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TUCKER: Tulsi Gabbard Speaks For More Conservative Voters Than Most Republican Politicians

TUCKER: Tulsi Gabbard Speaks For More Conservative Voters Than Most Republican Politicians

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized the Democrat party for its treatment of military veteran and former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard following her departure from the party this week.

“So, if you want to know what the Democratic Party actually believes, don’t listen to what they say. ‘Oh, we want empowered women of color who are also veterans.’ No, they don’t,” Carlson said. “They want people who support regime change war. That’s their red line. That’s the one thing they will brook no dissent on whatsoever. They don’t care what you think about that. They don’t want to debate you on it. If you disagree or even ask questions, they go right to traitor.”

“So today, Tulsi Gabbard did what is probably inevitable and probably has been since 2016,'”Carlson continued. “She left her own party, the Democratic Party, and we don’t have to guess as to why because she explained it in some detail. And we ask you, please listen carefully to this, because it’s inspiring and interesting, and she did it on a new podcast called ‘The Tulsi Gabbard Show.'”

Carlson then played Gabbard’s video message explaining her reasons for leaving the Democratic Party.

“So, keep in mind, until today, this was a registered Democrat, an office holder, a standard-bearer of the Democratic Party, the future of the Democratic Party from the country’s most liberal state,” Carlson noted. “This was a liberal Democrat. Did you hear that? Is there a single word you disagree with? Is there a single word that the Republican who represents you, who you send money to, who you vote for, would repeat in public?”

“In other words, here you have someone who, until yesterday, was a member of the Democratic Party saying things the overwhelming majority of Republican voters believe, but only a tiny, a vanishingly small minority of Republican officeholders are willing to say out loud, because it’s too scary. Oh, it just tells you so much,’ Carlson concluded.

This news and commentary by Gabriel Keane originally appeared on Valiant News.


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Comments 11

  1. Doug Litchfield says:

    If she is being targeted by Dimocrats then she is doing all the right things that would be favorable to our country. Move on from that downward spiral and start enjoying life.

  2. Sherlock says:

    Let us never forget that she is a Schwab disciple. A WEF member. Although she told the truth about the evil leftist/racist Dem party, She may be just another RINO like Ryan,Crenshaw,Murkowski,Graham,McConell,McCain,Romney…. and that long list of wolves in sheeps clothing who flip flopped once they were voted in. It’s how they operate. Don’t be fooled folks! Kari Lake,Ron Paul,DeSantis & MGT are the REAL DEAL!

    • Sunshine Kid says:

      Remember that Donald Trump was also a Democrat until he ran for President. Ronald Reagan was a Democrat in California, but also became a Republican. Some Democrats who become Republicans are actually better Republicans than those who have been Republican their whole career. Give her a chance.

  3. Nick1 says:

    he is harely the first, nor the last to leave the DNC nut jobs.

  4. Bob Russell says:

    The problem with the gop is that 95% of them are establishment hacks who have sold out to satan rather than stand for liberty!!!!! They want the bribe money and praise that comes as a reward for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Crotte says:

    The proof is in the DOING so let us what what she will be doing instead of a bunch of opinions that are mostly BS!!!!!

  6. Philip Seth Hammersley says:

    Tulsi, being a vet, doesn’t want our troops deployed on “nation building” or “police actions.” Therefore, she must be eliminated by both DIMMs and RINOs.

  7. Candice Taffer says:

    Once again it appears that Tucker is blaming the Left for Tulsi’s decision, this is to be expected. Apparently, Tucker doesn’t think she’s smart enough to make this decision on her own and therefor needs to blame the Dems. Tucker Carlson is a phony on every level and this can be proven by simply listening to him bully and cajole his guests into agreeing with whatever he’s selling at the moment. Very destructive and very radical but not very smart!!!

    • Doug Litchfield says:

      What Tucker does is investigative reporting instead of tossing out puff ball questions like all the other alphabet stations. Must make a snowflake very uncomfortable.

  8. Grace Bruno says:

    If you think on your own and don’t obey the Democrats they will smear you and try to ruin you. Tulsi is what the Democrat party used to be….Brave Lady.

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