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Trump Prosecutor Fani Willis was Once Admonished By Judge for Political Prosecution

DA Fanny Willis is no stranger to political prosecutions.

If you think that Fani Willis’s indictments are purely political, you would be right, but if you think this has never been done before, you would be wrong.

In fact, it was done once before in Georgia and the offending prosecutor was Willis. It was so egregious that the judge came down on her hard right there in the courtroom.

There is an election for Lt governor in November and Willis brought charges against the Republican running for office, Georgia state Sen. Burt Jones.

Jones’ Democratic opponent is Charlie Bailey. Not only did Willis contribute money to Baily’s campaign, but in July she actually threw him a fundraiser.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney jumped on Willis for prosecuting his Republican opponent. He is now considering blocking her from prosecuting the case.

Jones’s lawyers have asked the judge that if Willis is not banned that any evidence from the grand jury not be disclosed before the election. The reason is that only Willis was able to present evidence to a grand jury.

Crooked Atlanta District Attorney Fani Willis is expected to indict President Trump on a new set of junk charges any day now.

The Biden Regime is likely waiting for the next criminal act by Joe Biden or his family to be revealed before they allow Willis to drop the hammer on Trump.

CNN reported on this lawless DA last year.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney, in a hearing Thursday, also criticized District Attorney Fani Willis for hosting a fundraiser for a Democratic candidate running against one of the investigation’s potential targets.

Thursday’s hearing turned on the efforts of one of the 16 – Georgia state Sen. Burt Jones – to disqualify Willis from any prosecution related to Jones due to Willis’ alleged conflict of interest and political bias.

Jones, a Republican, is currently running for lieutenant governor in Georgia against Democrat Charlie Bailey. Willis hosted a campaign fundraiser for Bailey last month and donated to his primary campaign earlier this year.

If Willis is not disqualified, Jones asked that any report from the special grand jury be sealed until after the November 8 election…

…Attorneys representing Jones argued that Willis’ political actions should disqualify her and suggested asking Georgia’s attorney general to appoint a new district attorney to oversee the case.

“I suspect given the list of good Democratic district attorneys in this state that we can find somebody who doesn’t have a conflict and hasn’t hosted a fundraiser for either one,” Jones’ attorney William Dillon argued Thursday. “Because certainly if somebody hosted a fundraiser for Senator Jones, the attorney general shouldn’t nominate that person either. Find somebody who doesn’t have a dog in the hunt. Fani Willis had a dog in this hunt.”

The Democratic plan is clear. They intend to spread out the trials in order to tie President Trump in knots during both the primaries and the general election. The funny thing is that the more charges brought against Trump, the more popular he becomes. That is because everyone can see through these illicit tactics.



  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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Comments 8

  1. Ron C says:

    And yet the judges allow the disgrace…. oh, they may ask the question, “is this political prosecution?” and then they turn right around and allow the disgrace! I only pray the citizens can see their abomination of justice, the total third world destruction of our nation!

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    • Ronald Hatt says:

      America’s Judicial System….full of ill prepared persons!…Illprepared to deliver Honorable decisions on their “Bench”…Swayed by Political persuasion?….[ that was NEVER intended to happen[….But here we are….Judicial system full of dishonorable :”people”, that fold in the face of political pressure!


  2. Shuggs says:

    Dani Willis is a political hack. She is unethical and corrupt and should be at a minimum should be disqualified from the possibly of bringing bogus charges against President DJT. Based on her other political biases she should be disbarred. She is a total POS.

  3. m says:

    Let’s hope they throw this scum bag in jail.

  4. Neil Glenn says:

    It’s patently obvious the ‘machine’ (the ‘inner government’) is determined to, for once and for all, intends to PERMANENTLY remove Trump from EVER being able to assume the Presidency again!

    This ‘cabal’ is ably assisted by the ‘professional politicians’ of BOTH parties! They see Trump as a ‘disruptor’, a block in the gears of ‘their’ government! He DOESN’T do the usual Washington activity of ‘I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine’, obviously as he ISN’T the usual ‘professional pol’!

    No, Trump is an astute busines-man, and sees through all the usual bullship thrown up by those ‘professionals’! Realize, ALL the ups and downs of our country’s woes, especially any dealing with cash, cost of living, taxes, wars, etc, are DUE TO THE PROFESSIONALS!

    They LIKE it this way! We, the people, have to pay obeissance, kiss their butts, beg, plead for crumbs, redress, or burden-easing! DESPITE that WE elected THEM, they now feel THEY are the BOSSES!

    Now, this ‘upstart’ has the TEMERITY to NOT follow the (THEIR) ‘rules’! To them, he’s a ‘loose cannon’, and needs to be OUT, however it can be done! Or else he will FRACTURE their ‘control’! DISASTER!

    Our FFs (Founding Fathers) felt government service was an odious, but necessary, evil, a duty to be done with dispatch and energy, then gladly go home and take care of the business! They are now rolling in their graves, at what ‘government’ has now become!

    Retirement was NOT envisioned for elected officials. There is NO mention in any of the documents they set up for us: Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. Yet, our elected officials, ably assisted by the entrenched bureaucracy, see to it to amply provide for themselves when they retire!

    Retire? The FFs did NOT envision ‘retiring’ from elected government service! You serve your distasteful duty and GO HOME! Your retirement IS that business you tend!

    Now, it is whatever YOU set up for retirement, plus Social Security. SS is NOT enough to comfortably live on, but it’s a help! Our erstwhile ‘professional pols’ see this as a sop, a boon, to the voters, and expect your gratitude in re-electing those ‘professionals’ again and again!

    Ask yourself, think THEY need SS? Nearly EVERY elected Democrat, and quite a few GOP are millionaires when they ‘retire’*, if not already there! And on a government salary of $174,000 per year! They live in one of the most expensive areas in the world! Many have homes there, as WELL as others in their home states!
    *Disgustingly, many remain in the center of POWER, acting as corporate board members, or as paid lobbyists for the same corporations they once ‘regulated’! The “good old boy network”! Remember these KNOW of upcoming legislation affecting those corporations! Easy to buy/sell-short stocks, having advanced knowledge even the corporations are unaware! And make a few bucks? You or I do this, and the SEC is all over us like ‘aroma’ on cow-poop!
    But I’m not bitter………THE HELL I’M NOT!

    • Ronald Hatt says:

      Well spoken! demoncrap illegality…..squash it…here, & now!

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