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Tucker Carlson

TUCKER: Biden Wants A One-Party State, And He’s Using Law Enforcement To Make It Happen

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This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.

Fox New host Tucker Carlson postulated that President Joe Biden is in favor of turning the US into a one-party state, and is weaponizing federal law enforcement resources to make that a reality.

“With an election just months away, Joe Biden declared that his political opponents are enemies of the state,” Carlson said on Wednesday. “They’re terrorists in fact. Comparable, as his vice president later explained to NBC News, to al-Qaeda on 9/11. Now, Biden and Harris said this. They didn’t say it in private, grousing bitterly to aides in the Oval Office looking at their declining poll numbers. They said it in public on television and they didn’t even flinch as they did.”

“So, you have to think about the implications of this,” Carlson added. “The United States has a two-party political system, has for our whole lifetimes. If the leader of one party who happens to be the president redefines the other party not as a political party, but as a criminal organization, what is he doing? Well, of course, he is demanding a one-party state, and that’s what Biden is doing and he’s using federal law enforcement to make it happen.”

Carlson continued, “So, the question is, how is he getting away with it? And he’s getting away with it by changing the terms. You can’t just say openly, “I want a one-party state with me at the head.” No, you have to make the other side unacceptable.”

“So, when Biden talks about Trump voters, he doesn’t talk about voters or Americans,” Carlson noted. “He describes an insurgency. He implies an armed rebellion, not unlike the Confederate Army. Trump voters, Biden tells us, aren’t just wrong. They tried to overthrow the U.S. government and you can’t debate people like that. You have to crush them.”

“But no one’s pushing back. In fact, daily, the media reinforce the message,” Carlson said. “Daily, the media remind us that anyone who has questions about the outcome of the last election isn’t a disgruntled voter. That person is a criminal. That person has embraced the big lie. You see it in every news story – ‘the big lie.’ People like that are irrational and dangerous and they will be punished and rightly so and now they are being punished”


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  1. Goodforall says:

    Biden is a sorry POS! This is what you get from stolen elections.

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