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US Senate Candidate Blake Masters Tears Into Sen. Mark Kelly: He “Has Messed Everything Up”

US Senate Candidate Blake Masters Tears Into Sen. Mark Kelly: He “Has Messed Everything Up”

Can Blake masters take dishonest Mark Kelly?
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Senator Mark Kelly has been, by most accounts, a total disaster for Arizona and for some reason many people still believe the lies he tells. Kelly is now, get this, criticizing Biden for not increasing gas and oil output.

But there have been two bills in the Senate to increase production, and Kelly voted no both times. Arizona residents have been hit hard by gas price increases and inflation, particularly food prices. Pay raises will not even come close to closing the gap.

When Kelly first ran for the Senate in his debate with Martha McSally, he promised to do what was best for Arizona and not the Democratic Party.

The lie detector found that to be a lie. He has voted with Biden very close to 100% of the time and bills that were voted on by the House and Senate found that Kelly voted with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time. As a result, gas prices have doubled and inflation has quadrupled.

Kelly voted for the massive $740 billion dollar inflation-generation bill that will add 87,000 more IRS agents and spend another $369 billion on climate change that experts say will make no difference. That includes environmental analysts.

The printing of $740 billion to cover the costs will fuel inflation even more. Massive spending under Biden and Kelly has been the driving force behind our current inflation disaster. Kelly should be losing by double digits, but for some reason, he has a slim lead over Masters. Will Arizona voters wake up in time?

According to the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale has the highest inflation rate, at 13%, in the country.

From The Gateway Pundit

Biased PBS Moderator Ted Simons even admitted that “inflation is at generational highs” under Mark Kelly and Joe Biden.

During Kelly’s opening remarks, he claimed that he “worked with Republicans to bring manufacturing back and to cut costs” (a complete lie) and attacked Blake Masters on his abortion stances, just as The Gateway Pundit predicted.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Democrats like Mark Kelly have made abortion rituals a focal point of their campaigns. This is the only issue they can run on because their policies have failed all Americans.

The Arizona Democratic Party has sent demonic mail fliers to voters, with images of an Ouija Board, to attack Blake Masters on his abortion stance and attempt to distance themselves from the fact that killing babies is a demonic sacrifice.

Here is Blake’s opening statement below.

Masters: Hi, I’m Blake Masters. I’m running to be your next Senator because our current Senator, Mark Kelly, has messed everything up. Our border is in chaos. We’ve got drugs and illegal aliens just pouring in. Crime is up. The cost of groceries, actually the cost of everything you need to live, keeps going up and up.

It wasn’t like this two years ago. What changed? Well, Joe Biden took over, and in Washington, Mark Kelly backs Joe Biden every single time, without thinking twice, without thinking of Arizona. And you know, it’s not what he said he’d do. Two years ago, Mark Kelly stood right there, and he promised to be independent. But he broke that promise. My wife, Catherine, and I grew up right here in Arizona. We’re raising our three little boys here now. And we’re sick of seeing Arizona families suffer just because Mark Kelly wants to fit in in DC. Send me to the US Senate, and I will put Arizona families first. Thank you.

With about a month to go and the future of the United States at stake, keep a close eye on this race. the seat is winnable if the voters come to their senses and cheating is held to a minimum.




  • Steven Ahle

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  1. Christian Wolf says:

    Do you really think these idiot democRAT voters are going to vote for Masters?? Forget it! They are idiots.

  2. Finkleshtiener says:

    Even the libtards are waking up to the TRUTH about the Dem globalist lap dogs. Problem is: They CHEAT, LIE & STEAL to win elections because they’re EVIL demons bent on the demise of humanity.
    God Almighty Yahweh, Bless the family loving, God fearing, Country respecting, hard working, humanity caring, FREEDOM loving good guys times trillions. At the same time expose the global cabal and their demonic puppets times trillions. Let their agenda & narrative FAIL times trillions. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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