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Trump Judge Arthur Engoron Regularly Posts Half Nude Photos of Himself on High School Alumni Newsletter Which He Leads

Trump Judge Arthur Engoron Regularly Posts Half Nude Photos of Himself on High School Alumni Newsletter Which He Leads

Trump judge posts half naked pictures on his high school alumni newsletter.
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Judges are supposed to be discreet and non-partisan in order to fulfill their duty as the arbitrators of justice. Well, we already knew that Judge Engoron is extremely partisan to the point of unhinged.

Now, we know he is not very discreet either as we have found out he has a proclivity to post half-nude pictures of himself on a high school alumni newsletter that he operates.

He might be popular at nursing homes across the country but I’d be surprised if he is elsewhere.

It was in this very issue that Judge Engoron chose to include a “BonusTorsoPhoto.” This unconventional editorial choice has left many wondering if this is appropriate for a sitting judge.

It might be for this judge who has no redeeming qualities and who is as corrupt as they come. I’m just surprised that he did not include a centerfold of himself. Further stirring the pot, issue #63, he included a before and after picture, obviously to show the improvement he made.

H does not include his face in these pictures and I wonder if they are really of him or whether he used photoshop to create them. Jesse Watters of Fox News dedicating a segment to this unusual revelation. Watters referred to him as Judge Nudie. Watters says that the judge is a joke. This may also explain his unhinged rants tyhat could be the result of ‘roid rage.

From The Gateway Pundit

“The man’s a joke,” Watters said, suggesting that someone with such a penchant for frivolity should not wield the power to make monumental decisions affecting the former President’s business ventures.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, in 2015, Judge Engoron gave a lecture to college students and told them he makes decisions based on emotions about a case. Engoron said he will use ‘judgment notwithstanding the verdict’ to overturn verdicts based on emotions.

This is called “judgment notwithstanding the verdict.” While this particular trial against Trump in not a jury trial thanks to New York Attorney general Letitia James filing a consumer protection order, the below video does provide valuable insight into the mind of this radical activist deciding the 45th president’s fate.

From sportskeeda

Judge Arthur Engoron, presiding over a $250M Trump fraud case, has drawn criticism over a shirtless selfie that appeared in a high school newsletter edited by him. 

Engoron, who graduated from the Wheatley School, a public high school in Old Westbury, New York, reportedly serves as an editor of the high-school alumni newsletter, which has been mocked by former president’s supporters after an archived issue featured a shirtless selfie of his upper torso.

While the judge refused to comment after being informed about the Wheatley School Alumni Association newsletter by the Raw Story, he had previously mentioned that he dedicated his spare time to lifting weights and training at the gym.

A quick perusal of the high-school alumni newsletter shows curation of alumni’s lives after school, including their hobbies. The newsletter serves as an informative piece about what the graduated students are up to now.

I lift weights too, 12 ounces at a time. I realize that is not much weight but I do as many reps as I can before I pass out.

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  2. Carolinadog says:

    Aww, don’t get so picky. It’s just a shirtless shot. EngMoron only shows his ass in court.

  3. Maddie says:

    What rock do these Demoncrat pervs crawl out from under, or does the DNC just turn them loose? Next thing you know the “judge” will be posting his imitation of Zelinsky playing the piano – live.

  4. Stephen Russell says:

    BLACKMAIL judge then

  5. bob says:

    This judge is nothing but a NUT !!!! It’s a DISGRACE for someone like him to be sitting at a bench !!!

  6. David Barron says:

    “Makes decisons based on emotions,”? The rest of the NY Supreme Court should be investigating those remarks in that Judge Arthur Engoron is not making decisions based on the the law but on emotions which is totally illegal and a waste of tax payer money and time. To Engoron, either do job correctly or retire. Stop the trial right now and get a jury if you are unable to keep your emotions out of the Court Room.

  7. Bob says:

    Looks kind of like the turkey in the grocery store – you know – the one that you passed on because it looked like something from last year…

  8. seaside says:

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  9. Mike lewis says:

    Another one of Epstein’s clients I bet that this High Treasonous bastard for a Judge visited the Epstein’s pedophile love island. Because he looks like a pedophile and now this.

  10. Mike lewis says:

    Another one of Epstein’s clients I bet that this High Treasonous bastard for a Judge visited the Epstein’s pedophile love island. Because he looks like a pedophile and now this. I bet he thinks in his lil mind that he’s a God, yeah right lol. ????????????????????????

  11. S makely says:

    This is a total waste of American hard earned money. A complete embarrassing joke .the world is laughing at this circus. It’s really a shame they put a great President through this and his family. What a pure sickening waste of time. They got nothing on Donald Trump and they know it . New York should be ashamed they have such cokes in charge of these sesnless court hearings

  12. m says:

    This judge is a joke, nothing but a joke, He bases verdicts based on emotions! What ever happened to dealing with the facts & nothing but the facts. This guy is a total embarrassment & should be kicked off the bench.

  13. Ronny Cawthon says:

    If he went to my high school and posted this, we’d hang him upside down on the flag pole. Nude.

  14. Carl says:

    When ya suck your belly in like that you lose your abs!!!!????

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