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USPS District Manager Confirms, Not Normal or Legal For USPS Workers to Place Ballots in Drop Boxes

USPS District Manager Confirms, Not Normal or Legal For USPS Workers to Place Ballots in Drop Boxes

Michigan SOS Benson lied through her teeth about videos of illegal ballot harvesting.

You might find this hard to believe, but Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is a liar. When True the Vote released videos of postal workers placing multiple ballots in drop boxes multiple times, SOSA Benson claimed that it was both normal and legal. She also placed that on her official website. The only thing that is normal is that Benson lied. What would be strange is if she would ever tell the truth.

You should have known that it was neither normal nor legal when postal workers would hide their faces and record themselves putting the ballots in the drop boxes. If it were legal, they would not need a disguise and why in the world would they ever have to record themselves doing it unless they needed proof in order to get paid? Common sense alone would tell you something was not on the up and up.

The first video shows a passenger in an official USPS truck jumping out and dropping multiple ballots into a drop box and using his phone to record his actions.  This was recorded at the drop box in front of the Liberty Temple Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan.

A second video was released that showed a postal worker making three trips to the same drop box. Twice times in an official USPS vehicle and once in a private vehicle. That was videotaped on November 2, 2020. On her second trip to the absentee ballot drop box at the Liberty Temple Baptist Church, the woman can be seen pulling up her facemask so as not to be recognized. There was no one else even remotely close to the drop box where she was placing the ballots, therefore no mask was necessary.

On her final trip, she is in a private vehicle, but she is still wearing her USPS uniform.

From The Gateway Pundit

After Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up released the videos showing the totally not “NORMAL” activity of the US Postal workers, Michigan’s dishonest and Soros-funded Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson added a special tab labeled “Misinformation” on her taxpayer-funded government website to dispute our report that exposes voter fraud via the Detroit US Post Office under her watch as MI Secretary of State.

On the taxpayer-funded MI SOS website, Democrat SOS Jocelyn Benson has dedicated a specific section to “misinformation.” She addresses absentee ballot drop boxes in a sub-category on her “Misinformation” page. The Soros-funded SoS makes several excuses about the people captured on dropbox surveillance videos that appear to be committing voter fraud to make it appear as though they are likely not doing anything wrong.

Before going through each excuse for the actions of the people caught on video, Benson states:

All videos suggesting drop boxes were used to commit election fraud in Michigan have been debunked for lack of evidence and understanding of Michigan election law.

The Gateway Pundit decided to do the work that Benson refused to do and they went to postal authorities to get the facts. The first thing they did was to check with documents laying out the procedure for the USPS on the delivery of ballots. As it turns out, they have very strict rules for the proper way to handle ballots. Under no circumstances were postal workers supposed to be placing ballots in drop boxes.

Then, to be certain, they checked with USPS District Manager Rick Moreton of the MI 1 District, who oversees the Detroit area, where these actions were taking place. Moreton confirmed during a phone call that all mail must be delivered to the address that appears on the envelope and that there is no situation that would allow postal workers from placing ballots in drop boxes.

Allegedly, the postal workers were investigated and disciplinary action was taken, but there is no way to know that ever happened.


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  1. Crossram says:

    Democrats will do anything to steal elections they don’t follow any Law’s.

    • RockyMtn 1776 says:

      The sad part of it is, they get away with it. It’s amazing what Americans will tolerate.

  2. Getting Pushed says:

    Are my fellow LEGAL Americans feeling backed up against a wall.
    It’s good to have something solid at your back when you have everything to lose.
    Commies, Dems and their WOKE terrorists are going down, hard.
    “It’s not how many punches you can throw, , Sonny Boy, it’s how many you can take.”

  3. billi says:

    We know but libs dont care if we know because they control the law. Just like two vans dropped off 70 boxes of ballots after the deadline but they were counted and who knows if they were even real ballots Just like the piles of mail ins that had no creases from being folded. I( don’t care if there wee only 25 ballots and did not affect the election its still fuk ing with MY vote.

  4. Well here is the FACTS I wonder if the Jan 6th Commision will get them to Testify soon What

  5. Old wolf says:

    Did you really think the democrats wont try to cheat, after they screwed up so bad and lost so many votes. The only way they can win now is to use fake votes. Can you say voters fraud…. again. Even after sering videos they still try to say it’s the Republicans, not them. And the same snowflakes belive them and vote de no matter what. Sad isn’t it.

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