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Obama-Appointed Judge Declines to Hold Trump in Contempt Over Classified Documents

WaPo: FBI Resisted Mar-a-Lago Raid, DOJ Prosecutors Demanded It

Proscutors at the DOJ insisted the FBI raid Mar-A-Lago.

According to WaPo, the FBI is not responsible for the raid on Mar-A-Lago. In fact, the FBI allegedly fought against it until the corrupt Merrick Garland and its prosecutors demanded it. The FBI said that a request was all that was needed, but Garland decided they needed people armed with machine guns to do the job properly. But, Garland did allow Joe Biden to avoid a raid and even gave him plenty of time to hide any classified documents he might have.

The prosecutors wanted a raid, however, and the DoJ agreed:

Prosecutors argued that new evidence suggested Trump was knowingly concealing secret documents at his Palm Beach, Fla., home and urged the FBI to conduct a surprise raid at the property. But two senior FBI officials who would be in charge of leading the search resisted the plan as too combative and proposed instead to seek Trump’s permission to search his property, according to the four people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a sensitive investigation.

Prosecutors ultimately prevailed in that dispute, one of several previously unreported clashes in a tense tug of war between two arms of the Justice Department over how aggressively to pursue a criminal investigation of a former president. The FBI conducted an unprecedented raid on Aug. 8, recovering more than 100 classified items, among them a document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities.

Starting in May, FBI agents in the Washington field office had sought to slow the probe, urging caution given its extraordinary sensitivity, the people said.

Some of the field agents wanted to end the standoff and some of the leadership did not even want to go that far. The definition of insanity is doing things the same way over and over and expecting different results. Using that as a guiding principle, liberal prosecutors and overly biased people like garland are out of their ever-loving gourds. Not one politician has ever faced what President Trump has faced, but he keeps coming out on top. How many of you believe Joe Biden would come out smelling like a rose if he faced the same scrutiny?

From Hot Air

Prosecutors insisted that Trump was hiding highly classified material on purpose and wouldn’t cooperate with a search request anyway. The raid did find some highly classified material, but thus far not of the sort that the DoJ believed Trump held. (In fact, since the raid, the DoJ has gotten very very quiet about that material and have thus far resisted briefing Congress on it. Hmmm.) It’s not clear why prosecutors wanted a raid rather than just ask for access first, but one can bet that they wanted a big media splash more than the FBI, and the political damage to Trump that they thought it would incur.

And then the entire matter ended up backfiring on the DoJ when it turned out that Joe Biden had highly classified material at at least one of his own residences, including material from his time in the Senate, when Biden had no custodial authority at all for such retention. Even his allies among the Senate Democrat caucus expressed amazement and criticism as to how Biden ended up with that material.

The DoJ then stepped in it all over again when they declined to raid Biden’s other residences and his Senate library at the University of Delaware. Instead, they did what the FBI wanted to do with Trump in the first place: ask for permission to search his property. And the DoJ still hasn’t looked at Biden’s Senate library to see how much classified material might be stored there.


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