls under the heading of Torture and Crimes Against Humanity! God will repay ALL those responsible for this whole affair; but I pray that the tides turn very soon to alter the political narrative toward absolute TRUTH, in order to turn the table on the wardens along with all of the many henchmen doing these evil things to other human beings who are American Citizens! This is being done solely for hate and their own evil political designs; while actual criminal alien invaders are pouring through our Southern Border some coming from as far away as Pakistan and given better treatment along with more American Citizen Rights as well as Privileges, that these Actual Americans are being robbed and stripped of!

  2. Lucy says:

    We have to stop these communist politicians, judges, congress, rinos, they have to be FIRED Immediately, arrested, prosecuted, we all have seen heard pelosi, shummer, mcconnell, many others threatening, intimidating, all conservatives, including independents, this is not America when need to take it back sense obama, it has gotten out of control, that guy should have been arrested dragged out of the White House he is and was out to destroy America, we need to Make it High Treason to try to Change, Twist, Distort, Ignore Our Constitution as Written, and definitely Enforce it at all levels of of Authority, including, congress, president, senate, governors, mayors, police, and quit making our police into military, that is Not what they are we have a Military not for the police to be military style, that is not their job, and quit this well something needs to happen before they do anything, that is stupid, a violent person needs removed from society immediately not wait till someone is hurt or killed Common Sense tired of these democratic communist politicians, judges, congress, taking Taxpayers Money waisting it on made up garbage, like this j6 garbage, we need to demand that the Democratic Party pays back every dime that have waisted since 2014, on the Trump and other made up garbage, those in jail for j6 lies that e all know the democratic put stooges in to cause trouble paid by soros, and other criminal billionaires, millionaires,that are out to destroy America for their (one world order)we need to investigate prosecute and cease all their assets,

    • Christian Patriot says:

      All the communist democrats must be water boarded and executed for their crimes against Americans!! I pray in the Name of Jesus that when the Republicans win the midterm elections, the political prisoners will be let go!!

  3. Drosack says:

    LOL, better hide this! Oh to late.

  4. Paul says:

    I think we all need to continually write and complain to our Congressmen about this inhumane treatment of the J-6 prisoners at least once a week until something is done to stop it. The squeaky wheel catches the grease and we all need to be the squeaky wheel. This inhumane treatment could happen to any one of us and it needs to be stopped. Whatever happened to a speedy and fair trial?

  5. ssilv48 says:

    All people involved into the “The Great January Hoax” at the cost to the American Taxpayers all need to be put in jail.

  6. Wes says:

    Why aren’t Senators and Congressmen coming out and opposing the mistreatment of these prisoners? These are American citizens and the January 6 Committee has taken away their rights. But we all know this is political and not a real threat to the USA. So why aren’t these people getting some representation?

  7. PROUDWHITE says:

    When the TIDE TURNS, where, will THEY HIDE ? >ALL Democrats are VERMIN. The FBI are SCUM and the BLACK , so called Correction Officers mistreating WHITES there, are nothing more than GHETTO GARBAGE. Stand STRONG..oh and FK JOE BIDEN, Criminal Hillary, Pelosi, Schumer, AND all the rest of the Party of the JACKASS.

  8. billi says:

    Those doing these things to Americans whose intentions were to prevent what is actually happening today — the destruction of American values and culture and attacks on freedom of speech and religion and the incubation of anti American thoughts and actions by our young people– need a taste of their own Medicine. How to do that depends upon this mid term elections

  9. rottenrollin says:

    I want to see the persecutors HUNG for this, no rhetoric here.

    All the way to the top, I want to see bodies dangling with the crows dining on them.

    THIS is SO FAR beyond the pale it defies desciption…….OR ACCEPTANCE.


  10. kirk harlen says:

    this is how desperate Dem-rats have gone off the civilized world and lie – lie -& lie! And this is not the US- should not be the United Stats of America.

  11. THOMAS says:

    ” F J B ” and his entire administration … may they all rot in HELL !

  12. I pray every prisoner from the J6 peaceful protest are exhoberated and pardoned . They deserve to be compensated for the treatment they’ve received .
    A new investigation should be started to find and arrest those who infiltrated the capital and came in among the protestors and turned it into something else to distort and criminalize innocent patriots .This needs to be found out and from the top down with Pelosi being the top dog of this scheme .

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