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Video of Reinstated Tennessee Legislator Justin Jones Holding Up and Assaulting Driver During BLM’s ‘Summer of Love’

Video of Reinstated Tennessee Legislator Justin Jones Holding Up and Assaulting Driver During BLM’s ‘Summer of Love’

Justin Jones has been tied to violent BLM protests.

Democratic state Rep. Justin Jones of Tennessee was reinstated to his position Monday after he had been kicked out for insurrection. Now, a video has emerged of Jones holding up and assaulting a driver during a BLM riot in Seattle, Washington in what Mayor  Jenny Durkan dubbed the “summer of love.” Jones was charged with 15 charges, including assault of an officer; resisting arrest; disrupting a meeting; disorderly conduct; criminal trespassing; obstruction of a passageway; and aggravated littering at the Tennessee Capitol.

Democratic Judge Lynda Jones reportedly dismissed or accepted a decision not to prosecute Jones’ charges. So, he faced no court for the 15 charges brought against him. This is not unusual with BLM rioters and in fact, is as common as a penny. Violent BLM rioters go home while peaceful J6 defendants face up to twenty years in prison after Capitol police welcome them into the building. Democratic violence hardly ever has consequences.

Jones, who insisted that summer:

“We must rise up, fight back, against an entrenched white power structure.”

While one individual pretends to have been injured by an idling vehicle, another person wearing a sun hat — identified as Jones — approaches the driver’s side of a white truck and peers inside.As the driver attempts to circumnavigate the illegal blockade, the individual in the sunhat picks up a traffic cone and hurls it into the victim’s face.

During a BLM protest in which a courthouse was set on fire, Jones and another radical extremist climbed on top of a police car. It is unclear whether Jones and Harris were trying to incite the mob or were just seeking a photo op.  Charges for reckless endangerment were brought against them over the damage done. Just three hours after the charges were issued the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department recalled the warrants for Jones’ and Harris’ arrests.

From The Blaze

Democratic state Rep. Justin Jones of Tennessee was reinstated to his position Monday after being expelled last week over his involvement in what Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R) described as an “insurrection.”

Hundreds of Jones’ supporters swarmed the state House prior to Jones’ reinstatement, threatening, “no Justin, no peace,” reported WZTV-TV.

Despite the recall, WZTV reported that 60 detectives had sorted through video and photographic evidence from the incident, establishing that the same police car Jones roosted on was the same that had been “significantly damaged,” with its windows broken.

An attack on democracy

Jones attacked former Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada on Feb. 28, 2019.
He was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of disorderly conduct after throwing a coffee at Casada and Republican Rep. Debra Moody, reported the Tennessean.

The arrest report indicated that Jones fought past uniformed state troopers and screamed, “Casada is a racist,” while winding up his unprovoked attack.

Jones was subsequently barred from the Capitol and ordered to avoid contact with both Casada and Moody.


  • Steven Ahle

    My investigation into a DHS program that instructed law enforcement to treat Christians as terrorists won me the 2014 CJN Journalist of the Year award. Here is a video of Glenn Beck reading my article on his program: I am a troll bridge. You can cross me, but you will pay a price.

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  2. Russ says:

    Where is the justice? Arrest the criminal. Prosecute the criminal. Incarcerate the criminal.

  3. ox says:

    The majority of the political violence in America is caused by Democrats. The are the military wing of the Democrat Party. Like the IRA only they reside in the U.S. Rules for thee and not for me. Marxist BLM and ANTIFA get a free pass on crime. They view political violence an entitlement. There violence is also instigated by certain politicians. Don’t think so? Who was arrested during the summer riots.

  4. Leftshot says:

    Nothing good can result from making lawbreakers lawmakers.

  5. Michael Murphy says:

    He should be in jail, NOT in the TN legislature!

  6. DetroitDom says:

    HOW & WHY? How can a criminal be allowed to run for office AND why would the People of that district waste their time electing him? The SAME PEOPLE who voted for him will be the FIRST ONES to complain:
    – the police aren’t doing enough for their district
    – the school board is allowing filthy books into the classroom
    – teachers are enticing their children to be gender fluid

  7. DetroitDom says:

    Keep voting for criminals (aka Democrats) but remember this, when every store in your city closes due to the crime rate, you will no longer have a city. When you pack up and attempt to move, the cost of moving into a livable city (with actual stores and police departments) will be too costly and you will become homeless. Do you think your politicians will be able to help you then? NOPE because they will be too busy blaming everyone else for the problems.

  8. Steve says:

    Stupid people in Tennessee

  9. bob says:

    Only the worthless, dickhead democrats would put a vine climbing , tree swinging , black TRASH matters terrorist , drug slinging convict into a House seat !!!!!

  10. Seamus says:

    All of us need to wake up and check the background of ‘our politicians’.

  11. Izzy says:

    What a bunch of knuckle dragging animals. This cretin is what honest black people want representing the?

  12. Blondie says:

    Have you all forgotten??? It’s called BLACK privilege…… It gets you anything you want if you are black.

  13. Carolinadog says:

    Two things conservatives need to recognize. One, isthe constant referral to our system of government as our democracy. This may seem a minor point, but this is a major leftist declaration. We have a constitutional Republic. The founders vehemently rejected democracy as a failed system of mob rule.
    The second point is Obama leftists and the word progress. That is a communist slogan that should be attacked every time it is used. Don’t allow the left to decide on the definition of words.

    • Steve Eisenberg says:

      Keerect. Plus, the racist comments on here just makes conservatives look racist, which they aren’t. Racists are racist; conservatives are conservative.

  14. CPO Bill says:

    Ya mean it wasn’t peaceful? We were told it was!

  15. Jacob Babbel says:

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