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Were the Rumors of Hobbs Being Bribed By the Cartels True? Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill to Protect Children from Fentanyl Poisoning

Were the Rumors of Hobbs Being Bribed By the Cartels True? Katie Hobbs Vetoes Bill to Protect Children from Fentanyl Poisoning

Katie Hobbs protects drug lords at the expense of children.

Well, I have no idea if the rumors were true, but I do know that Hobbs’ veto protecting fentanyl manufacturers safe is evil whether she was paid to do it or not. What do you call someone who will put kids in danger in order to protect criminals? A Democrat. Whether it is groomers, pedophiles, or drug dealers, the interest of the children should come first, but evidently, Hobbs disagrees. Maybe someone should follow the money just to be safe.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs (D) on Tuesday vetoed SB1027, which would have established “knowingly manufacturing carfentanil, fentanyl or fentanyl memetic substances that injures a minor who is under the age of fifteen would be a class two felony. This would be considered a crime against children. The bill would have set new penalties for other drug offenses. Can any of you Democrats give me one good reason besides money, why you would abandon children to drug lords?

The bill passed both houses of the legislature with bipartisan support but was dead on arrival once4 it reached the desk of “Cartel Katie.” Hobbs. Her excuse for vetoing the bill is as phony as her election was. She claims that the bill would undermine the “Good Samaritan Law,” which provides protection to individuals intervening to save the life of someone experiencing an overdose. If you prevent people from making these dangerous drugs, why would they need to intervene? That’s like making rape legal so the rapist would be free to give his victim an abortion.

From The Gateway Pundit

State Senator Anthony Kern, the bill’s sponsor, called this a “misleading stretch” and stated that “Hobbs is more concerned with protecting fentanyl manufacturers and providers than implementing real measures that protect our children and communities from these dangerous drugs.”

Senator Kern issued the following press release on Tuesday:

PHOENIX, ARIZONA- Senator Anthony Kern is expressing his concern and dismay after Governor Hobbs vetoed a heavily bipartisan bill that would have helped protect children from being harmed by fentanyl.

SB 1027 would have established knowingly manufacturing fentanyl under circumstances that cause physical injury to a minor under the age of 15 as a class 2 felony offense punishable as a dangerous crime against children (DCAC). It also would have increased penalties for crimes related to the sale of fentanyl and heroin.

“We have been fighting the opioid epidemic not just in Arizona, but nationwide for decades,” said Senator Kern. “The least we can do is try to protect our children and future generations from exposure to a deadly drug often laced into opioids. This bill had the support of many Democrats, yet Governor Hobbs continues to show her priorities are out of line. In her veto letter, she claims she didn’t sign the bill out of fear it would undermine the Good Samaritan Law which protects individuals who intervene to save someone experiencing an opioid overdose. Not only is it a misleading stretch to reach this conclusion, Hobbs is more concerned with protecting fentanyl manufacturers and providers than implementing real measures that protect our children and communities from these dangerous drugs. We as legislators have done our job. We created a bill with bipartisan support to tackle a very real and serious issue. Why is Hobbs not doing hers, and instead continuing to play
political games?”


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 18

  1. Scott E. High says:

    Nothing about Katie Hobbs makes sense, either before the elections nor after stealing the office. Is she a weak puppet like our commanderless chief? And if so, who is pulling her strings. YES — follow the money.

    • Sandra L Smith says:

      She evidently is her “father’s” daughter; certainly lives up to the name. (Hobbs is an old English name for the Devil, dating back to the times of Elizabeth I.)

  2. I totally believe Katie Hobbs is involved with the cartel, and the Demonrats in AZ. are part of the reason we are having problems with them in Ohio. She needs to spend the rest of her life in prison, just think about how many have died because of what they have done.
    The Sheriff and Prosecutor here went to the Az. border to see what was going on. They have collected enough Fentayl in my county to kill way over 200,000 people, and plenty have already died from overdoses.
    So doesn’t this make her and the rest of the top Demonrats murderers?

  3. Eric says:

    Are the Cartels running our Elections, now? Are they the “Mules”? Is Katie Hobbs Cartel Property?

  4. dianaross says:

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  5. CharlieSeattle says:

    Blow a AK-47 death threat in her ear and she will work for the cartels for NO MONEY HONEY!!

  6. Kilr says:

    When the inmates are allowed to run the asylum HOBBS is what you get……lots of inmates on the loose in AZ.

  7. Dave CLARY says:

    So over ride the veto. Do your job.

  8. Glenn Shannon says:

    She seems like Biden, anything the republicans want is something to veto. Before she was elected listened to a radio interview and she sounded like a 5 year old talking. Then again the republican shot themselves in both feet making abortion a major issue. Add in thousands of those from California coming to Arizona and you have democratic control.

    • Sandra L Smith says:

      It’s not “abortion” ; that label is a LIE! Abortion happens spontaneously after a baby dies in utero & begins to decay, to protect the mother from becoming infected & dying too. The cold blooded slaughter of unborn human beings IS an issue; 1 which Yhwh God is not taking lightly. Conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder is a crime; no age limits are listed in the laws concerning that crime, & THAT is the issue at hand, not abortion.

  9. Tarheel says:

    This should be the No.1 talking point for every FOX station in Arizona for the next 2 weeks and any other conservative news outlet.

  10. Concerned Citizen says:

    Katie’s current actions speak the truth about who she is and represents. It is not for the people or the Democrats, but rather exposes the ruination of a Nation of freedom, such as USA

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