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Trump White House Lawyer Sues Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann For Defamation

Trump White House Lawyer Sues Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann For Defamation

Mueller's pit bull sued for defamation of character.
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For those of you who don’t remember, Andrew Weismann was Robert Mueller’s right hand man who was angry that the Russia collusion hoax investigation did not find any crimes committed by President Trump. He is also the prosecutor who threw employees of the accounting firm Arthur Anderson in prison without having any proof of a crime. They were later released by the courts ruling they had committed no crimes but Arthur Anderson went out of business.

Arthur Anderson had to place their 28,000 employees on unemployment. They had been one of the top five accounting firms in the United States and had been in business for eighty nine years. He also sent innocent ENRON employees to prison. Only one of them were not released because the courts overturned their convictions.

Weissmann is now being sued by former Trump White House lawyer Stefan Passantino for defamation of character. Weissmann accused Passantino f coaching J6 witness to lie on the stand. That witness,  Cassidy Hutchinson did lie on the stand by repeating false gossip that Trump had attacked a Secret Service agent. The agent and the head of the Secret Service both denied the charge. However Hutchinson said the only advice Passantino gave her was to tell the truth.

From The Gateway Pundit

The lawsuit was filed in a federal court in DC. Passantino is seeking damages in excess of $75,000.

Recall that Cassidy Hutchinson falsely testified Trump lunged at a Secret Service Agent on January 6.

Cassidy Hutchinson said Trump got into “the beast” after his speech at the Ellipse on January 6 with the belief that he would be driven to the Capitol.

According to Hutchinson, who received this information from Tony Ornato, the Assistant Director for the Secret Service, Trump grew angry after he was informed that he was being driven back to the West Wing.

According to Ornato, Trump shouted, “I’m the f*cking president! Take me up to the Capitol now!”

Hutchinson alleged that at this point Trump reached up to the driver, grabbed the steering wheel, and tried to commandeer the presidential limo.

Of course, this was a lie.

Cassidy Hutchinson testified that her lawyer, Passantino, told her prior to her testimony before the January 6 Committee: “The less you remember, the better.”

However, Hutchinson told the January 6 Committee during testimony that Stefan Passantino never told her to lie.

“I just want to make sure that I make it clear that he didn’t say, ‘I want you to lie and say that you don’t recall on these things when I know you recall,’” Hutchinson said. “He didn’t tell me to lie. He told me not to lie.”

On September 15, Weissmann claimed in a tweet that Hutchinson’s lawyer coached her to lie (he didn’t mention Passantino’s name).

According Law & Crime, the lawsuit states:

Defendant knew this to be false, or said it with reckless disregard for its falsity, because the transcripts of testimony showed that Mr. Passantino had done nothing to obstruct or shape Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony and indeed showed the opposite as she stated that “Stefan never told me to lie” and that “he told me not to lie.”

Defendant chose to smear Mr. Passantino because of partisan animus and Mr. Passantino’s prior affiliation with President Trump. Additionally, Defendant attacked Mr. Passantino as a means of distracting from and rehabilitating the contradictory and uncredible aspects of Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony, as they undermine the Select Committee and its partisan findings and purpose.

Defendant’s smear has deeply damaged Mr. Passantino’s 30-year reputation and had caused him to lose significant business and income. Mr. Passantino seeks to hold Defendant accountable for this vicious lie and the damages it has wrought.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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    • I am so SICK of these tweets that I could croak. Can’t anyone cause these liar’s to be suspended and not allowed to put this garbage as purported comments on anything that is put in from Conservatives with the thought that this will cause harm.

    • Grizz Mann says:

      Are you still grooming children for the DNC?

    • Grizz Mann says:

      Are you really still grooming children for the DNC?

  2. bathhousebarryo says:

    He should be suing wiessman for 75 MILLION. Weismann uses and hides behind the legal system to ruin people’s lives. He needs to get slapped down.

  3. `Paul says:

    Go for it it’s about time someone goes after them for the lies they tell. And the life’s of people they have destroyed. Time to bend them over the table and show them how it feels when someone comes in and destroys your life.

  4. Sarah Lucas says:

    The tightly wound lies of Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats are starting to unwind and drop hints of conspiracy on their part. The truth will all come out in the end and I bet not only is Pelosi but Schumer, Schiff, and Obama is right there are the top of the conspiracy list.
    It still amazes me that after Schiffs “smoking gun evidence that he had in hand of Russian Collusion” that it all ended up being a total lie concocked by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and Democratic Party. Then no punishment for lying about this to the Country was ever dealt with. Seems Nixon went down for a lie.

    • RockyMtn1776 says:

      The sad part of it is they got away with it. Whoever said crime don’t pay has never met the Clinton’s. We have, however, met many of their “friends” protecting them.

  5. Stacy Dougherty says:

    “LAWFARE” seems to be at this moment the only way to push them back and just maybe hold them accountable.

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