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If Fetterman Wins in November, Pennsylvania Loses

What is the Condition John Fetterman is Hiding From the Voters?

No one knows just how impaired John Fetterman is.
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John Fetterman is not a well man and quite frankly, he was a little insane before his strike. But, it has become apparent that he is not up to the task of being a Senator.

And even before his stroke, he had a habit of not doing very much work. The people of Pennsylvania deserve better and with Fetterman, they will not get it. The other Democrats would love him because he would just be a rubber stamp for Joe Biden.

To illustrate just how far off Fetterman is being undermined by no less than the Washington Post. When that happens to a Democrat you know he is in trouble.

He has trouble hearing and understanding what is being asked and he requires a computer with closed captioning mode and even then he does not seem to understand the topics being discussed.

An NBC reporter who interviewed Fetterman walked away wondering just how much Fettttterman understood about her questions or the issues they had discussed. And remember that if he is elected, it is for a six-year term and the people of his state would be stuck with him no matter how incapable he is of doing the job.

In what the voters need to realize is that neither Fetterman nor anyone in his campaign is being transparent about his health issues and many voters can’t see beyond the (D) after his name. No one knows what health issues he has nor do they know what his prognosis is. He could be terminally ill and no one would be the wiser. Voters should want to know exactly what they are buying before election day. He doesn’t dare debate because it would end his candidacy.

The conclusion WaPo floated this week about Fetterman’s condition cited “neuro-audiology experts” who “said they believe he has a type of communication disorder called aphasia. This is caused by damage to the brain in the area that controls the use of language.

The Post noted that about 2 million Americans are affected by this condition. It commonly occurs after a stroke, but can also be the result of head trauma, a brain tumor, or infections that damage the brain.”

From Townhall

Experts who spoke with the Post explained the issues with two different types of aphasia they believe Fetterman is trying to deal with:

Aphasia can affect someone’s ability to process language either visually or auditorily, said Pélagie M. Beeson, a University of Arizona speech, language and hearing sciences professor.

When people have issues with choosing the right word to say or write, this is a form of expressive aphasia. Fetterman stumbled in the interview by saying the word “empethic,” when he meant “empathetic.” (He corrected himself.) Stumbling over the word could be a sign of minor expressive aphasia, Beeson said.

When people have issues with processing sound from others, either in translating a sound into a word, or with connecting a word to its meaning, it is called receptive aphasia. It is the reason people may need closed captioning.

Still, this is The Washington Post, so they cite their experts — despite all the issues caused by aphasia they outlined — as saying the condition “does not affect intelligence, decision-making, planning or other cognitive functions in the brain” and “it can be treated and improved over time through therapy.” 


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 5

  1. Ross Riley says:

    If Fetterman wins he will resign after a period of time and the governor will appoint another dem. This is the plan, period. I’m sure Soros will reward everyone involved.

    • wboehmer says:

      Wanna bet the first thing Fetterman does is take paid time off to recover from his stroke?

  2. wboehmer says:

    Fetterman is trying to hide that his stroke left his brain all messed up.
    Fetterman is trying to hide that big bump on the back of his neck.
    Fetterman is trying to hide that he thinks murderers should not receive life sentences.

  3. The stroke Finished him off. He gas no business in political arena . Biden has had several stokes and has no business trying to run our country.

  4. dennodogg says:

    Just the fact that this load has made it as the marxist nominee, and that there are enough braindead and deadbeat morons in PA to have this clown leading in polls, is a troubling enough comment on the condition of our country.

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