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Three Provable Constitutional Violations in Arizona That Render the Results Uncertifiable

Three Provable Constitutional Violations in Arizona That Render the Results Uncertifiable

Josh Bernstein advocates for a new election in Arizona.

Josh Bernstein writing for the Gateway Pundit points out that voting in Arizona violates three statutes in the US constitution. Maricopa County violated the election rights including the voters’ Equal Protection rights, their First Amendment rights, and their voting rights.

Bernstein says that if anyone takes legal action, whether it be the campaigns for Republican Governor, Attorney General, or the Secretary of State they must do it on Constitutional grounds. This limits the judges from throwing out the suit on technical grounds.

Outcome determinative means that the violations were so severe that they altered the outcome of the elections. He claims that they would need affidavits from 30,000 people in order to show that.

Please go to and file your affidavit listing why you were unable to vote and any other problems you had at the precinct where you vote. Armed with those and the listing of the violations of constitutional rights would give the lawyers solid ground to stand on.

From The Gateway Pundit

Article two, section twenty-one of the Arizona Constitution states, “All elections shall be free and equal, and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage.” It is a fact that over seventy voting locations in Maricopa County had issues with ballot tabulator machines not being able to read voters’ ballots.

In addition, there were also reports of printers having configuration issues, and even ink settings being improperly set rendering ballots unreadable. All of these issues, whether purposeful or not violate Article two, Section twenty-one’s first sentence which states, “all elections shall be free and equal.” Having over seventy locations, which is roughly thirty percent of all of Maricopa Counties’ voting centers compromised, not working, or inoperable violates the Arizona Constitution. This election was not “fair or equal” in access to voting rights and these damages were indeed outcome determinative.

Maricopa also lied to voters when they told them they could go to another precinct because if you check into two precincts it makes it look like you voted twice and your ballot could get tossed. You may not even know that they did that. Nowhere in the Arizona election manual does it say that you can do that. Bernstein said for this reason alone the election should be redone.

I would add this. There should be poll watchers with unlimited access and a mechanism that allows for a hand recount. All machines must be tested before the new election and if they do not work the next morning in 30% of the precincts in any county, all precincts must close since those things seem to happen in Republican precincts, not Democratic ones.

From The Gateway Pundit

If this was not bad enough, it has been revealed that the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Bill Gates, along with the Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer started a Political Action Committee (PAC) on November seventeenth of 2021 called “The Pro Democracy Republicans of Arizona” which was designed specifically to recruit, train, and run candidates that do not question the validity of the previous election in 2020. This is a huge conflict of interest at the least and shows a clear bias against all candidates that hold an opposing view. Imagine that, those tasked with conducting free and fair non biased elections were overseeing the election of candidates whom they publicly disapproved of and active sought to defeat?

When it comes to election cases, most judges shy away from them because they don’t want to be seen as meddlesome or subject themselves to being the person who decides elections. This is why they rarely get involved in these types of cases. Typically judges will refuse to take the case or dismissed it on the grounds that those filing the case do not have “legal standing” to do so. Even when there is ample amounts of evidence of malfeasance or fraud, as was the case in many of the lawsuits filed in 2020, most judges just simply refused to even see the evidence. If these campaigns decide to file lawsuits, which they most certainly should do, they need to get past the “standing” objection that President Trump and his legal team in 2020 had difficulty doing.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 46

  1. Doug Litchfield says:

    So how many millions will it take to lube that system up to make things right? Having a certain party not recuse themselves of oversight on an election should render the whole thing null and void.

    • Sandra Smith says:

      Agreed. What is needed now is an AUDIT toinsure all countedvotes are VALID votes, not just a recount of invalid votes, like happened so often in ’20. In those instances, the fraud was not investigatedat all. It was rubber stamped.

      • Rosie46 says:

        What about those turned away and couldn’t vote, stuffed ballot boxes, the van carrying ballots going into a warehouse for six hours without oversight? This needs to be redone with IDs, paper ballots, over ni more than two days, no ballot bid and no mail ins, except valid absentee ballots.

    • Rotondaron says:

      As far as Bill gates goes…..Who can trust a Jeffrey Epstein “Buddy”, & total immoral activities of same?

      Trustworthy voting? Where did that happen in Demoncrat-controlled precincts? ? ? ? ?

      Time for a legal move by the *Federal Gbmnt*, to correct voter fraud! harsh, & unusual punishment needed here, for the violators!

  2. Lloyd says:

    I thought it was a Dems right to cheat

  3. Robert Manocchio says:

    As long as we have mail-in ballots there are going to be issued.

    • Lucy says:

      Agree only Military should be allowed to mail in their vote, we need Picture IDs paper ballots, votes counted the same day after midnight nothing counts, we use to and some of the biggest states did it so it needs made clear, that no extra time ,no extra days, even our President elections was done before midnight till Covid, so it needs never to be changed, again I don’t care about so called reason there is none, and we need to add if any caught cheating that politician is automatically fired turned over to the other party so it might help to deter the cheating, because as right now the dems in most states would be fired then prosecuted for allowing it and all involved prosecuted 50 thousand dollars fine 10 years in jail no exceptions never able to work in any part of government state federal not even cleaning

    • Sandra Smith says:

      Some people legitimately must vote by mail or can’t vote at all: deployed military, for example; airlines, shipping, & trains crews, some medical personnel, etc, who can’t just run out & vote. There are valid reasons for them, but NOT for the majority or even a large percentage. Those need to be more tightly regulated, I agree, but not eliminated.

      • Lawrence says:

        No it used to be active duty military overseas and i know from my own experience and in certain jobs that i even had you just made the time to get to the polling station either before work or after and if need be take a bit of time off early to get there before closing; it opened early AM and closed late PM so your wrong this is all out of control and BS the way they have this nonsense of mail-in and days of counting and waiting! Its a scam to harvest ballots and rig the election by manipulation not a proper tallying of votes!

        • Alika says:

          Also Mail-In Voting was introduced by the Democrats using Covid Mandates as a excuse to rig the system, now that the mandate has faded away so should Mail-In Voting, Dems had there run at it time to get our elections back on track, If you remember they tried to get No-ID voting in play using the racist BS card, that would have been worst then Mail-In Voting that was there way to use the Illegals coming across the Border to vote, remember they tried to give amnesty to the Illegals

        • Alika says:

          And trying to buy votes by paying off Student Loans, damm they sure got alot of angels to rig the system don’t forget the stimuless checks just another one.

      • Alika says:

        We already have a system for persons that can’t make it to the booths to Vote it’s called Absentee Ballots reserved for Handicapped, Diplomates, Military personel on call of duty also any one that can’t make it to the booth’s You have to go thru a process to get those ballots, alot of Americans think that absentee and Mail-In are the same far from it, Absentee Ballots you have check and balances they know your a legal voter, Mail-In Voting you have no check and balances your open for wide spread Fraud any one can vote even dead people.

  4. Crotte says:

    Welcome to the 21st Century where ethics, integrity and morals have no value along with majority ruling. Who needs a constitution with all this crap going on???????? Answer honest God fearing people!!!!!!

    • RockyMtn 1776 says:

      Orwell was a bit off him his date of 1984. We are almost there now. We would be there if Serial Killary had won the last Presidential election.

      • Lawrence says:

        Correct and that is the plan in play right now! Look at what they are doing to the economy and our rights so crypto currency and credit score IDs to control your life down to breathing!

    • Lawrence says:

      Crotte you said it exactly right and are spot-on! We are now in a dirty rotten time and morals or ethics are in the toilet people are becoming so vulgar and lost! Look what they do to the unborn most innocent human beings like its clipping ya toenails! Wicked evil people!

  5. Ardvark says:

    And absolutely nothing will happen because of it, except for some time wasting investigation with no end result that turns around the fraud! We are a third world country, the goal of the democrats and the rinos!

    • Rattlerjake says:

      Absolutely dead on! Ever since 0h0m0 stole his first term the dems have been getting away with open and blatant fraud ad the right refuses to do anything but complain. There are so many criminals embedded in our government the only solution is to round them all up and start the executions — since this won’t happen you better prepare for a communist lifestyle.

      • Sandra Smith says:

        That’s just not true; many onthe right DID act, only to be DENIED hearing in courts of law, by the claim “no standing”! It wasn’t lack of evidence, but of honest judiciary, & fair hearing.

    • Lawrence says:


  6. Joe says:

    What a national disgrace. The country is going down in flames and honest judges are AFRAID to stand up.

  7. Christian Wolf says:

    What no one seems to be addressing is the capability of laser printers at HUNDREDS of voting locations that were able to print ballots on demand. Anyone who uses a computer and a printer knows that the file used to print anything can be modified. Files can be modified to print ballots with the circles conveniently filled in. All you need is plenty of ink and paper. Just imagine… All voter locations print a few thousand ballots for Hobbs, and she magically wins! That fact alone should negate the election. Do the number of ballots agree with the number of registered voters? Let’s make that information public.

  8. Mathew S. Molk says:

    Once again. It is the communist teacher’s unions that made this all possible.

    In the 50s and 60s the worst thing that anybody could call you was a communist. – Then the communists started taking over the schools and indoctrinating the kids and now teamed up with the wokies and currently products of the public schools proudly state they are balls out communists. ,,,,, Think about this. In 1970 a self professed out and out communist like Berny Sanders had a far better chance of getting tared and feathered then he did if being elected to the Sennett.

    IT may be too late but if we do not take the schools back the American way of life totally doomed. – Roughly half the country (NWO Msrxists AKA democrats) already are well on the road to communism and the dictatorship and one party elections that goes with it.

    When you see a leftest House, Sennett, and Presidency, thank a teacher.

    • Lawrence says:

      You’re right and that is a copy of the Mao in China way of indoctrination in the schools to get the upcoming generations under control and then its just one party rule! No more free society or personal freedom just a minion of the State or the Party!

  9. William G Munson says:

    it is good thing we do not have to have 30,000 witnesses for a Murder Conviction WHAT

  10. Drosack says:

    Just 3?

  11. Streak says:

    LIBRATURDS are NOTHING but LIARS & CHEATERS the only way those IDIOTS can win


    Today is Wednesday,November 16th,the 665th day
    of being held hostage by the worst Presidency
    in history. Biden’s lies, dementia, and
    blamestorming make him a “uniquely talented”
    threat to the national security,world economy,
    and democratic rule of law with equality of
    immunities,powers,privileges,and protections!

    Today is Wednesday,
    November 16th,
    the 665th day
    of being hostages…
    to undemocratic Democrats.
    Democrats positions are based
    on unprincipled whims,
    not principled reasons❗?≠•
    @Potus @JoeBiden, the Liar-In-Chief,
    needs to be impeached and removed from office.

    • billl says:

      A good political ad would be to put a collage of Dem faces together (4-5 or so) and play their lies over and over on TV. Bidens lies, Pelosi lies, Myorkas lies, Nadler Lies, Schift Lies . Play that ad over and over using their voices and faces. We have to change things somehow


    • Lawrence says:

      I admit you are right but are enough willing to do like they did back when Paul Revere rode that night and all able bodied gathered to put it all on the line and actually be willing to do or die?

  14. Old wolf says:

    The fact that one running for office, is also incharge of the very elections she’s running for. How does that work. I mean what can go wrong … Right. She had no reason to be in charge of the election knowing if she wins everyone will question weather it was fixed. And it sure does look like it is fixed. Arizona is a red state. Been that way scince 2006 . But now it’s turning blue ??? Even after all the corruption of the democrats and all the voters they lost to the red. then add the fact she’s in charge of that same election she’s running for ??? And the fact their having trouble with the voting machines. And she’s ahead on votes ???? No !!! I don’t buy it for one minute. So does this make sense or is it just me ???

  15. anarchyst says:

    The multi-state “Powerball” lottery drawing results are available within hours of the drawing. This is for all of the states that participate in this lottery.
    It should not take more than a few hours to tabulate the votes and announce winners.
    Shame on the USA voting system.
    It is interesting to note that foreign election observers remarked on how “loose” our election standards are…

    • billi says:

      I would not be in favor of computer voting. The socialists are in charge of that area already with no controls. Bar codes, in person or requested ballots to mail back by election day is my solution

  16. Jim says:

    So, this is Maricopa County’s 2nd strike. I think they need a reset of people heading up the elections. Something is not clicking with them and right now they are a laughing stock in the election industry. Florida has had 2 major hurricanes in the last couple of months but they got all their ballots counted in 5 hours or so. Maricopa County has had 2 weeks and still screwed up. I am disturbed that I had at one time lived there but glad I left before all this happened.

  17. John Shortrifle says:

    Dems have been cheating for a long time. If you pay close attention to the Presidential debates you can see that the Democrats almost always get the questions ahead of time. Look at the debates between Mitt Romney and Obama. The first one, Obama was rattling off long precise answers to every question, no hesitation. The second debate, he must have been stoned because he could not think, he hesitated in answering, seemed to have brain fog, mumbled and stuttered. Even the moderator tried to help him by leading him on with his answers. Then the third one came and he was again, quick to answer and no hesitation. He also pulled some papers out in his summary I believe. Any papers given to a candidate from the moderator must be given to both candidates. Only Obama had them but Romney was weak and let it go. Donna Brazille was moderating a debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump. She was caught and admitted that she had given the list of questions to Clinton before the debate. The media and the Dems are one in the same and both have been cheating in elections for quite some time. They manipulate voters by repressing stories about candidates they support and allow false stories and allegations to be thrown out there on the ones they do not support.

  18. Mr Vike says:

    In 2020 they did a forensic audit of corrupt Maricopa county. Here is the findings. Many people should have gone to jail and election should have been redone. This info was given to the state AG and was never to be heard about again. Az is corrupt from top to bottom and this election was even worse in corruption than in 2020. I doubt anything will become of it and will be shocked if it does. Katie has certified HERSELF as winner.

  19. Phuck U. Biden says:

    My Grandparents voted Republican their entire life. But ever since they died they have been voting Democrat !

  20. bob rabinovitz says:

    I read Doug everyday. In Arizona they collect all of the ballots and then ship them to a private business too be scanned and sorted? Pretty fishy. You have polling places all over the state. And Arizona is not Rhode Island. How long does that take? Collecting voted ballots from dozens and dozens of polling places all over Arizona and then bringing them to a central location before sending them to election headquarters immediately sounds like a violation of the chain of custody. Usually voted ballots from each polling place should be brought to an election headquarters in a timely fashion. Not at 3AM.
    Why is Arizona still using Dominion? Are both parties represented at all polling places on election day? Is that by law?
    I’m totally confused. After the election locations close, on election night, each election location has to open up the election voting machine. There should be a tape there that details how many votes each candidate received. Can’t they just call the info into election headquarters? Why do they need to gather up all of the voted ballots already tallied by voting machines linked to computers and ship them to election headquarters to be counted? I’m missing something.
    After closing the election judges fill out all of the required forms. Everything must balance. The amount of voted ballots should correspond to the number of voters who voted that day at that location. And all of that data must still be available. So if illegitimate votes where added at a polling place or en route to election headquarters then you would have more votes than the votes reported and totaled by each individual polling place combined. Maybe I’m confused?. Bottom line. The voted ballot totals need to balance with the number of people who actually voted in person in Arizona on election day. Right?
    I would think that a hand count is a waste of time. If phony votes were added in somewhere they will just tally with the legitimate votes and the vote totals will not change. Maybe I’m way off into the ozone. The whole Arizona voting process may be very different than what happens in most states. Or is the problem also that those absentee ballots hand delivered in person on election day were mishandled or disappeared??????????????

  21. Matthew Baumann says:

    Remember with demonrats vote early and vote often.

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