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TUCKER: Elon Fired 80% Of Twitter’s Pro-Biden Staff And The Site Immediately Became Better

TUCKER: Elon Fired 80% Of Twitter’s Pro-Biden Staff And The Site Immediately Became Better

Tucker Carlson revealed how the 80% of Twitter employees fired by Elon Musk had no meaningful impact on the productivity of the company during his television program this week.

“They are Joe Biden voters,” Carlson said of the fired Twitter employees. “They’ve got newly minted degrees in communications and marketing from places like Davidson, Cornell and Duke.”

“Clearly, these kids are going places, but where exactly?” Carlson queried. “What, to be even more specific, do they do for a living? Now, that’s a good question and we have two ways of finding out. We have anecdotal and empirical evidence.”

Carlson continued, “So, to get the answer, we can consult observed reality — the people we talk to, the things we see on the street — or we can look at the results of carefully designed scientific experiments that produce quantifiable outcomes and tonight, we’re going to consider both varieties of evidence.”

“For the first, the empirical, we go to Elon Musk, who is both a business titan and a man of science,” Carlson said. “Elon Musk bought Twitter last month, and naturally he wanted to know what his thousands of new employees were doing all day. So, to find out, he didn’t guess. Musk conducted instead a very simple experiment. He fired 80% of them.”

“That is not something you see happen very often in the practical economy,” Carlson noted. “If you fired 80% of the workers at an asphalt plant, you wouldn’t have roads. If you got rid of 80% of the workforce at your local power station, you would be living in the dark.”

“Same with farms and cabinetry shops and most manufacturing facilities. Businesses like these have employees whose jobs are essential to the business. Nobody wonders what they do all day because it’s obvious. So, how about Twitter? ”

“Well at NBC News, they told us that Elon Musk had just made a titanic mistake,” Carlson said. “Without all those brilliant, young employees from Duke, Twitter would immediately collapse. Users would abandon it.”

“Well, apparently, Elon Musk does not watch NBC News because he ignored them and he went ahead and fired 80% of his staff anyway. What happened next? Well, Twitter thrived. The site didn’t crash. Engagement rose to record levels. Most people who use Twitter liked it even more.”

“Musk’s experiment, in other words, showed that at least 80% of his payroll wasn’t doing much of anything at all,” Carlson concluded. “They’re the ones you saw listening to their podcasts and ordering $40 salads and of course uploading cute videos of themselves to TikTok.”

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


  • Gabriel Keane

    A shy gamer who built multiple social media pages totaling hundreds of thousands of followers since 2016, and was one of the first viral content creators to be deplatformed by Big Tech.

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  1. Bob Russell says:

    Musk just proved what any intelligent, honest person already knew, Twitter was an operation of the deep state tasked with censoring any dissent to tyranny!!!! I have not used Twitter because of the known bias against people like me but will use it now that my opinions will see the light of day!!!!!!!!!

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